Ray Caesar ans his life as a dog

> Famous digital painter Ray Caesar lives in canada but he says he was born as a dog in England. His fantastic artworks are 3D models recovered by painted and manipulated photographic textures. Visit its site, the galleries are great, but also the bio section or "working method" are very nice to read.

Celia Calle's fun and beautiful art

> Young artist Celia Calle produces powerful drawing illustrations. Awesome work and obviously creative mind. The layout are extremely expressive, inventing something amazing betwin japanese art, comics and fashion sketches…

Painter Christa Palazzolo's neo-portraiture

> NYC based Christa Palazzolo likes to play with contrasts. Her work mixes beautiful faces and loosely drizzled paint. She uses portraiture as a vehicle of mockery, isolation, discomfort, and objectification and strives to confront formal aspects of painting with a contemporary voice and commentary.

Diesel agency becomes Sid Lee

> After sharing its name with a jeans company for ten years, canadian agency Sid Lee starts a new life with great works. There is a film on youtube that shows very well their different design areas.

Mark Tucker: life is beauty

> Nashville advertising photographer Mark Tucker is a master of lifestyle and portrait art. He watches people and places with a sort of serenity and humanity making beautiful images. Graphical and sensitive compositions. This is a portfolio you would probably not forget.

Malcolm Venville tells powerful stories

> Initially considered as a great photographer, Malcolm Venville is actually one of the most important advertising-movie director. Internationally recognized for the power of his images, his astonishing graphic sense and obvious sensitivity (works for Honda, Volkswagen, Nike…). Also discover its amazing work about Mexican wrestlers : luchaloco.

Serialcut: neo-eighties in Madrid

> Spanish art director Sergio del Puerto who worked for trend magazine "Vanidad" has a portfolio called "serialcut". A versatile and experimental style based on the "cut&paste" technique. Typography has a special role to reinforce the idea and generate more impact. Freshly updated.

Drez: voice of the Hungarian street-art

> Drez is the nickname of Karoly Kiralyfalvi, he shows tons of selected works on his nice site called "extraverage". Involved in street-art, with good drawing practice he finally do much computer graphics: logos, type or web design, mag, T-shirts, illustration, photos and more… There is a lot to see and get inspired with !

The advice today: fasten your seat belt

> The site of the photographer Matthew Mahon is terrific. Inspired by interface works of Jeff Raskins (one of the Mac creators), this site is a big piece of flash. Simple ergonomics: click on image to see it and beside to reduce it. Two icons enable you either to flip the image, or to see the author who appears inside his photos. Simple, effective, fun and very spectacular. Oh… Nice photos by the way.

Dialectica collects spiritual energies!

> Carlos Matias is Portuguese, his site dialectica is the result of an experimental work. He first imagine a sort of "sensory filter" to all information he gets, then he makes strange compositions without constraint nor limit. Traditional and digital mix.

Dress-codes : standards of individualism

> Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek are inspired by the striking dress codes of various social groups and they have systematically documented numerous identities over the last 13 years. They call their series Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude. By registering their subjects in an identical framework, with similar poses and a strictly observed dress code, Versluis and Uyttenbroek provide an almost scientific, anthropological record of people's attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity. The apparent contradiction between individuality and uniformity is, however, taken to such extremes in their arresting objective-looking photographic viewpoint and stylistic analysis that the artistic aspect clearly dominates the purely documentary element.

Nemiri : drawing alive

> Nicolas Nemiri is the author (scenario Jean-David Morvan) of the very noticed comic album "I died". Its site, not very talkative, is a very beautiful gallery of sketch, illustrations and digital paintings. A fine drawing, dynamic and full of sensitivity. Japanese influences are obvious.

Craig Mullins has a good brush

> Craig Mullins, Master of digital story-board presents some large piece of art on goodbush.com. Mainly active for movie projects, he works for different registers (sci-fi, hidtory...), its compositions do not leave indifferent. Mastering the absence of detail on images that however seem very precise. C. Mullins lives in Hawaii and his work is done primarily on photoshop with some painter and 3D effects.

