Expressive digital paintings by Cali Rezo

> Cali Rezo (a pseudo that means something like "quality link") is a brillant and expressive artist. I always spend lot of time on this site where you can discover awesome paintings mostly about children and women, but also these "making of", and very funny things in the blogs ! Most of it is translated in English. If not, run for French lessons, Cali Rezo is worth it. There is also a great shopping section if you have any present to offer !

Neil Tsai directs Fuel TV signature series ID#17

> Neil Tsai, design director for Stardust's Santa Monica studio just directed a new project for FUEL TV, Signature ID # 17, featuring the work of the Cardboard Robot art collective led by artist Mason Brown. The :30 version of the spot is online here. See the complete press release.
About Stardust Studios :
Stardust is an award-winning creative production company, specializing in motion design, animation, visual effects and live-action production. Led by founder and executive creative director Jake Banks, Stardust’s Santa Monica and New York offices continually redefine creativity for commercial, on-air, music video and in-store presentations. Their recent work – including projects for the world’s top ad agencies, brands and recording artists – has earned numerous awards and worldwide editorial exposure. For more information, please visit or call Corey Cirillo at 310-399-6047, or Mike Eastwood at 212-334-7300.
About FUEL TV :
FUEL TV is the action sports lifestyle network for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle-motocross, and wakeboarding. A unit of Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV was launched July 1, 2003 and is seen in 24-million U.S. homes. To subscribe to FUEL TV, call 877-4-FUEL-TV. For program times and other information, visit
About Cardboard Robot :
An art collective led by Mason Brown. Visit :

Delphine Chanet loves children

> Delphine Chanet shows a very nice portfolio specialized with children photography. It is sometimes funny or trendy or classical and always beautiful. Delphine works for Milk magazine and several fashion brands for children.

The String Republic increase your sex appeal

> Stéphane Bucco AKA Sockho, has created THE STRING REPUBLIC in 2004. After renowned exhibitions and collaborations, Stéphane wants to find new Material supports of creation. He likes to quote Raymond Loewy who said that “ugly things sell badly”. Nowadays... useful things sell badly. The amazing revival of the flip flops and the clogs remind him of the espadrilles his grand-father used to offer him every summer when he was a kid. The concept is born; see an old product like the espadrille differently! The espadrille is given as an anachronistic material support to about thirty of the greatest international grafic artists, who evolve in very different aesthetic universes.

Rinzen - "While no one is looking"

> Until September 22, 2007, at Subaquatica, Madrid, Rilla and Steve Alexander from the Australian collective Rinzen stand for a first exhibition in Spain. Experiences with watercolor and ink, monsters and Spanish culture. If ever you are in Madrid this summer, don't miss it. Thanks to Guillotine for the photos.

Kirsten Ulve's trendy digital drawings

> NYC based illustrator Kristen Ulve does great artworks in fashion illustration, caricatures, character development and animation with a worldwide clientele. She started her digital career during the vector trend of the late nineties and has developped a great style with cute characters and some neo-retro scenes.

Shen Wei's deep portraiture

> Chinese Shen Wei moved to the United States where his needs for self-expression has grown. Then he became curious about how others deal with their identity. He raises the question about human nature, about emotions, feelings, desire, instinct and identity, to reveal things that you can feel, that are unexplainable but yet still solid. In a way he wishes to share a particular point of view on USA. The series "almost naked" and "Things/places" are a great work about portrait (identity) and absence. Very interesting blog.

Will Perrens: a really great portfolio

> Young British Will Perrens has a great portfolio : films, photos and graphic design including nice type experiments. He works freelance for Pentagram Design London, saatchi and Saatchi and Nexus Productions as well as personal clients within fashion, photography, literature and television.

Mathilde Aubier : a young talent

> A short time ago, Mathilde Aubier was still a working student. She appeared on the net with a strange and wonderful personal site a couple of years ago. Today there are more works on her various portfolios (illustration, web design, motion design) and it is still fresh and very interesting.

