Alex Prager's saturated staged portraits

Alex Prager is a 28 years old photographer living in Los Angeles, creating highly saturated staged portraits with sixties and seventies style. Strange mood and great pictures on her portfolio that is very impressive and comfortable to navigate… Alex Prager's last serie is called "The Big Valley" tells something about movies inspiration (Hitchcock or a twisted early David Lynch…), anyway a fantastic and strange girl universe.

Director Mato Atom's different styles

27 years old self-taught designer and director Mato Atom, is collaborating with top international studios. Sure his portfolio will give you a crazy visual break with its different styles. Mato Atom is based in New York.

Keith Shore: art of life

Keith Shore is an artist/illustrator living in Lambertville, New Jersey. Keith's work is shown in galleries, in magazines and also on t-shirts and other wearable stuff. Much colored paintings and drawings with different styles (from realist to naive art) in his great portfolio. There's a nice interview of Keith Shore in Fecal Face.

Sveta Sebyakina's type work

Sveta Sebyakina is a young graphic designer from Moscow doing some very nice student works and inspiring type experimentations.

The fascinating world of book cover design

Thomas was born in Winnipeg and he actually is a bookseller in an intellectual indie store in Montreal, French Canada. His love of books and cultures led him to create "premiere de couverture", an interesting blog about book covers.

The Daily Figure from Kyle T. Webster

Kyle T. Webster is a left-handed American illustrator doing a really nice daily figure drawing blog. Spontaneous, elegant and simple. Kyle T. Webster works on the LIGHT CHILDREN series of graphic novels and is available for free-lance illustrations. He also works for clients like The New Yorker, NY Times, LA Times, San Francisco Weekly, USA Today, and Paste magazine.

Twelvejuly is Yann Faucher's playground

Yann Faucher is a young French photographer showing nice pieces of life. He watches his friends in a sensitive and intimate way and with much love, meeting human nature and beauty. Yann Faucher is seriously practising photography since a year and a half and his portfolio "twelvejuly" is very promising.

Monfournissoir by Sophie Gaucher

French artist Sophie Gaucher shows her projects, drawings and sketchbooks in a site called Monfournissoir. Sophie likes to play with images, ideas and words. Very imaginative mind and… interesting work.

Natasja Fourie, cool website for great artworks

London based photographer Natasja Fourie was born in 1986, South Africa. She does much fashion photography and some portrait or documentary with great psychedelic or rock and roll style. Definitely a terrific portfolio. The site designed by Kris Cook has a background TV screen effect and a nice minimalist intuitive navigation. It has received several awards.