Motomichi Nakamura complete digital artist

Motomichi Nakamura is an american-Japanese digital artist, based in Brooklyn, who have worked on different medias and performances around the world. His animations and paintings, are composed with strange characters with simple and nice design. Motomichi's portfolio is called "japanes hasta la madre" meaning "Japanese by mother"…

Mika, here and there (street work)

Mika Conan, 33 years old, is a French location manager for the film industry. Passionate with photography he composes a great portfolio with an original point of view on the streets of Paris. The images are graphical, clever and always referring to the print of human life within our cities. Nice ideas, tracking down the ephemeral, the invisible and rough signs of life. Mika is ready for an exhibition.

Collecting Cuban poster art

Somwhere in Great Britain Charlie is collecting Cuban film and political posters since about 10 years now. Buying it from collectors, dealers, or directly from Cuban poster designer and from the backstreets of Havana. The Cuban Poster Art site is archiving a knowledge about this badly preserved medium. Charlie works in Communications and is an ex-feature writer and magazine editor, he says that a Cuban poster exhibition might be possible one day.

Jenna Ebanks: Design is life

Jenna Ebanks is a young girl from Cayman Islands and currently living in Hollywood, Florida, and "Design is life" is her portfolio. She is free-lancing and doing great design while working on her new site.

Akroe: the big update !

Etienne Bardelli, a.k.a. Akroe comes back on the internet with a nice site update. Lots of ideas and always a great style, working for music industry or the trendiest magazines Akroe shows a clever and expressive portfolio. Young swiss designer and photographer Juliette Villard (Thejudge) is part of the team since september 2007. Akroe's work enters the graphic collection of "musée de la publicité" the ad museum of Paris (Musée des Arts décoratifs - Musée du Louvre).

Leon Vymenets childlike minimalism

Leon Vymenets is working in Toronto, inspired by urban culture, he creates simple and childlike adventurous illustrations. Leon Vymenets is published in several design magazines.

Hunter Gatherer is Todd St. John's studio

Todd St. John is designer, animator and filmmaker. His studio Hunter Gatherer was founded in New York in 2000. Collaborating with Gary Benzel they have exhibited work internationally. Lots of original creation with wood, paper or else for animations and videos.

Jillian Lochner: a whole story in one frame

Jillian Lochner is a commercial and fashion photographer, she is skilled in the subtleties of creating a mood and telling a pointed story in one frame. Jillian Lochner's stories are oftenly about sex and sexual relationships.

Filmmakers Shilo makes it good

Wemakeitgood is the passionate filmmakers Shilo's gallery. Both presenting their work and things they like. For your listening pleasure, Shilo is very proud to present the first in a series of mixes curated by DOTP featuring artist (DJ) Pretty Titty. You can listen or download this quite experimental and good mix. Enjoy it !

The poster list is here

The poster list is an online shop presenting a beautiful collection of posters for sale. All posters are produced and designed in-house. Nice graphic works.

Si Scott Studio brilliant type illustration

Si Scott, is a British type designer and illustrator with a brilliant portfolio. His style has been imitated a lot but it is still unique. Si Scott draws by hand and then uses computer to compose the whole thing.

Hope Gangloff's handy pop drawings

Hope Gangloff creates great "hand made" illustrations in the most trendy style. She is based in NYC and the people she draws are… well… enjoying party time ! These beautiful works are usually done with pencils and ink.

Cédric Delsaux, reality is fantastic

Cédric Delsaux is a conceptual advertising photographer. For a terrific personal work he included Star Wars characters into French cities creating a beautiful link between real world and fiction. Cédric delsaux's series, landscapes and comissionned works are particularly beautiful and well executed.

James Gulliver Hancock's poetry

James Gulliver Hancock graduated in Visual Communications in Sydney where he was involved in several art events. Currently based in Los Angeles, James Gulliver Hancock had projects and residencies in Indonesia, Austria, France, the U.K. and America. Working for editorial illustration, commissions, educational, art performances or animations for TV. A nice conceptual work with poetic graphic sensibility.

Karine Daisay, master of collage

French illustrator Karine Daisay is a master of collages. Since about 10 years she creates beautiful and delicate life scenes, where woman are pictures of mystery and poetry. Using heads from Renaissance paintings and bodies from fashion shots, Karine Daisay composes fantastic (and peaceful) collages worldwide. Her Marlena Agency's galery is particularly great.

I love dust from England

I love dust is located in England, close to London, this cosmopolitan collective gather 5 English, 1 Icelandic, 1 south African and 1 chinese. As a multi disciplined boutique, I love dust specializes in graphic design, illustration, motion graphic and product design… and it's lovely. Also have a blog.

AEF+S a creative Russian collective

AEF was founded in 1987 and composed of Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch and Evgeny Svyatsky who studied architecture and printing arts in Moscow. In 1995, AES group starts collaborating with photographer Vladimir FRIDKES and became AES+F group. Different creative works with children (reflecting questions of our times), dead bodies or photo manipulations.