Camilla Engman delicate art

Illustrator Camilla Engman is based in Göteborg, Sweden. She creates acrylic paintings, paper-on-paper or mixed media with soft characters and colours. Her lovely artworks is very inspiring. Naturally, Camilla Engman has shown her work in galeries and museums around the world. Her blog is also a quiet place to get in touch with a nice art of life.

Effektive Design of Greig Anderson

Scottish graphic designer Greig Anderson works on solo projects for a variety of his own clients under the name Effektive. Very interesting design like this excellent set of cassette tape badges… Effektive Design is also a great example of portfolio site built with Indexhibit !

Sara Fanelli award winning author

Italian author and illustrator Sara Fanelli is working in London where she is a quite popular artist and award winner. She creates children books and commissioned works, mixing drawings and collages.

Beatrice Alemagna author and illustrator

Beatrice Alemagna was born in Italy (1973) and is based in France where she created different book for children. She also had exhibitions worldwide and her work featured in several publications, her book « Mon amour » is translated in about 10 languages. Beatrice Alemagna mixes collages and drawings renewing her style on every book.

Sean Cheetham fantastic figure paintings

Sean Cheetham is a 31 years old American painter (doing mainly oil on canvas), quite famous for his portraits and heroic-sized religious subjects. As a skilled drawer he was first a comic-book fan, drawing comic characters and then went on deeply training the art of painting. Beautiful contrasts between a traditionnal media and very stylish young people. Lots of gallery work and commissions.

Zoren Gold and Minori's freedom

Japanese photographers and directors duo Zoren Gold and Minori (Mi-Zo) are collaborating since 2000. Different beautiful, strange and sexy experimentations. They work for creative fashion, music and commercials. Zoren Gold and Minori also have photographed Mark Ronson, Lily Allen, the Gallagher brothers and many others…

Florian Bayer and Shake Your Tree

Florian Bayer is an illustrator who, after studies in Germany, is now living in Brighton, United Kingdom, at the seafront. He tries to combine the enthusiasm he had for drawing when he was a child with new techniques, cutting the edge skills and new contexts to find the best way of delivering information to the audience. Florian Bayer founded the Shake Your Tree Network with Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger and Sebastian "Hasi" Haslauer bringing you lots of eye opening design, magazines and exhibitions.

Didier Robcis advert and urban shots

Didier Robcis (rob6) is a French photographer working for a very wide range of clients. With a taste for street art, portrait and landscape and inspired by music, cinema or sport, Didier Robcis, who is not a new comer, has something very trendy in his original portfolio. Some series (areas, portraits) show urban landscapes where human people are either reflects or a small details.

Silja Goetz elegant collages and drawings

Silja Goetz is a freelance illustrator working in Madrid (Spain). She was born in Germany where she studied comunication design and worked as a graphic designer for Allegra Magazine in Hamburg. Silja Goetz creates beautiful drawings sometime mixed with collages. Several international clients like El Pais, The New Yorker, Nylon Magazine (USA), WAD (France), Elegance ( Netherlands), Vogue (UK), Nike, Cosmopolitan (Germany), Marie-Claire (Spain), Maxi (Germany), … Represented by Art Dept.

Made for you every day from Jakarta

Madeforyoueveryday is Richard Fang's personal portfolio. Born in Jakarta, he studied Graphic Design at one of the most prestigious design school in Indonesia, Bina Nusantara University. He has a true passion for modern arts, and alongside his busy schedule as an art director, he continues to produce some artworks.

John Slade disturbing beauty

John Slade is a London illustrator and graphic designer. He creates some nice trendy T-shirt graphics, creepy faces and very amazing stuff with some geometrical lines and primary colors.

Georges Antoni, Australian fashion shots

Georges Antoni is a fashion photographer well known in Australia. His work focuses on commercial and editorial fashion, beauty, and music photography, he was a model before working as a photographer. Nice style, very inspired by Mert&Marcus.

Cityabyss, urban landscapes and fashion

Beata Szczecinska is Cityabyss, illustrator working between Poland and UK. She is inspired by cityscapes and fashion and her great artworks are a mix of photography, painting and graphic arts. Several publications worldwide.

Bill Durgin figure studies

Based in New-York, Bill Durgin is a photographer studying human body as a form. Creating almost abstracted figures lacking appendages and hair, he composes sophisticated shoot angles through a 4x5 view camera. Bill Durgin is inspired by dance and art performance, presenting the figure in a discernible yet unfamiliar manner. His amazing work is curated in different galleries worldwide.