Petra Lunenburg's fashion drawthings

Petra Lunenburg is a young graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. She graduated from Artez artschool in Arnhem. Petra Lunenburg is now free lancing since 5 years, for fashion and advertising industries. "Drawthings" is her online portfolio with a nice fashion touch.

Ilya ioj, linking cultures

Ilya ioj is a Russian illustrator based in France, he sent us a short portfolio with various works and a nice selection of russian songs. Ilya ioj has his own promising style and a good sense of humor, a nice travel between cultures.

Hedi Slimane's diary

Cosmopolitan Hedi Slimane was born in Paris. This famous fashion designer who first studied political sciences and Art History at the École du Louvre, then worked for Yves Saint-Laurent and Dior Homme is a very influent man in various art fields. Here is Hedi Slimane's photo diary.

Eduardo Bertone: no compromise !

Eduardo Bertone (Spanish born in Argentina) mainly works for underground or independent projects and publications. If you wish to know more, check Eduardo Bertone's great blog with nice interviews.

Mon oeil, watch a French touch

Jérôme Masi is an Art Director doing clean works in illustration, corporate identity, interactive, 3D and video. "Mon oeil" is a short portfolio with a really nice style.

Daniel Stolle's digital paintings

Daniel Stolle is a young German illustrator actually based in Finland. Simple and efficient digital style, inspired by old three or two coloured books and looking like silkscreen or woodcut. Daniel Stolle studied industrial design and is now feeling more happy with freelance illustration.

Rainbow Monkey, the German Kiwi

Rainbow Monkey is Markus Hofko's portfolio. This young German from Augburg is currently living in Auckland, NZ. Awesome work: illustration, graphic design, motion design (…) and also sound design. Rainbow Monkey is really fun, experimental and beautiful. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Maren Esdar's stylish collages

Maren Esdar was born in Germany, she studied illustration and stylism in Hambourg and London. Original and very beautiful surreal collages published in world's most influent fashion and style magazines. Now based in Hambourg, Maren Esdar enjoys traveling the world.

Mastercom, advertising selection

Adrien de Malherbe is an young advertising specialist, producing Mastercom, a nice blog about advertising with already a good international audience. From viral to commercial videos, discover a pretty good selection of works… And check here one of Mastercom's last film.

Craig Reynolds: night vision

Craig Reynolds is based in Brooklyn, NY. He produces intense images with great work on lights. Very strange portraits and fantastic night photos with sophisticated compositions creating particular moods, silent and empty.

Helmo mixing art and design

Helmo is a French graphic studio composed by Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez. They create posters, books, signs, images, typography… They work in a place called "La bonne merveille" gathering other artists. The present pictures comes from a series called "Betes de mode" co-produced with Thomas Dimetto. Helmo is doing terrific works for museums, corporate or art events… The site is in French but images talk for everyone. Via changethethought.

Ye Rin Mok's sensitive poetry

Ye Rin Mok was born in South Korea, schooled in Irvine and lives in L.A. She wishes to convey uneasiness and imperfection as elements of surprise. A sweet and delicate portfolio with many inspiring portraits, some fresh fashion and landscapes. Via les Mangues italiennes.

Machine Molle, master of post-prod

Machine Molle is a video production agency, with a fantastic staff for direction, post-production, compositing/editing and graphic design. They work on great short films for music industry, advertising, corporate films, TV IDS and cinema. Their showreel will make you feel confortable but please have a look to their fantastic music videos, like last "justice" DVNO video clip or particularly on the second page the incredible "Electronic Performers" they produced in 2004 for Air. Via Fubiz.

Jonathan Looman AKA Lowman

Jonathan Looman AKA Lowman, is a Dutch experimented graphic designer having nice success with several publications. His type design "fingerprints" on a base like "Gusto" is a great idea. Nice portfolio with neo-old school stuff. Via typeneu.

Damien Vignaux is Elroy

Damien Vignaux AKA Elroy is a complete graphic designer, mastering illustration, web design and print and doing motion design with the collective "Play". Here are 34 great artworks presented on Elroy's site. Damien Vignaux also likes playing with type design and photography, well… a terrific portfolio. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Fiodor Sumkin's big update

Opera78 is Fiodor Sumkin's portfolio. Bielorussian illustrator living in Amsterdam, doing a great update with a large presentation of his artworks. "Fiodor Sumkin's art is a synergistic blend of lovingly crafted pen & ink watercolors with biting social commentary. Although his typographical work belies the influence of Gothic, Art Nouveau, Wes Wilson and others, Mr. Sumkin remains deliciously unique. One would be hard pressed to chose between his exquisitely designed type and his fresh style of editorial & advertising illustration. Fortunately, they compliment each other beautifully."

Giovanni Bucci, the Italian style

Giovanni Bucci is an Italian freelance director and motion designer with involvement in various activities ranging from graphic design, video editing, 3D, sound design, post-prod, photo… A big showreel with great works. Since he left school, Giovanni Bucci immediatly worked with major clients (Philip Morris, Renault, Rai, Sony BMG, Mediaset, Pirelli, Alitalia) and for agencies like Leo Burnett, Publicis, Filmmaster, Lowe Pirella, Saatchi & Saatchi…

Ingrid Baars digitally manipulated shoots

Ingrid Baars is a Dutch artist making photo manipulation, the mixed media technique includes her photo-shoots, paint or any element in order to create a unique digital artwork. The naked bodies are distorted making strong and beautiful pictures. Ingrid Baars has several exhibitions worldwide and magazine publications as well as commercial campaigns.