Antoine Helbert master of digital painting

> Antoine Helbert makes us travel upon the history and the traditions of painting with a terrific and innovating portfolio. There maybe lots of art buyers carefully watching his digital paintings. Different style : graphic, fashion, history, advertising… A. Helbert is scenic painter for Strasbourg's opéra.

Some good news from post-typography !

> Alphabet Exhibition
Post Typography is pleased to announce that their curated show, 
Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography, will be in Orlando, FL this month. Hosted by AIGA Orlando, the opening reception will be held Thursday, July 19 at Doug Scaletta Photography Studio. The exhibition features more than 60 experimental, innovative, and illustrative interpretations of the roman alphabet by 48 international artists, designers, and typographers. For more information, please visit the Alphabet website. Also, just announced... Alphabet will be on display at The Cooper Union in New York City, October 2007. Specific dates and details will be announced shortly, so keep checking the website for the latest updates.

> Website Update
Post Typography just added some recent work to If you haven't visited their
website in a while, stop by and take a peek.

> New Double Dagger CD Out Now
Ragged Rubble, the new album from extra-loud Baltimore design punks, Double Dagger, is out now on Chicago's Stationary (Heart) Recordings. Post Typography designed the album packaging, and they're pretty psyched with how it turned out. Look closely and play it loud. Limited edition clear vinyl featuring hand-screened covers and a special insert print will be available later this month.

> If You Could
Post Typography is pleased to be included in the new issue of 
If You Could, an annual British design publication. They received their copy of the book last week, and there's some pretty great work from a slew of international designers and illustrators. 

Pierre Vanni's amazing paper sculptures

> Pierre Vanni is a young artist from Toulouse, south of France. Several nice experiences with paper (making sort of geometric origami) leading to illustrations or type creation.

Kevin Cooley's long exposure

> Kevin Cooley is a master of dark landscape's photography. In "projects", these photos of plane landing in the night are real pieces of art. In other series, also shot at night, the houses are glowing in the twilight and then comes a sci-fi mood in suburban America…

Jonas Bergstrand reminds us the 50's highlights

> Illustrator from Sweden, Jonas Bergstrand is inspired by the giants of the illustration history. As a graphic designer, he likes works combining type and image. His style is sharp and the colours are great. A nice trip to the late 50's and 60's with very efficient illustrations or caricatures.

Lichtfaktor's awesome lightwriting

> This guy from Köln, Germany, makes great light graffitis. No personnal site available yet but its flickr and youtube are terrific. The lightwriting has been explored by photographers and designers since a long time, here you'll find fresh art.

Michael Muller is a prolific photographer

> Portrait, fashion, music, sport, advertising, Michael Muller is everywhere and with talent. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding are familiar playground but also underwater (in pool) photos are pretty cool. Portraits are great too, with lots of famous characters.

Stéphane Tartelin, unique line drawing

> Between American street-art, Japanese comics and French fashion sketch, Stéphane Tartelin has found its own line drawing. Spiritual son of Hayao Miyazaki and Egon Schiele, Stéphane is a free-lance designer, illustrator and motion designer with several publications worldwide.

Scott Berkun shows the creative way

> Scott Berkun is an author, public speaker and consultant. He worked as a manager at Microsoft from 1994 to 2003, on projects including (v1-5) of Internet Explorer, Windows and MSN. He started his own consulting practice in 2003, wrote the best seller “The art of project management” (O’Reilly 2005) and teaches a graduate course in creative thinking at the University of Washington. He just wrote "The Myths of Innovation". Discover many great essays about innovation, design and management on his site.

David Hughes is a multi-talented artist

> David Hughes describes himself as a graphic designer who happens to illustrate. A wide range of client made him work for several different projects like graphic design or animation. He has cultivated a great creative style.

Fanette Mellier working for artists

> Exhibition posters, galerie's catalogue, artist books or other institutions, Fanette Mellier has a deep taste for type creation and cutural layout. Her great skill is oftenly serving great books and printings.