Txema Yeste has lots of publications

> Spanish Txema Yeste is an amazing photographer. With a strange style he composes beautiful photos (fashion or documentary). The models are too young and too skinny but the style is convincing, often dared, sometimes even psychedelic. Have a look on the vibrations of its fashion icons, its eighties look alike and the documentaries about travelling people in Spain. Actually very trendy.

Mijn Schatje: remember this name

> Mijn Schatje is the improbable pseudo of the French Marie Blanco Hendrickx. Its digital-magic drawings were noticed on flyers for electro-pop parties. Several achievements of record sleeves for the "Record Makers" label.

Is it necessary to promote Base design?

> The Belgium Base agency is 45 people between Brussels, NYC, Spain and Paris. Very broad variety of customers and intervention (design, motion grahics, writing, edition, typography and even conception of design-tools like the amazing tiffographer). A very dense, very rich, very inventive portfolio.

Li Wei: the Chinese meteorite

> Li Wei is regarded as one of the artists more in sight currently in China. Since the end of the Nineties he photographs its performances everywhere in the world. Between contemporary art and funny photo tricks he imagines spectacular images.

Rinzen: small update ?

> Since 2000, the Australian collective Rinzen (2 living in Berlin, 1 in New York, and 2 in Australia) contributed to the fame of Australian graphic design. Their work, collective or personnal, is varied in style, technique and in form of expression. They easily experiment geometrical design or free-hand drawings and always seeking the utopian way. The update of the site just happened, it is a good chance to watch again their great portfolio...

Attik ? It's fantastic

> Attik is an emblematic agency of British design. This company appears among the agencies more innovating in the world (offices in London, New York, San-Francisco and Sydney). Lots of photoshop work, with very pure photos, often avant-gardist. Their message : obviousness always should be fought. Watch out: the output of the "NoiseLab" n°5, last issue of their research and experiment book in graphic design. More information about the agency here.

Big ideas come out of big pencils

> Leo burnett founded its agency in Chicago in the middle of the Thirties. Since that, the agency accumulates big ideas and big accounts without being unaware of good technologies. Their site is very spectacular. In addition Leo Burnett created a virtual agency on "Second life" in order to gather the briefs and ideas of the 1600 worlwide creatives of the group. Is "Leo Ideas Hub" a sharing of knowledge that works? Anyway it is a good idea of self-promotion.

LSD work out the opposite course

> Italian collective LSD presents a very broad and original portfolio. Lots of ideas mixing opposite things, though relatively traditional in this style. Photo-composit are particularly neat.

Fiodor Sumkin drawing urgency

> The Bielorussian Fiodor Sumkin, installed in Amsterdam after short-time living in Moscow, Roma and Paris, presents an interiorized but expressive portfolio. A mix of drawn types and charactere drawings that is universal and amazing as well.

Imagefed goes top of the top

> Imagefed is the studio of designer Matthew Curry. Based In Washington DC, contributor of many graphic magazines, his portfolio is remarkable. Co-designer of "art of versions" of Thievery Corporation, Grammy Award 2006 of best music packaging.

Ashby creates music design

> Neal Ashby directs a small agency, well-known of US musical industry. Specialized in the musical packaging but also the edition (several consultable annual reports on the site), Ashby Design collects several distinctions…

Easy going design that strikes

> Since a couple of years, I am fan of Stephane Bucco. Its updated Sockho site is fabulous. Between digital graphics and vintage photos, sometimes quiet but always a rock'n'roll, he has created new visual concepts...

Beautiful photos from all points of view

> Fahion photographer Andres Hernandez is a Miami based Colombian. Its photos (fashion, beauty, portraits...) are beautiful and inspiring. Andres Hernandes is also famous for the quality of its post-production. Well provided portfolio, "backstage" and "behind the scene" present interesting making of.

Tee-shirt is not a medium like others

> Funkrush is a British trademark of Tee-shirts created by Pete Harrison. The contributors are famous graphic designers and the deliveries have good reputation. Great quality of achievement leading to a growing success.

Shooting urban superstars

> Jonathan Mannion is a photographer. After being assistant of Richard Avedon, he mainly shoots personalities while trying to renew the portrait kind. Much in demand by the stars of urban music, and also US sport, J. Mannion works with proximity, intensity, esthetism and... innovation.