Vincent Laforet, photo-journalism and aerials

> “At 16, I said that I wanted to be the eyes for those who either couldn’t see things or didn’t want to see them.” Vincent Laforet, one of the world’s premiere photographers, covering major events, does intense and beautiful photos. Laforet gained fame by discovering new ways to capture the daily dramas of New York City. He also did awesome aerial photos: "Being airborne gives you an entirely different perspective, both literally and figuratively. It shows you an angle that we’re not used to seeing. You have a different perspective on human beings and our relationship to the environment."

Isabelle Arsenault, earth-toned paintings

> Canadian Isabelle Arsenault frequently works as an editorial illustrator for North American magazines and newspapers. Delicate drawings and beautiful graphic compositions.

Andrio Abero: great poster art

> Graphic designer Andrio Abero established 33rpm Design, in 2000. Recognized as a leading designer from the Northwest of USA, Andrio has proudly worked within Seattle's vibrant music scene for almost 10 years. Andrio Abero now lives and works in the creative capitol of Brooklyn, NY. Great poster art, illustrations, record sleeves, web design…

Mr Hyde reveals new talents

> Mr. Hyde is a French production company showcasing works of great directors from the short film industry. It was founded by Hervé Lopez, ex-creative at BDDP/TBWA Paris. Mr. Hyde's goal is to provide agencies and advertisers with creative and economical solutions to produce commercials, music videos or short programs. Submitted by Fiodor Sumkin.

All you need is Love Everyday

> Great design studio based in London and working on a broad range of projects across graphic design and illustration. Love Everyday is a passionate and friendly team formed in 2006, comprising Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton. They receive a nomination in the Online Advertising section for this years D&AD Awards.

Karine Laval's spontaneous work

> Karine Laval currently lives and works in New York. She has alternated magazine commissions and publications with an artistic practice. Her work is about everyday life, where colors and contrasts become expressive tools. Much technics and very graphic compositions.

Tim Tomkinson's edgy style

> Illustrator Tim Tomkinson, based in New-York, likes to play with proportions, texture and colors, doing very expressive mix of paintings, sketches and collages. Commissions include portraits, fashion, financial, gallery work… Tim is freelance Art Director in between illustration gigs.

Photoshop's new logo: good or bad design ?

> Photoshop new logo is a "P" knowing severe critiques among graphic communities. This P is quite common, especially because it seems familiar, and of course, this familiarity destine it to a wide audience. Yet this "P" come out of a vanguard identity work by some aspect. When you see the arsenal of images (3D motion design, package, print, etc.) and multiple and very sophisticated declinations of this logo, you understand the concept covering it all: "see what's possible." Watch it to Tolleson design's site.
Of course, first watching it I was surprised and disappointed by this "small" logo, but we need to review our points of view in a few weeks (when the logo will be seen "live", deployed, fully representing a set of products) and it is possible that the work of Tolleson then will seem much more powerful. There is a promise of possibilities, discoveries and this promise is ambitious.
Internet is probably the main media where this logo is expected to evolve in strength (in motion). Wait and see.
Have any idea about it ?

Fountain, a nice Swedish type foundry

> Fountain is an independent one-man foundry, owned and operated by Peter Bruhn. The company is located in the heart of Malmö, a beautiful cityport in southwestern Sweden, known as the Scandinavian Ibiza. The history of Fountain began in 1993. Peter Bruhn formed his own company with the intention of making a lot of jolly good fonts that people might enjoy looking at even in their spare time. Since then, many other uses for fonts have been discovered, such as magazines, advertising, corporate identities, etc. It seems that the possibilities are boundless! Several other designers have since then added their credibility to Fountain.

Mike Mills : a video + an interview

> I discovered this interview of Mike Mills on youworkforthem. Plus you can watch this very nice video he did for the song "top ranking" of minimalist pop band Blonde Redhead. A very simple idea, beautiful and expressive.

Phillennium: clean and trendy design

> "Phillennium" is Philipp Zurmöhle's portfolio, this young German graphic designer living in Norway shows great skills. I like this flash dynamic site, fast, easy and not too square. The graphics are clean and trendy, also watch the "more" section: while living in Japan he took great pictures there.

Ira Vinokurova nice blur effects

> Photographer Ira Vinokurova was born in 1975 in Kaliningrad, Russia, and is now living in Germany. She specialized in portrait with her own great style creating some three-dimensional effects shooting several different poses with a work on fades. These young people sitting in old postwar interior are reflecting a nice kind of strangeness.

