Processrecess is James Jean's portfolio

James Jean recently won a Bronze Lion at Cannes with TBWA\Paris creating original posters for AIDES, a European HIV/AIDS NGO. The process of creation is well explained on his blog. Since 2001, this artist just made his mark on the comics industry, winning several awards. James Jean worked on such titles as Fables, Batgirl, Green Arrow, and Monolith for DC Comics, as well as Amazing Fantasy and Runaways for Marvel Comics. A wonderful portfolio with a lot to see !

Paolo Woods documentary photography

Paolo Woods was born of Canadian and Dutch parentage, he grew up in Italy and is now based in Paris. After working for advertising and fashion, he dedicated himself to documentary. Lots of travel and a particular work in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan receiving different prizes. He is presently documenting the amazing rise of China in Africa. Strong, beautiful and fantastic work.

Jan Olof Nygren, type experiments

Jan Olof Nygren is a 29 years old graphic designer from Sweden who shows a nice portfolio with much type experiment and a great sketchbook. He spent his first year out of school doing freelance work and applying for a Fulbright Grant to study graphic design in the US, that was accepted early 2005. He chose to study at the 2D Design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, under the guidence of designer-in-residence Elliott Earls. There he developed type and pattern design and illustration, combining these three elements in a three dimensional product or installation.

Shen Plum creates a promising style

Shen Plum is a 22 years old illustrator from Toronto. She likes to design and print her own tshirts and tote bags or collect photographs of bunnies. She draws and paints all day. Shen Plum is Shen Li (same character in Chinese). Not a bum, she graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design with honor. The portfolio is nice and there are extra drawings and photos to see on her Flickr… and it's worth it !

Nicolas de Crécy: japanese sketches

The Villa Kujoyama is a French artist residency in the heart of Japan where cartoon and comic artist Nicolas de Crécy had the chance to stay during early 2008. His project hinges on a better understanding of the narrative systems in Japanese storytelling. Two books should be created. Before that you can watch several sketches (dessins) and photos (éloge de l'ombre) on de Crécy's Japanese blog.

Ginger beards: unique style

Richard Stow is gingerbeards, London based illustrator, with a great and humorous portfolio. Paintings, drawings and collages in a free style and terrific sense of illustration. Contributions on worldwide magazines.

Germain Chauveau's way is the highway

Germain Chauveau is a French Art Director working for the music and fashion industry and magazines. Large variety of clients including Chanel, Dia, Chopard, Hugo Boss and magazine Clam, Twill, Pref…

Brian M. Viveros, naked girls with cigarettes

Brian M. Viveros is an American artist famous for his erotic paintings and illustrations. The characters are sexy, with sensual eyes and always smocking. A unique and surrealist mixture of visual arts. Brian M. Viveros has international publications and exhibitions.

Frank Uyttenhove's spectacular work

Frank Uyttenhove is a Belgium photographer working mostly for advertising. He does much photo manipulation creating very impressive pictures with great and funny ideas. Frank Uyttenhove shows a very large number of images in his portfolio.

Sophie Leblanc fashion illustration

Sophie Leblanc is a French illustrator, member of collective Studiobüro, she does sweet mix media illustration with much fashion style. Her blog Sofk is a cool one. Represented by Comillus.

Moodstream, the brainstorm tool

A couple of days ago, Getty Images launched their concepting tool called Moodstream. Showcasing all of the Getty Images offering (photo, video, music…) in order to inspire interactive creatives. There is a control panel where you can adjust mood and tone of the media and then save your moodboards… Moodstream allows you to cut sound if necessary…

Will Pearson's panoramics

Will Pearson is a London photographer specialized in panoramas and 360-degree images. Some are interactive and all are spectacular.

Electrorouge, multi-creative director

Sam Burkardt aka Electrorouge is a French free-lance director and graphic designer based in Paris. Experimenting with a range of techniques in motion or interactive, he has a lot of various clients and is looking for international representation. Sam Burkardt directed last video for "shake" song of the electro-surf-rock band Bikini Machine.

Aorta's creative photography

Aorta is the duo of photographers Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän from Sueden. After graduating from Göteborg School of Photography in 1997, they are based in Paris and working worldwide. Their work both in advertising or editorial mostly on location with a creative and quite natural style. Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän do their own retouching.

Simon Tales: brazilian motion

In Sao Paulo, Simon Tales works on art direction, edition and CG design for videos. Using different tools like 3D modeling, sound edition or post-production and interactive. Simon Tales is quite experimented and ready for challenges.

Deanne Cheuk’s Mushroom Girls

Deanne Cheuk is an Australian illustrator, designer and art director based in New York. She is a contributor to Nippon Vogue, America, and Dazed and Confused magazine. Her work has been commissioned by numerous magazines including Nylon, BlackBook, The Fader, Flaunt and The New York Times Magazine. She is renowned for her self-published graphic ‘zine of inspiration called Neomu. She early has developped a style of watercolor titles and hand drawn letterforms. Deanne Cheuk has featured in different magazines listing top creative minds in the world (the Art DirectorsClub NY, Print magazine, Time magazine, The Face).

allnews by greyisgood

"I Wanted to See All of the News From Today" Martin John Callanan (UK) is aggregating - daily - the front pages of all printed national newspapers from around the world into one place. (Currently includes 618 titles). Impressive. Via la cuisine du graphiste.

Shawn Michienzi, easy with advertising

Since 1983, Shawn Michienzi has been recognized in several award shows. He is known for his ability in working on challenging projects and solving problems. Shawn Michienzi is a conceptual photographer from Minneapolis working mainly for advertising. Represented by John Kenney &.

Edward Kinsella III high end illustrations

Edward Kinsella III is a very talented illustrator based in Saint-Louis, Missouri. An incredible portfolio with great style. Edward Kinsella III gives much freshness to his paintings. The sketchbook section shows detailed works and the blog gives more updates.

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