Kozyndan's surrealistic drawings

> Kozyndan is a couple of Los Angeles based illustrators, Kozue and Dan, collaborating since 2001. Extremely intricate, detailed and tiny universe of urban Japanese and american cities. Some are full-360 degree panoramic illustrations, you can view it in full size and rotate spin around the QVTR. An amazing work that inspired a big ad campaign…

Matt Stuart, truth of street photography

> London based photographer Matt Stuart does a really funny work about every day street life. With lots of patience and talent he gathers incredible snapshots. No sophisticated camera, no photoshop tricks, just fun and simple photography.

Adolescent: nice expressive works

> Adolescent is a New-York based motion-design studio with an international presence. Building strong and thought-provoking concepts for forward-thinking clients and their visions.

Blindsalida's surrealist world

> Yann Sadi AKA Blindsalida recently launched a new portfolio with surrealist illustrations and various colorful works.

TriBeCa: alternative marketing agency

> TriBeCa agency conceive connection and propagation strategies and implement them. Their French blog is an incredible archive of international alternative marketing campaigns.

Carine Brancowitz: trendy drawings

> Carine Brancowitz is a French illustrator who began working as a junior art director in fashion and trend universe. Her simple line (with few colors and a beautiful sense of composition) is trendy and… very promising.

Marius Wolfram's clean advertising shots

> Marius Wolfram is a German photographer for commercial with great style, efficient and trendy. Still life and people.

Aaron McKinney's fantastic universe

> Aaron McKinney is based in Atlanta where he creates very expressive portraits, creatures or stories combining childlike drawings and great illustration skills. There is a nice balance between colors, backgrounds and the main drawing, always with an original sense of expression. Also visit his brand new blog : gonzoartist.

Chewing the sun

> Chewing the Sun is a German graphic design studio founded by Eva Gödel, Martin Steinigen and Kristian Wolf in 1999. Mixing new and old media in print, web, identity or TV animation. Clean works for a wide range of client (art, fashion, media…).

Bikini Machine: the rock'n roll interview

> Bikini Machine have achieved something: going against the grain, they've made old from new! Here is a nice interview with a promising band inspired by B movies and visual arts… Before reading, just check their myspace !

Andrew Hem, mixing cultures and paints

> Andrew Hem was born in Cambodia and now lives in Culver City, California. By age 12 Andrew started getting into graffiti. He continued graffiti for about 9 years getting into nothing but trouble. He got introduce to figure drawing in his last semester in Santa Monica College and knew right away what he was meant to do. At that moment he changed his major and pursued the life of an illustrator... Obviously, different cultures and technics influence him. Great paintings, drawings and even sculptures.

Friedemann Hauss influent fashion

> Friedemann Hauss is a prestigious name in fashion photography, guest star of last year's Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, he had a big exhibition in Cannes. Beauty, fashion and portrait. He discovered model Helena Christensen in 1989.

Wonderful country of Cape Arcona !

> One day two German multi-millionaires called Thomas Schostok and Stefan Claudius bought the small state of Cape Arcona. They created a small type foundry making that small country a busy international font industry. A site you should visit if you're very interested by fame, type design and water-skiing.

Jonathan Burton's surreal world

> British illustrator Jonathan Burton's creates unusual mix of photography and mixed media with great style. Nice drawings, sketches, advertising illustrations and collages.

Patrick Voigt's perfect compositions

> German photographer Patrick Voigt shows tho kinds of nice portfolios : people and cars. There are also great reportage around the world, the pictures are beautiful, most of the dyptic scenes being unexpected. I like the work on colors and composition.

Cole Gerst is option-G

> Cole Gerst is an artist, illustrator, designer and animator, he also is the founder and art director of option-g visual communication. Cole began his career in the music business designing cd covers and posters. Still painting and designing, he got into directing and animation with promising works. He has two monthly comics in the LA Weekly.

Aaron Ruell unique retro style

> American actor and trendy comercial director Aaron Ruell is also a great photographer. His unique and entertaining style makes us travel in undefined time (looking like a reminiscence of the eighties) with muted colors.

Ecopera : art and ecology

I recently met illustrator Fiodor Sumkin in Paris (formerly interviewed by partfaliaz), he told me a lot about his interesting project "Ecopera". As an introduction to it, here is a text written by Victor Melamed and nicely translated by Katia Ermilova.
On 25th of October an exhibition called “Ecopera” opened in the Moscow club DOM (meaning "the House" in English). It was thought up by Fiodor Sumkin, an illustrator based in Amsterdam. After the comprehensive research of the illustrators’ influence on human minds, he suggested to the participants about two dozens of simple phrases about how to improve our world, but gave them complete control over the rest (and of course they took this advantage).
This is a very big question, if an illustrator has to get involved into to the barest problems of the humanity. Although the word “illustrator” means, to a certain extent, a sympathetic addressing of somebody else’s history, the illustrator has to remain an Artist (with the capital A), and he shouldn’t waste his higher mission on the transient (who knows how long this global warming will be actual).
Additionally, some of the potential audience, independently from their attitude to the subject, when hear about one more illustrators’ project on the ecology theme (by the way we didn’t have any ecological projects here before), will try to move away to avoid one more fanatic protector of tropical forests, as far as worse, carrying out the party’s instructions.
Fortunately, “Ecopera” is different from other similar projects, since it doesn’t put any pressure on the civil conscience and moreover, it purposely avoids the traditional “art-school-jokes” such as (with all due respect for it) “Polish placard”. On the contrary, it operates gradually, unobtrusively, via the “visual nerve”. Somebody will say that this approach doesn’t work – we do not care. If the beauty doesn’t manage to save the world again, the world will be a little bit more beautiful.
The project gets together several dozens of artists from different countries. By the most part the artists’ names will be new of us, that is an additional reason to come.
Dear audience, don’t be afraid and come.

Invisible Creature: doing music design

> Invisible Creature emerges, precise and delicate as it is ferocious and tenacious, as the design studio for the millennium! Twice Grammy-nominated brotherly design duo of Don and Ryan Clark, as co-founders of famous Asterik studio, have been responsible for hundreds of CD packages and limited silk-screen posters. Great music design.

Partfaliaz: Stardust interview

> Partfaliaz interview Jake Banks of Stardust Studios. The founder and creative director of the award-winning creative production company tells us about innovation, graphic trends in motion design and the sophistication of it. Wishing you a good time reading… But first of all, go to Stardust.tv to see their awesome works in motion !

Images courtesy of Stardust Studios. All rights protected.