James Deavin's documentary approach

James Deavin is a London based photographer with a great documentary work. Very amazing series (The West in India, The games we play, Nazis, Tate Galleries, The ossuary…) with so beautiful and impressive shots. Clients are BBC, Citibank, Tate, Sony, Fuji, Samsung… His art featured in different shows curated by Jen Bekman.

Margot Mace fashion silhouettes

Margot Macé was born in Netherlands and lives in Paris. Her beautiful watercolors features in several fashion and editorial communication and she also works for trend agencies illustrating mood-boards for fashion or cosmetic industries.

Distilennui, photos from Alex & Cocco

Distilennui, definition: « to extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness », Distilennui is Alex & Cocco’s portfolio name. The London-based duo are Commercial and fine arts photographers famous for their photographies presented « as shot », meaning without any crop or post-prod. Alex & Cocco work on lifestyle, fine art, fashion, beauty, portrait, product, food…

Eledone's dark illustrations

Eledone is a French illustrator living in Brussels where she studied the art of animation. Working mainly illustrations with some interesting black inspirations, Eledone is also character designer for comics and cinema industries. A great gallery and a portfolio are available.

Lee Towndrow fantastic art

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lee Towndrow was a designer before being a photographer. He worked with great artists and created a fantastic trendy style you can discover in his portfolio. Lee Towndrow’s light-weight site is full screen with a « press and slide » function to navigate through large and remarkable pictures.

Judit García-Talavera fashion watercolours

Judit García-Talavera is illustrator at Barcelona, Spain. She adores the fountain pen, ink and diluted watercolours. Judit García-Talavera illustrates all sort of characters apparently absorbed by their own emotions, lost within deep thoughts and seemingly unaltered as time goes by.

"56 Leonard" a film by Tronic Studio

New-York, November 5 - Anish Kapoor's huge stainless steel balloon sculpture floats gently out of the Manhattan sky to land on-site at 56 Leonard Street, where it is compressed into final form under the descending weight of architects' Herzog & de Meuron's twisted-glass and steel 57-story hi-rise residential tower. A short film from Tronic Studio production.

Vincent Hui and his hard sponge

Vincent Hui was born and raised in Hong Kong. He earned his BFA at Art Center College of Design and is living in Los Angeles. Dark amazing artworks in his portfolio called « hardsponge » and very nice sketchbooks. Vincent Hui also have a blog where you can discover more detailed works.

Justin Kreitmeyer and National Forest

Justin Krietemeyer is a graphic designer located in Los Angeles. He created the super talented National Forest design studio with Steven Harrington, working for projects like Nike Ole, The Urban Outfitters catalog, Element Skateboards… Justin Kreitmeyer’s work is on T-shirts, boards, magazines, wall design…

Mainframe creative motion

Mainframe is a studio specialising in motion graphics and animation and located in London. They created a character shop where you can buy, licence or commission character design for advertising and animation…

Attik creative site update

With a 22 year history and with so many cool clients to feature, global creative agency Attik (San Francisco and Leeds) is proud to announce their new corporate website, which has been completely developed in-house. The new site went live a few days ago at www.attik.com.

Sarah Wilkins European inspiration

Sarah Wilkins was born and educated in New Zealand. Deeply inspired by the work of European illustrators and her travels throughout Europe, Sarah moved to Paris in 1993 where she established herself professionally and stayed for the rest of that decade. Paris provided inspiration in abundance and Sarah's work distilled during this time. It was from here that she also began working for clients in the United States, and her work now features in magazines, advertising campaigns and an increasing array of beautiful products on both sides of the Atlantic. Represented by Riley Illustration (US) and Caroline Maréchal (France).

Yiorgos Kordakis summer impressions

Yiorgos Kordakis is a Greek photographer working as a free-lance in Athens. His Polaroid pictures are often presented enlarged in impressive ink-jet prints. Surrealism, poetry and large spaces of summer beaches and seaside resorts in Yiorgos Kordakis’s « Global Summer » series. Via Que vois-je.

Jakob Ingvorsen site update

Jakob Ingvorsen is a Danish free-lance illustrator and a fine artist based in Copenhagen. He creates amazing art, paintings, sketches or mixed media. Jakob Ingvorsen just spent three years at London College of Communication, specializing in experimental illustration.

David Paul Carr beautiful images

English photographer David Paul Carr is based in Paris, France. His work includes editorial, corporate, institutional and NGO photography. David Paul Carr’s portfolio shows different beautiful series : Ketou (a town of the Republic of Benin previously called « Dahomey »), The beach house project, NYC, NGO (different places around the world), Singles (urban experiments), Istanbul… Archival quality ink-jet collectors prints are available, please contact David for further information.