David Foldvari's striking black and white

> British David Foldvari has a powerful illustration style. Lots of great works and exhibitions worldwide these past years. Minimal colours, dark subjects, sophisticated compositions and a touch of mystery. A website update is imminent and a solo show expected in london in early september.

Morgane Legall cultivates her own language

> As a true author, Morgane Legall creates little stories mixing various technics… These strange and beautiful artwork are made like "sampling" experiences where the artist's imagination makes you forget her tools and know-how.

Grégoire Alexandre, photo performer

> Grégoire Alexandre creates stories or performances before shooting its surprising photos. Full of ideas and references, his work is tender and efficient. Something between advertising and art.

Albert Folch, no decorative paraphernalia

> The graphic work of Albert Folch explores diverse fields of action, from graphic design to visual arts, from documentary photography to fashion shoot. Several contributions to Spanish trends magazine "Metal" (www.revistametal.com). Great type work and minimalist layout.

Laure Pointereau is sushiholic

> Laure Pointereau's portfolio is a nice surprise. Watercolors are great and trendy, portraits have deep character… Ink, sketches, photos… An asserted taste for Japanese art.

New : interview section in partfaliaz !

Zurich29 answers the questions of Partfaliaz. Discover here more of the two artist's universe.

« We like to mix technics and style. We could say it's sort of a graphical ping-pong… » Zurich29

Jon Burgerman, messing monsters

> Jon Burgerman says he is specialist of scribbling, doodling and napping. This young British from Nottingham, coming from the post-graffiti scene, is the new apostle of street culture. His illustration work is sold on any kind of textile, toys, stickers, posters, advertising… Lots of international exhibitions.

Travis Ruse : photoblog of the year

> In New-York city, Travis Ruse makes photos everyday in the subway commuting to and from work. Very interesting photoblog. In the FAQ section you can read about his experience photographing strangers, the way he copes with the lighting and so on.

Re-discovering Ashley Wood's nudes and robots

> Australian artist Ashley Wood became famous working for major entertainment companies. His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques, coupled with digital photography and graphic software. Sci-fi scenes and robots are particularly punchy and women very sexy ! If you don't like the nudes, check out the work on colours…

Alain Astruc's square photos

> French photographer Alain Astruc living in Canada makes only square photos. Some are realistic point of view other are near abstract, but all his work is filled with a particular poetry. Will Alain be the first to buy a square digital camera ?

Zurich29, imagination in motion

> Philippe Constantinesco and Dorian Gourg have created Zurich29, an illustration and animation studio. Great reel to watch in the "motion" section with nice things for MTV France. They also are good in print with mix technics and a trendy and twisted style.

The awesome work of Markus Wendler

> German photographer Markus Wendler is well known for tremendous car advertising photography. However his portfolio is full of wonderful works in stills, landscape or architecture.

Electric Heat, the skills to pay the bills

> Young Chicago artist Nigel Dennis proved himself a prolific designer. Implementing a variety of technics, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Nice illustrations.

Bidule creates good stuff

> Atelier Bidule is an independent graphic designer collective based in Saint Etienne (Loire – France) specialized in graphic design and edition. The atelier had been created in January 2004 and is animated by Cécile Stollini and Sidney Gay. Nice work in cultural ground, sensitive and trendy.

A new promise in French comics

> Three periods… Three heroes… All gathered in one space and time by a devil book ! Here is a new trilogy where mystery and cleverness mix in harmony. Surely one of the most promising story of 2007. Written in French, by two young authors : Villesange and Viaud, colored by Delf. An awesome drawing work close to Moebius school.

The Hejz : new site

> Based in Warsaw, Peter Jaworowski composes a portfolio (the Hejz) that, like its content, is both simple and sophisticated. Various and excellent works. Photos and illustrations may be a good inspiration in a trendy graphic field.

Ads of the world is a famous blog

> Ads of the World is an advertising archive and community site founded in 2005 by Ivan Raszl. Now it has more than twelve thousand registered members and approximately 12 million page loads a month. These large pictures available on the blog for every ad are a must for claim workers.
Ads of the World: Advertising Archive & Community

Will 3D boost the web creation ?

> On May 26th during Web Flash Festival 2007, Spanish programmer Carlos Ulloa presented Papervision3D, a 3D engine for Flash that he created. Making a bomb effect in Flash community, Papervision3D is an ActionScript3 that offers new possibilities. Extreme speed of execution, easy to use, the first demos are making big noise on the net !

Post-Typography says : type is dead

> Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen founded Post-Typography in 2001 and specialized in graphic design, conceptual typography, and custom lettering/illustration with additional forays into art, apparel, music, curatorial work, design theory, and vandalism. This Baltimore team shows a funny and top portfolio. Also read the Manisfesto (access by terrorism).
Post Typography's work will be included in the upcoming design survey's, Contemporary Graphic Design from Taschen (2007) and Area 2 from Phaidon (2008).

J-C Bourcart watches our secret garden

> French Jean-Christian Bourcart lives in New York since 1997. After graduating in photo, he studied psychology, then spent all of his time working photography. His pictures, about recurrent subjects (transgression, obsession, movement) always try to reveal the secret world of people, their activities, their traces, etc. Halfway between "photo reportage" and contemporary art.

J Paull Melegari's perfect fusion

> J Paull Melegari is a fusion of Jacqui Paull and Carl Melegari. They work on projects where their interest for photography, graphic expertise and fine art style fused together. A style that is a fine combination of mediums and technics.