Irina Troitskaya's delicate art

Irina Troitskaya is a Moscow based illustrator doing really nice artworks. Drawings, art and photography with always a good color feeling. Read her interesting interview at sfgirlbybay.

Christmas hollydays at Saint-Briac…

It's the appropriate time for a short and sweet ressourcing to Saint-Briac

Frederic Teschner, pixel designer

Frederic Teschner is an already famous French designer whos digital art is pure and efficient. This great artist plays with simple signs and his creations are either contrasted and balanced.

Jillian Tamaki's expressive work

Jillian Tamaki is a Canadian illustrator currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Mainly working on editorial illustration for magazines, newspapers, and websites and also comics. Drawings are sometimes very precise and detailed, always beautiful, with great compositions.

Disko motion

Disko is the animation and post-production part of the am i collective studio, based in South Africa. Composed of diversely talented individuals making great stuff.

Franck Juery's graphical point of view

Franck Juery is a French photographer doing very interesting and various works. Using different media (real, digital, polaroid…), he shows creative series among his reportages, personal and commissioned works. Don't miss his very nice diary.

Chloé Poizat and the love of books

Chloe Poizat is a French illustrator who shows a great interest for litterature and knows how to make it beautiful. Her paintings have simple composition but sophisticated technique that makes original and sensible illustrations.

Estelle Schoen's fresh design

Estelle Schoen is a French freelance graphic designer presenting a nice portfolio: poster, print, web and illustration mainly in art and cultural areas. Estelle is also designer for exhibitions and theatres. A complete portfolio with various and creative works.

Irène has a great team of directors

Irène is a French production company making films, music videos and short films. International team of directors, with lots of recent works to watch.

Joke Vermeiren's ten thousand spoons

Joke Vermeiren is 22 years old and just graduated in Graphic Design at St.Lucas, in Ghent (Belgium). Her fresh and promising portfolio shows very nice things with much style and fun.

Pawel Fabjanski: urban sports and fashion

Pawel Fabjanski is a Polish fashion and sports photographer with semi-documentary urban style (mainly working in Poland, Germany and Austria, Pawel was among the 200 best Ad photographers worldwide selected by Luerzer's Archive). He started his career inspired by skateboard photographers and then found his own powerful touch, with much fun and ideas. A great interview of Pawel is still online on former pixelsurgeon.

Joshua Middleton, best cover artist

Joshua Middleton has a delicately detailed line work. Excellent comics and superheroe drawings. He was already honored with an Eisner Award nomination for Best Cover Artist and also have a fanclub site… and a very interesting sketchbook.

Paul Willoughby awesome drawings

Paul Willoughby is a London based illustrator. Mixed media and experiments with different techniques, then combined digitally. The inspiration for his work includes old prints, 70's graphics, craft books, photography, kids drawings and Japanese woodblock prints. Paul runs "The Church of London" agency.

Merci Bernard, type experiment

Thomas Bernard is a French graphic designer showing lots of type experiment. Member of collective "think experimental". His portfolio "Mercibernard" is about searching new images, solving graphic difficulties and… different thinking. A creative mind with some pragmatic views and skilled hands.