Micky Modo multi-cultural experience

Micky Modo is a photographer based in Europe, who has lived and worked all over the world. She works on cutting-edge fashion photos for top magazines, designers, and products. Micky Modo’s passion for the art of photography is translated to her subjects, and in turn, to everyone who sees them.

Tilman Faelker handmade illustrations

Tilman Faelker is a freelance illustrator from Stuttgart, Germany. His beautiful drawings are full of emotion and humor. Tilman Faelker’s delicate line work is a true pleasure.

Bunkadesign's freaky cool

Yann Le Nevé is Bunkadesign, French designer creating freaky illustrations for wearable stuff, toys, cd, skateboard desks and even PCs. Great style.

Julien Grandclément interactive design

Julien Grandclément is a very experimented strategist, art director and graphic designer in the interactive field. As a free-lancer, he collaborates with major agencies. A great graphic style from advertising campaign to mobile website or logo design. Odbo is Julien Grandclément’s portfolio.

Monoeil site update

Jérôme Masi just added new works on his brand new site « Mon oeil ». Just have a look, it’s worth it.

Andy McKenna joining a52

a52 proudly announced the addition of award-winning VFX supervisor and artist Andy McKenna to his full-time staff in the position of Lead Flame Artist. Established in 1997 as a home for the very latest high-end photo-real visual effects technologies and the industry's most innovative and talented graphic design artists, visual effects company a52 creates award-winning imagery for the world's most visually ambitious commercial and television projects. Watch a52’s site and Andy McKenna’s reel.

Franck Loriou cd cover designer

Franck Loriou is a French designer specialised in music design (cd cover or poster) with lots of famous French collaborations. He has a particular and very interesting photograph work on his portfolio, composed in two series: live music and still photography. Franck Loriou shows high skills for putting music in images.

Mathematic design in motion

Mathematic.tv is a motion design studio based in Paris, France, working for international clients. Providing design, art direction, CG animation and compositing services for TV and online advertising, music videos, and more. Mathematic plays in-house with their talents and partners, blending traditional and new media to create a new visual alchemy.

Paula Castro's vanguard drawings

Paula Castro was born in Buenos Aires and now lives in Paris. Her magnificent work is a variety of thin lines and cool styles for different clients like Nike, Gas Jeans, Furla, Issey Miyake, Evgenia Ostroskaya… Wall drawings, pack studies, fashion patterns and incredible spontaneous illustrations. Represented by Breedlondon.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan's high art

Nuri Bilge Ceylan is a Turkish photographer and film director. He received several awards with his films that have often been described as high art. He usually deals with the estrangement of the individual, natural existentialism, monotonous real human lives and fundamental details of life. Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s portfolio as a photographer is a wonderful work of style across three series (For my Father, Turkey Cinemascope and Early Photographs). Via David Paul Carr.