Neojunta, a promising urban style

Neojunta is a French designer, easy on every software you know for drawing, composing and doing great moving things. The reel on his site shows samples of his talent and there are more pictures on the HumbleVoice.

Mon oeil features in shoes-up for Puma

Jérôme Masi, graphic designer from Mon oeil features in shoes-up artworks series for Puma. Shoes-up is a French magazine about shoes' trends and news, presenting 14 great artworks from different designers.

A short film to help Burma

90-Second P.S.A. from MTV, Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, Shilo and The Burma Arts Board Debuts Worldwide to Drive Aid and Awareness for Burma Crisis

Gael Turine, documentary photographer

Gael Turine is a Belgium photographer doing an incredible work shooting people beside the mainstream of information. A top documentary work very sensible and respectful with a terrific talent. A portfolio you can't forget. new generation of directors

troublemakers is an independent Anglo-French production company. This team of young and incredibly talented directors is specialized in commercials, music video, viral films, corporate films and web content. Using live action, 2D and 3D animation for innovative videos. was created by James Hagger, an experienced producer and director who has worked in the UK and France for the last 13 years. Offices in Paris, London, Hong Kong & Hamburg.

Virassamy sensible drawings

Cédric Bouvard aka Virassamy is a 28 years old French graphic designer and illustrator based in Belgium. Member of collective Shlag (with Warkshop and Dellastrada), he is also part of the TT crew, a post-graffiti art team. Raw and sensible work with nice personal black and white drawings.

Michael Kutsche original characters

Michael Kutsche is a German conceptual artist-illustrator specialized in designing characters for any purposes like high end 3d animation or cover art but also for challenging projects in film and game industry. Michael Kutsche is based in Berlin.

Juho Kuva, zen photography and cold spaces

Juho Kuva was born in Hong Kong, studied in Sweden and is based in Finland. He shows nice portraits and frozen landscapes in his portfolio with a great sense of space (or emptiness) and composition. Obvious Japanese inspiration.

Stephen Ledwidge's powerful art

Stephen Ledwidge is an Irish illustrator who studied Visual arts at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Starting with a comics experience, he went creating powerful work close to fine arts. After several years in London he has recently returned to Dublin. Stephen Ledwidge is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland. Represented by EyeCandy (UK) and Anna Goodson Management (Canada). Excellent interview @ illustratorsireland.

Miraruido's surrealist collages

Miraruido is Joseba Elorza's portfolio and blog. Spanish and surrealist Illustrator & Sound Designer. Nice collages done with old pictures and great style. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Alex Ten Napel: portraits in a swimming pool

Alex Ten Napel is a portrait photographer based in the Netherlands. He did original series of children portraits sitting with their father in a swimming pool in Amsterdam a few years ago, portrait of alzheimer, portrait of students or young diplomates. Alex Ten Napel does a sensible and patient work with a particular focus on faces. Represented by Ton Peek Photography.

Partfaliaz interview Leon Vymenets

Always seeking for experimentation, Leon Vymenets creates cool drawings and illustrations in a trendy and original hand-made style. Discover here a nice personnality, involved in the Canadian art and music scene, talking about his course and tastes with a great sense of simplicity.

Tronic Studio brings Sony HDNA logo to life

The spot, an in-store widescreen 3D animation for Sony’s retail stores, Sony Style, written, designed and directed by Tronic Studio, builds on the electronic giant's HDNA print and broadcast ad campaign tying the company's HD technologies to the fiber of everyday life.
"Sony asked us to create a visually-dynamic and narrative in-store spot that could ultimately bring the HDNA logo to life for customers during their shopping experience," says Vivian Rosenthal, co-founder of Tronic.  "We loved the idea and, in turn, wanted to design something engaging and colorful that would specifically appeal to the target audience.  We were really interested in expanding the customer's overall view of the Sony brand."
Music: Glue, Los Angeles. Film production: HSI productions.

Tronicstudio is a NYC based directing and animation studio founded in 2001 by Columbia Architecture graduates Jesse Seppi and Vivian Rosenthal. Their work moves between broadcast, branded content and experiential design. They 've directed and animated spots for Target, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony, conceived and executed projects for Diesel, GE, Sharp and Wired (in store) and Nike, Smirnoff and Visionaire (online) and in general, have worked to eliminate lines delineating one form of creative media output from another. These visual futurists are boldly combining live action, animation, architecture, graphic design and branding through new uses of technology to create striking and conceptually based work.

CLM BBDO updates

CLM BBDO is the French ad agency of the BBDO network. Coming with new works and a nice and efficient site.

Raymond Biesinger is… Fifteen

Raymond Biesinger is a Canadian illustrator based in Edmonton who likes minimalism, concept and art. Using a very large mix of different medias, Raymond Biesinger creates great artworks for a lots of magazines worldwide. Also organizer of the Biannual Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair in Edmonton.

Dan Tobin Smith master of chaos

Dan Tobin Smith is a British photographer who likes movement, disorder and floating elements. Wonderful and original feeling for still life and fashion accesories, interiors, landscape and advertising. Dan Tobin Smith has great archives too. Very inspiring.

Sara Singh, fashion and women

Sara Singh studied illustration and design at Beckman's school of design in Stockholm, Sweden. She now lives and works in New-York. Her terrific work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire, Harper's Bazaar… She has also worked with corporate clients including LeSportsac, Shiseido and Donna Karan. Represented by art-dept.

Christian Hückstädt's vegetable creations

Christian Hückstädt is a German illustrator from Berlin. He has studied grafic design and is experimenting picture techniques. Very simple shapes and colors, with original handcut cardboards (pappe) or free hand drawings (labor). He also did funny animals made from vegetables and fruits.

Jean Jullien, simple (and great) ideas

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer based in London. He did short films in association with music composer Niwouinwouin and also great illustration contributions for Manystuff or Kitsune noir and different magazines wordlwide. Jean Jullien's work is about "hand made simplicity". Submitted by Gloup Design.

Jeanspezial megabig update!

The Jeanspezial, French collective of designers and illustrators, are making a great site update. Cool works and very clear navigation ! These guys like working together, gathering their different styles and producing original things.

Gregory Crewdson: normal is dangerous

Gregory Crewdson is a great American photographer. Working like movie makers with some sci-fi twist and incredible compositions. The scenes are close to ordinary life on surface but have much intensity… Gregory Crewdson doesn't have a personal site but you can watch his work at shapeandcolour and kultureflash.

Antonio Suarez sharing new works

Antonio Suarez did a nice update of his complete portfolio. Born in 1978, based in Vancouver and graduated from Vancouver Film School, Antonio Suarez has a particularly great style for animated illustration. Also watch his Flickr galery for more photos and collages.