Josh Cochran's positive drawing

> Raised in Taiwan, Canada, and the United States. Currently living in Los Angeles, Josh Cochran has a natural, alive drawing, in a free and beautiful way. Nice and coherent artwork.

Fulvio bonavia, the Italian expert

> Fulvio Bonavia is one of the most booked photographer for car advertising. But his portfolio also shows great miscellaneous pictures. He began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters. Now his work on postprod and colors is particularly amazing.

El Limbo von Punsch : fantastic drawings

> Here is a quite discrete portfolio with few things but a huge talent. Colors, compositions, ideas, drawings… there are some great ghost to bookmark over there. Characters are terrific too.

He is Automatic-iam

> Illustrator Charles Wilkin operates in NYC, and Automatic-iam is his portfolio. Earning several distinctions for his innovative and emotive work.

Smart puppet with Red Nose

> Chris Sickels creates an eccentric world where you can meet intelligence and charm. Sets and puppets are made of a combinaison of unexpected materials. His studio, Red Nose, is a wonderful universe half made of beauty and awkwardness that makes strong images.

Nicholas Di Genova likes to draw monsters

> Mediumphobic is the strange, crazy and unique portfolio of Canadian Nicholas Di Genova. A great drawing work with pretty twisted animals.

The fall of Denis Darzacq

> Photographer Denis Darzacq offers a special point of view about the place of human people in their cities. Subjective and expressionnist work.

Fluid is what a motion work should be

> The design portfolio of Dutch Remon Tijssen as been noticed worldwide because of its brillant and balanced know-how both as a designer and a developer. An impressive site and… very fluid.

Bo lundberg's stylish world

> Stockholm based illustrator Bo Lundberg does bright and stylish work. Using flat colours he creates modern images with some retro mood. Wonderful illustrations and also great patterns.

Amazing Emmanuel Malin

> Emmanuel Bastid AKA Malin lives in paris. He studied spatial design, urbanism and medical illustration. His own way through illustration is quite interesting. A dark and beautiful portfolio.

Victor Albrow's various pictorial representation

> Representative of some contemporary art trends, Victor Albrow's images quote a classical concern with composition rooted in Renaissance theory; others cite isometric plans, Pop and Op art; some allude to the contemporary imagery of computer games. There is a tension between surface quality and illusionistic depth: a seamless play between image 'capture' and construction.

Gloup is cool, new school

> This young parisian AD-designer with great style AKA Gloup as a quite inspiring portfolio. He likes to play with photos, do nice job and also funny videos…

Pietari Posti, drawings from Barcelona

> Pietari was born in Helsinki, Finland in the late 70' S. Nowadays he spends his days and nights illustrating both the traditional way, and by computer, and more often using both. Today Pietari is working as a freelance illustrator in Barcelona since 2005. A changing style, pure and sensible.

Fabien Barral sharing ideas

> In the country side of France, Fabien Barral works as an efficient AD and photographer… His new site presents a blog and two portfolios. In "graphic-exchange" you'll discover a very nice idea.

Lola Duval always telling stories

> After working four years for Batofar's visual identity (this atypical parisian club standing in a light-boat and playing incredible DJ parties), Lola Duval also made noticeable things for "sous la plage". Free and various works, trendy or classical field.

L'illustre Fabrique at the French far West

> Arnaud Kermarrec and Fabrice Pellé from L'illustre Fabrique are two Graphic designers who try everything with success. Main experience on cultural field. Desesperatly waiting for an update…

Universal Everything is possible in motion

> Matt Pryke, ex-Designers Republic has created Universal Everything, a design studio based in Sheffield, North of England. The collaborators works as a large team located around the world. Animation, programming, processing, web design, illustration… Great stuff !