Benoit Guillaume: drawing life

Benoit Guillaume first studied Art and Architecture in Paris then went to the Parsons School of Design in new-York. He worked in web agencies before getting back to his first love: drawing. Beautiful sketches, freestyle and several works for comics. The animations or "animated sketches" are excellent.

Rinah Lang, mixing medias

Rinah Lang studied illustration in groningen (Netherlands) and Edinburgh (Scotland) then moved to Germany. Offering a wide range of talented possibilities from collages to drawings or mixing medias, Rinah Lang has worked for Esquire (Russia), Soda (Switzerland), Barleycorn (Italy), Fornarina (Italy) and many other clients…

Thibaut Robin, playing with pictures

Thibaut Robin is a young designer showing different works (type design, design experiments or illustration). A promising portfolio of school assignments and first works to be discovered through an amazing home page, the navigation may look strange but the work inside is clever and creative.

Design and design: a new inspiration site

Design and design is a new inspiration site whose goal is to promote the worldwide community of designers (graphic design and product design) by simply showing every day "the best you can get" design wise. Design and design is online since December 13th and so far beneficiates of great response from a large number of International designers.

Antonio Suarez, cartoons and animation

Antonio Suarez, born 1978 in Panama, is a recent grad from the Vancouver Film School. Both working cartoons and animation Antonio is now looking for a job. Have a look to the drawings and illustrations, fun and clean.

Shin Tanaka Japanese paper toys

Shin Tanaka makes fantastic paper toys, highly detailed (and available for download and customize). Young Shin Tanaka (born 1980) quickly met success creating paper sneakers, then as an international recognition he has worked for several brands and did lots of exhibitions. The T-BOY, one of his paper toy model, is quite popular around the Art Toys. Via Emilie Fumaz.

Ben Aqua: fantastic OK! Fresh

OK! Fresh is Ben Aqua's portfolio. Living in Austin, TX he first studied design and decided in late 2007 to focus on photography and art direction. Ben Aqua also enjoy working illustration, video and performance. In his recent works he shows some fantastical projections of a post-apocalypse world.

CocoPit: drawing fashion

Coco is an illustrator with a unique insight into fashion. She worked as a communication consultant for many leading fashion designers. Living between Paris and London, Coco works mixing real media and cg works. Represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Labomatic: a versatile creative platform

Labomatic is a French collective bringing together personalities from a different range of disciplines. Labomatic reveals a singular approach of graphic design close to contemporary art.

Masquerade : knitting street art

Masquerade is the very nice Swedish blog of a young girl known as Knitta. She travels a lot and brings colors and wool in the cities creating a new street art. More photos on Flickr. Via b-r-m.

Phil Wrigglesworth's conceptual drawings

Phil Wrigglesworth actually lives near Manchester in the North of England. He as been free lancing for the past 4 years and is a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Independent, New Scientist, RadioTimes and many others. In Phil Wrigglesworth's portfolio, you'll discover the Jack book (his major project for the MA) that is called House Hunting. The book tells the story of a Jack in a box who has to leave his box to find another home. During his journey he goes through massive ups and downs until at last he finds the perfect home, living inside a cukoo clock.

Anouck Durand's narrative work

Anouck Durand became a free-lance photographer 4 years ago and is showing here her personal work. After teaching history she did internships and assistant works then started personal experiments for exhibitions. Peculiar colours and great narrative work.

Jérôme Mireault's trendy drawings

Jérôme Mireault is a French Canadian illustrator much at ease drawing people. Urban, fashion or trendy lifestyles. Great style. Represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Arnaud Lajeunie's amazing portfolio

Arnaud Lajeunie is a young student (communication school) in Paris. He likes taking pictures here and there and just launched a few days ago his first portfolio. Amazingly composed, his work has a particularly great feeling.

Thomas Allen's inventive pulp-paperback

Thomas Allen makes us experience some kind of alternative reality, cutting books cover and making some paper-3D effect. Thomas Allen had several publications in 2007 for his really interesting work. Two sites to watch his work : Foley gallery and Joseph Bellows gallery.

Partfaliaz interview Jokemijn

Just graduated from St-Lucas School of Arts in Belgium, young graphic designer Jokemijn tells us about her interest for concept, the way she gets inspiration, her taste for functional things… A great personnality who freshly appeared on the internet like a knife in a world of spoons. Wishing you a good time reading Jokemijn's interview.

peter&wendy, a promising story

After five years of great works under the name Rumbero Design, graphic designer Xavier Encinas and partner Cécilia Michaud have created Peter&Wendy a graphic design studio for print, publishing, exhibition and identity.

How to show music without using sound

T.A.G.'s Zune Campaign Features Custom Animated Spot from Stardust on New York's Times Square "Geoffreytron" Billboard. Read more…

Baudouin watches French's insides

Baudouin is a French colour portrait photographer. He did several series of people, mainly parisians, sitting in their appartment. Compositions are sophisticated, using soft lighting, depicting a word of sensibility. Don't miss the "dogs", they're much fun.

No one loves cover magazines like Joe Kral

Joe Kral is a graphic designer mad about magazines. He says he must have them all… so let's watch it. 479 cover photographies…

Sho Murase's dynamic artworks

Sho Murase is a young Japanese-Korean illustrator currently living in San Francisco. She studied fine arts, design, interactive, cinema and psychology in Spain, then 2D animation in Canada. Sho Murase does commercials, animation, comics and graphic novels for international clients and studios.

Tim Underwood, creative portraiture

Brooklyn based photographer Tim Underwood, focuses on portrait with a nice sense of innovation. Works on fashion, music or beauty commercials. Here is a new portfolio with great pictures.