Yué Wu aka Nyno, cool drawings

Yué Wu is a young French illustrator who made a quite famous animation for the Onitsuka Tiger Koiklub called "Big Koi". His short portfolio 5lunes (5moons) shows very cool drawings and also a few corporate works like some window drawings for Paris Carhartt flagship store…

Melvin Sokolsky and fashion photography

With surrealist compositions, American artist Melvin Sokolsky revolutionized fashion photography during the sixties although he had no formal education in photography. At these times people were doing photos, not Photoshop. At 22 he was a regular photographer for Harpers Bazaar for which he produced, in 1963, the "Bubble" series of photographs depicting fashion models "floating" in giant clear plastic bubbles suspended in midair above the River Seine in Paris. Later, while creating famous fashion pictures, he explored video, with a very inventive work on lights and techniques. Today at 75 years old and still running after every ideas, he is mastering digital photography. Each photography on his site is a true pleasure.

Café Royal, zines and underground press

Café Royal is an online shop and offline publishing house specialising in artists’ books and zines. Café Royal was founded in 2006 by Craig Atkinson and Joanne Chan-Atkinson and is based in the North West of England. Terrific stuff: books, zines, prints, sales… several handmade artworks to see and buy…

Enrico Lambiase, VFX/motion graphic designer

Italian artist Enrico Lambiase, based in London, is a VFX and motion graphic designer with more than 3 years of professional experience in feature films, commercials, music videos and institutional videos. Highly creative with a strong personal artistic style. He's been developing a software-free creative method by mixing art and technical skills. Enrico Lambiase's looking into working as art director and vfx supervisor.

Andy Smith humour and energy

Andy Smith is a British illustrator working for many worldwide clients in advertising, print, publishing and animation. He likes combining illustration and typography with much optimism. His computer work have the tactile feel of the hand made. Exhibitions have been curated in the UK, France, USA and Australia. Andy Smith has won D&AD, AOI and Creative Circle awards. His work is also stocked in outlets such as such as Playlounge, Magma (London) and Colette (Paris).

Nervo.tv by Nando Costa

Creative Nando Costa founded nervo.tv in Portland, Pacific Northwest. It's a collective of digital artists creating films and animations. Throughout his career Costa has created a wide range of artworks in the print and interactive fields. He has curated two books "Brasil Inspired" and "Disorder in Progress", both published by Die-Gestalten Verlag. Nando Costa was Creative Director at design studio Nakd (Rio de Janeiro) and agency Modernista! (Boston). Lots of short films to see in the "motion" section of nervo.

Ray Fenwick handwritting and drawings

Ray Fenwick is a real live traditional graphic artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He creates drawings, hand-writting, comics and patterns for people like The New York Times, Blue Q, Houghton Mifflin, RandomHouse, Pentagram, If'n Books, Nickolodeon, Tiny Showcase, Urban Outfitters and others. Ray Fenwick award winning comic Hall of Best Knowledge will be published in April 2008 by Fantagraphics.

Mike Mills, artist and filmmaker

Mike Mills works as a filmmaker, graphic designer and artist living in Los Angeles. He has completed a number of music videos, commercials and short films and co-founded The Directors Bureau with Roman Coppola. As a designer he worked for several rock bands including Sonic Youth or Beastie Boys but he also designed scarves and fabrics for Marc Jacobs and contributed to different books and exhibitions. In 2003 Mike Mills began his own graphic line "humans" creating shirts and posters, based in Tokyo and exhibiting in stores and galleries all over the world.

Desiree Palmen exploring camouflage

Desiree Palmen is an artist based in Rotterdam where she works on the idea of camouflage. Saying that the identity information systems and surveillance cameras are everywhere in cities, she explores the possibility of becoming invisible. The models are painted according to the places and photographed creating a very spectacular effect. These photos of Desiree Palmen are already famous on the internet since a couple of years but it is worth a second watch.

Abiuro is Alexandre Braga's portfolio

Alexandre Braga, Sao Paulo based graphic designer shows great illustrations for various magazines. Under the name of Abiuro he is contributor of Brasil-inspired and uailab design portals. The portfolio has not been updated for a while but there you can see nice works either personal or commissioned.

Claire Scully doing the quiet revolution

Claire Scully is a London based illustrator inspired by the relationships between urban environment and natural world. "The quiet revolution" is her portfolio and her paintings, drawings, typography or sketches are always close to the environmental question. Claire Scully, continually working on personal projects is frequently collaborating with other artists. Represented by 4wall.

Sebastien Maziere's spontaneous art

Sebastien Maziere is a French photographer based in Paris. After studying cinema he chosed to play with the spontaneous art of photography. Working with non-professional sitters, he catches women's beauty with a unique style.

Aurore de la Morinerie: brushes for fashion

Aurore de la Morinerie is a French illustrator based in Paris. She creates washdrawings and watercolors with some Japanese style. Inspired by animals and vegetables she works a lot for the fashion industry. Aurore de la Morinerie is some kind of expert with brushes and ink.

Garry Simpson, advertising and pleasure

Garry Simpson is a complete photographer with serious skills for complicated advertising shots and big productions (see chapter 6). This portfolio is also about pleasure with lots of personal works. Read the interesting interview at the F Stop magazine site.

Eli W. Harris stylish paintings

Eli W. Harris is an illustrator based out of San Francisco. Fantastic drawings and paintings with great style. Eli W. Harris also has a blog called Banal Obsession.

boolab, motion and more

Boolab is an international production company base in Barcelona, Spain and specialized in motion graphics, animation and any experimental and cutting-edge visual techniques. They started in 2004 working for the advertising market and are now open to areas such as television, music industry, cinema, fashion or culture… Their reel 2008 will tell you more…

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