Stinger: simple graphic power

> Based in Groningen Netherlands, Jan Willem Wennekes AKA Stinger initially studied the artificial intelligence and philosophy before having a serious job. As a designer, he created the Zeptonn studio. Its characters are mainly small simple and funky monsters. Beautiful effective and colourful compositions. Stinger shows a particular interest for posters, tee-shirts, wall graphics and street art.

Some drawings with a soft pencil

> The drawings of the young Israeli Keren Taggar are at the same time soft and strong. These illustrations, with few colours and very quiet, are elegant and expressive. Fashion, dreams, hesitating women... Very hype.

THS, guaranteed hand made

> THS is like a kind of approximate site intended to present the nice work of German Thomas Schostok. Original ergonomics and very "rough" work, drawn type, and finger marks as well... A must in this style.

Here is a very fine grocery

> Les produits de l'épicerie (products of the grocery) is the site of graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert. Between commissioned work, exhibitions and personal research we can discover a work turned towards the experimentation. Their minimalist site is a great pleasure.

Trends: Materio is all you need

> Materio is an original concept: an independant information centre on materials and innovative products. Intended for architects, designers or engineers, this space in Paris gather samples of amazing stuff made with: wood bars, metal film, glass foam, liquid light, memory metal, controlled opacification glass, electronic ink, three-dimensional textile…

The Hejz, sophisticated and trendy

> Based in Warsaw, Peter Jaworowski composes a portfolio (the Hejz) that, like its content, is both simple and sophisticated. Various and excellent works. Photos and illustrations may be a good inspiration in a trendy graphic field.

Keeps me sane forever

> "Keeps me sane" is the pretty nice online portfolio of Darren Firth. Very professional graphic work with great control on all grounds. Waiting for the "print" section to be updated, enjoy the illustrations… variously fantastic. Also watch the work on Lee Cooper site…

Un-titled is its name

> This British agency called Un-titled shows inventive works with beautiful print/photo/web design. Nice minimalist site too !

Digital design's samba

> Brazilian Adhemas Batista is a 26 years old designer with already a strong international background. His site presents its awesome design and color work, a noticeable example with Havaianas communication. Type, photo-illustrations mix, rythm, color, Adhemas is good.

A strange and vaporous new-retro

> Canadian Pascal Tremblay (designer and illustrator) carries out beautiful soft and sophisticated compositions. Also record designer with the collective Monument (in particular for Swedish of Enola).

Graham Roumieu: canadian humorist

> Living in Toronto, Graham Roumieu is author-illustrator. Like a twisted spiritual son of Sempé or F.K. Waechter, he awakes the "press drawing" area. The New York Times, Wall St Newspaper, Penguin Books and a lot more are asking for him again and again ! So cool !

Yangtan, modern surrealist

> Yangtan is a New-Yorker photographer, born in Singapore and who likes to play. For fashion or advertizing, his work has a unique style. Beautiful things are be also discovered in the archives of its excellent minimalist site.

Belgian photo without any trouble

> Very "fashion", Belgian Andrea Klarin also shoots for advertizing (Canon, Nike, Whirlpool, Oxbow...) and it is beautiful.

Elixir Studio becomes Area 17 agency

> After 6 years of a noticed presence on the Net, Elixir Studio becomes Area 17. Directed by Arnaud Mercier and based in Paris and New York, Area 17 that wants to be "interactive" and presents its very beautiful achievements in interactive visual identity.

Ad absurdum, absurd but not stupid

> The site "reasoning by absurdity" ("reductio ad absurdum" as they say in Rome) shows how vintage collages of the Italian Bruno Savona are smart and malicious. Its project for the world is to be discovered: a mix with obsolete and blured polaroids. Visit the old site during the making of a new one.

at-elier : a workshop of Swiss graphics

> at-elier presents a selection of work completed by graphic designers Sebastien Vigne and Julien Notter since the beginning of their collaboration. Very clean, very white, like Swiss...

J-F Lepage lights women

> Jean-François Lepage is a "different" photographer, inspired, strange. Between fashion and contemporary art, he creates singular, disconcerting universes and composes some crazy images.

Wonk: a nugget in Bogota

> Jorge Restrepo is graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, AD and teacher in Colombia. Version 3 of its site has been on line since a few days. At the same time from urban and "latino" inspiration, its work mixes the styles (retro and current),the search of tont design, contrasts and original colors.

Antigirl, collages that tears

> Tiphanie Brooke is Antigirl. This young girl from Phoenix, Arizona, practises the art of collage. Beautiful compositions of heteroclite elements.

ilK, graffer multi-caps

> Graphic design, illustration, photo, this 24 years old Parisian ilK is a general-purpose freelance worker. Also member of Happy Graffiti Friends, his "street-style" portfolio is very interesting...

Storyboard have a lifting with Sophie Griotto

> After graduate from Arts Appliqués, Sophie Griotto (represented by Caroline Maréchal) specialized in fashion illustration and story-board. Its japanese inspiration, close to Rene Gruau is to be discovered at the occasion of her new site.

Anna Solé, last days

> The author photographer Anna Solé (Resolutely Catalan, formed in Boston and inhabitant in Lille, France) prepares a new site: so it is time to visit its very beautiful portfolio "version 1.0". reinvents the eighties

> Based in LA and New York, updates its site with a pure eighties style. Noticed for the quality of its graphics and flash animations, this site is a good chance to discover a very creative agency of video prod. Selected for the "profile pro" of APPLE, Jake Banks, the founder, explains that from now on, many different things concentrate: writing, sound, and image production, all can be done at the same place. A fantastic result on the reel.

Gwon Osang, photo-sculptor

> Very impressive work from Korean Gwon Osang between sculpture and photo. Since the Nineties he is one of the most recognized contemporary artists in Korea for its unusual approach of sculpture. Similarities with artwork of German Oliver Herring.