Ingrid Flygare's educational sense

Ingrid Flygare from Stockholm, creates editorial, commercial and educational illustration from her office in New-York. She likes teaching and obviously travelling… Nice classical style based on drawings.

Cédric Porchez a complete photographer

Cédric Porchez is a French very experimented still life photographer showing beautiful series like faces, blurred landscapes, bugs, liquids and broken glasses, cactii, flowers, abstract, cosmetics, jewelry (…) and sextoys.

Designzelganger: energetic !

Designzelganger is a collective from Belgium, featuring Lieven Van Speybroeck, Boris Van den Eynden, Koen Van Goethem and Bert Vissers. This is fantastic energetic work ! Illustrations, print, film, webdesign and art. I was particularly interested by these amazing short films… the design stuff is great too.

Benoit Godde painting girls and robots

Benoit Godde is a free-lance graphic designer and illustrator. Very beautiful style, mixing cute girls, robots and mechanics. Via Artskills.

Henrike Stahl, photographer and painter

Henrike Stahl, born in 1980 is an autodidact artist and photographer. He worked as assistant for Elke Hesser, Ellen von Unwerth, Paolo Roversi, Tara Simmons, Steve Hiett… Then become freelance photographer in Fashion, Portrait and Art since 2001, between Paris and Berlin. He shows great series of original portraits some being repainted. Henrike Stahl got the Mention special Prix Picto de la jeune Photographie de Mode in 2006.

Petica high on colors

Petica is a French illustrator living in Berlin and very enthousiastic about Japan (inspiring places and people I guess). Discover his illustrations and also nice image-books in the codextheque. Petica has been working during last 6 years, on several interesting things, from portrait to still places with a very innovative and sensitive style.

Aisk1 riding street-style

Aisk1 does fantastic artworks (digital arts, sketches, animation, acrylic on canvas…). This is great street-style with some good drawings. Don't miss Aisk1 that we hope to see more often.

Harmonie-Interieur: custom wall-stickers

Harmonie-Interieur creates decorative vinyl wall decals, limited edition mounted prints and posters. All made in their own workshop and available to purchase on this website. Harmonie-Interieur offers possibility of custom orders for your own designs, non-standard sizes.... almost anything possible. Via Omami.

Formavision art and design collaborations

Formavision was founded by curator Sebastien Agneessens based in NYC. Featuring over fifty art and design collaborations with brands such as Diesel, Sharp, Marithé+Francois Girbaud, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Docomo, Formavision has launched an updated WWW.FORMAVISION.INFO. On the site, key projects are presented by guest speakers such as Robert Klanten (Die Gestalten Verlag), Monica Khemsurov (I.D. Magazine), Francois Girbaud (Marithé+Francois Girbaud) and Paul Laster (Artkrush & Art Asia Pacific). FORMAVISION has been successfully integrating the work of leading artists and designers (Friends With You, Miranda Litchenstien, Dror Benshetrit and WK Interact - to name a few) with commercial culture since 2003.

Serge Bloch likes to play with objects

Serge Bloch is a funny sketch-illustrator playing with ideas and simple drawings. His difficult art (seemingly childish) is very efficient and delicate, filled with poetry. Serge Bloch works for the advertising or press industry and has also published different books for children.

L'Ambassade, nice team of directors

Julien Batifol leads L'Ambassade, based in Paris, the agency is representing 11 directors worldwide with great reels to watch. Tim Bret Day, Adam Mufti, Chris James Hewitt, Süperfad, Asa Mader, Joséphine Flasseur, Bruno Ripoche, Laura Gozlan, Benjamin Seroussi, H.P.G., Johnny Maginn.

Silke Werzinger stylish drawings

Silke Werzinger, based in Berlin, Germany, does fantastic fashion drawings, she mainly works on paper, doing trendy compositions and collages. Silke Werzinger is represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Michael Cogliantry, humour specialist

Michael Cogliantry lives in Brooklyn, NY where he works on his personal projects. He already published two great books: India (shot while travelling by auto-rickshaw across India) and Furry Kama Sutra (a great faux-fur bound hardcover board book shot in Las Vegas). Michael Cogliantry appears to be specialised in humour composition working for major companies in the US.

Polaroid Closing Factories: no more films

Polaroid company stopped making instant cameras over the past two years and is now closing its last factories. Polaroid instant film will be available in stores through next year, the company said, after which Japan's Fujifilm will be the only major maker of instant film. Read more on the Washington Globe (February 8, 2008).

Getty Images for Sale, $1.5 Billion

Threatened by new "low-cost" rivals on the internet the world’s biggest supplier of pictures and video to media, has put itself on the auction block… Read more on the New-York Times (January 21, 2008).

Akatre: graphic design and art experiment

Akatre is a fantastic graphic studio created by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sébastien Riveron. These very young guys in Paris are multi-talented, they do great type design, visual identity, photography, video and interactive. Experimentation is at the heart of their work. Akatre is definetely a wonderful collective. Submitted by Gloupdesign.

Erin Petson's fashion mystery

Erin Petson creates powerful images mixing collages, drawings and textures you'll never get on the internet. Nice experiments and delicate fashion subjects refelecting some kind of mystery. Erin Petson lives in East London.

Jean Lecointre: post-punk collages

Jean Lecointre is one kind of atypical phenomenon on the contemporary graphic stage. Inspired by old magazines and dark B or Z-movies from the 60's, Jean Lecointre's surrealist collages are incredible.

William Hundley and the Entoptic Phenomena

William Hundley just loves to shoot ghosts and levitating things. Funny experiments and tons of ideas. Via Ecrans.

Fred Petit AKA Supralude's wonderful films

Supralude had a respectable graphic design background when he naturally came to motion design after working with Flash and After Effects during the 90's. By putting type design in the centre of his creation, Supralude recently did a serie of very noticeable comercials (Leg Agency for SFR) inspired by Ernst, Push Pin Studios and Terry Gilliam. A fantastic portfolio. Via Gloupdesign.