Jim Bradshaw's humorous sketches

> Illustrator Jim Bradshaw draws humorous illustrations with much details and ideas. Based on sketches these artworks mix lots of various technics. You'll also find a nice blog on Jim's site, with recent news and great archives.

Studio AKA known as creative

> Focusing on creativity, Studio AKA mainly works for advertising. Creative director Philip Hunt leaded the studio through many of the most interesting and stylistically groundbreaking European animation campaigns. Studio aka is thirty directors, artists, technical and production staff, and has created exceptional and award-winning works in animation.

Marilia Destot's diaries exhibition

> Marilia Destot announces a great exhibition at the galerie Agnès Martel: Grand-Rue 102, 1110 Morges (Switzerland). Tuesday to friday 10:00-12:00 / 14:00-18:30 and Saturday 10:00-17:00 and also by appointment.

Pantone Goe system, what's new ?

> A few weeks ago, Pantone announced their new spot-color-matching system, that will not replace the current PMS products, they say. However it may render the current system obsolete in a relatively short time…
In fact this Goe system comes with several improvement (even if the use of Pantone colors will probably not change). The actual PMS consists of 1,114 colors (not counting special products) produced by mixing 13 base colors of ink plus black and transparent white. Due to environmental liability of certain coloring agents and their price volatility, the Goe system now uses only 10 base colors, 4 of these colors being new and 6 from the PMS. The new mix possibilities offers more blues and greens. And the number of unique colors grows from 1,114 to 2,058, most of them being new. Some improvements : more colors / a better hierarchy / organised in a chromatic way / easy to use for printers. More infos with Gene Gable on

Fontsmith : a creative type result for brands

> Fontsmith is a leading type design studio in London. Creating bespoke fonts for corporate identity, working with design groups or direct with the end user. The library of fonts are unique to them and individual typefaces can be customised for you.

Robin Eley efficient paintings

> Born in London but living in South Australia, illustrator Robin Eley works with acrylics and oil in a unique painterly style relevant to all field of illustration. Long and prestigious client list from the US to Europe and back to Australia. To learn more about him, read the FAQ : it's written like a short interview.

Marilia Destot sensible works on colors

> Marilia Destot studied photography in Paris, and is free-lance photographer since 2001. As a freelance journalist she also has written articles focusing on the artistic and technical aspects of digital photography for different French photography magazines.
She now resides in New York since 2005. Her portfolio shows a complete work about composition and color. Portrait, fashion, artscenes, there is a lot to see and to enjoy. She also has a

Graphic Thought Facility

> Graphic Thought Facility are a graphic design consultancy based in London, working for public and private clients on a variety of national and international projects. Producing both print and three-dimensional graphics for publishing, marketing, press, exhibition, events, product development and brand applications.

Katherine Streeter paintings and collage

> New-York based illustrator Katherine Streeter presents a very dense portfolio of beautiful artworks mixing paintings and collage. There's a very long list of clients for this experimented artist an lots of publications in graphic magazines.

Colorease : nice type design

> Florian Sabatier is graphic designer and teacher whose personal site and portfolio is called Colorease. Nice works about logotype, web design and type creation.
Partfaliaz archives more than 40 type foundries and type designers from different countries, various styles and trends, find it here.

Great update

> As announced, graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert freshly updated their site. Still minimalist with comfortable navigation, their fantastic portfolio is… highly interesting.

David Downton fashion illustration

> David Downton is a great fashion illustrator with obvious inspiration from Gruau and master illustrators of the great fifties. He did several covers for Bazaar, Style, Telegraph Saturday… David Downton's favourite model is stunning Erin O’Connor, he also does portrait for celebrities. You can read a complete interview on his site.

Alex Green's wonderful contrasts

> London based Alex Green is charming us since years with his talented sketches digitally colored. Suiting well with European financial communication, the scenes are elegant and quiet, although Alex is a crazy samba drummer during free times. Contrasts are everywhere and perfectly balanced. Watch the portfolio: you'll listen to Brazilian composer Arthur Verocai and… love it all.

Julia Fullerton-Batten fine-art photography

> London based Julia Fullerton-Batten had the chance to travel a lot, producing a number of award winning still-life images. But also her shoots cover a wide variety of different fields from car advertising to fashion or food with her own unique style. Her images combine a high degree of stylistic slickness with a nice sense of oddness.

New interview with L'illustre Fabrique

> Arnaud Kermarrec-Tortorici and Fabrice Pellé founded "L'illustre Fabrique" during 2004. This multi-skilled team of graphic designers has a big production of various works in the cultural area. These two very busy guys gives us a nice introduction through their first interview. Enjoy it.

« It is a privilege to be able to change style according to your inspiration… »
L'illustre Fabrique