Onesize only

> Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001 by two creative partners. Focussing on (motion)graphics, animation, visual effects and direction for film and television. Over these years, working for international brands/clients as well as their own experimental expressions has given Onesize a "face" in cg-world. It is in the combination of live-action, 3D, graphic design, sound design and music they follow the paths that lead to new opportunities in freshness and cutting the edge in design and concept. Watch the showreels.

Oksana Badrak's meticulous paintings

> Russian-born Oksana Badrak lives in a particular dimension, where her meticulous paintings mix surrealism and pop-culture. Strange fictions with a nice mood.

Laurent Seroussi's magic

> Photographer and film maker Laurent Seroussi doesn't have an online portfolio but you can watch beautiful images at (brazilian agent). He did graphical studies in France, England and the US, so he works like a graphic designer starting with lots of drawings. His artworks are very inspiring with clever ideas and great postprod. Interview.

Mondadientes are Santiago Morilla's toothpicks

> Spanish Santiago Morilla (based in madrid) is illustrator as well as Art director. He has worked for some relevant clients like Airbus, Psychologies Magazine, International Herald Tribune, La Vanguardia, and Claves… Mondadientes (meaning "toothpicks") is its illustration portfolio. Expressive line arts and quite minimalist illustrations.

Charlie White's disturbing fiction


> Charlie White is a member of the "American post-photography school". He creates strange hyperreal photos with much orchestration (actors, visual effects and postprod processing). As said Jenn Shreve in an interesting article in Wired (feb. 2004), "he captures an entire f/x film in one frame". White says "the picture doesn't lie, it is a lie".
White's most recent series, "Everything is American" (2006), explores the violent eroticism of the American psyche through portraits of mythic figures. He creates disturbing fiction stories to better understand reality.

Waiting for "les produits de l'épicerie"

> Les produits de l'épicerie (products of the grocery), site of graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert have a great "waiting page" with awesome works and very comfortable navigation. Their new site, coming in september, sure will be interesting !

Monsticle breakout poster and walldrawing

> Stinger from Zeptonn studio just created a terrific poster in 200 limited edition print. He also did a nice wall drawing with a short movie showing the timelapse of the creation you can watch here.

Logolog, the logo blog

> is a small design studio run by Denis Radenkovic and based in Madison, WI, US. In this site, you access to logolog, that is Denis personal blog. It’s mostly about logo design, but occasionally you will see some other interesting content as well. It provides readers with topics on Web design and development, Art and Photography, other bloggers, tutorials on various topics, site reviews, internet prodigies and much more.

The vanguard of American portraiture

> From June 22 to August 3, 2007, Jen bekman gallery presented A New American Portrait, a group exhibition of photographs featuring artists at the vanguard of contemporary portraiture in America, co-curated by Ms. Bekman and Jörg Colberg, editor of the influential fine art photography blog Conscientious.
Featuring Christine Collins, Jen Davis, Benjamin Donaldson, Amy Elkins, Peter Haakon Thompson, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Brian Ulrich, and
Shen Wei. Their portraits, environmental, posed, and self-portraits among them, express the wide range of practice in modern American portraiture. Mr. Colberg observes: “A portrait lives in the interaction between the photographer and the sitter, a relationship which banishes any notion of objectivity. The work included in this exhibition explores, and at times exposes, this fragile intriguing dynamic.”