ainsifont : great types

> A great type site for a change. This bilingual site offers nice prices and lovely fonts for the best creations. You can preview some text and enjoy many different styles.
Remember that to discover more than 40 type foundries from different countries, various styles and trends, you can search it in Partfaliaz.

Jérémie Werner, sophisticated compositions

> Jérémie Werner is a young French graphic designer with a nice online portfolio. The works are sophisticated with clever and various inspiration. Jérémie also has a serious blog called "evasion" (escape) with great stuff. For more info about Jérémie, you can read his interesting interview with Zurich29.

Elene Usdin's lucid dreams

> Elene Usdin is member of collective Hartland Villa. She is a great illustrator with publications in several magazines worldwide and some nice books for children. But she also is a terrific photographer with awesome works around fashion and sophisticated portraits in a kind of fantastic mood. Accessories, clothes, lights, bodies are all contributing to manufacture her particular universe of dreams. Watch the different series, they are so magnetic ! Winner of "PICTO prize for young fashion photography 2006".

Sam Weber paintings

> Born in Alaska, Sam grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, he moved to New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. In addition to drawing, Sam works part time as assistant art director of the OpEd page at the New York Times, with senior art director Brian Rea. Current likes include Italian and Japanese comics and David Lynch movies…

Alyson Fox sweet drawings and fashion

> Alyson Fox shows a nice site with sensible drawings, fashion illustrations, fashion creation and photography. This multi-talented Texan girl is firstly a great photographer (she earned Nikon photographer of the year award) but her illustrations are also really beautiful. The "eco-friendly" fashion creations presented in short movies deserves a glance.

Shadowtricks from Gediminas Šiaulys

> Gediminas Šiaulys is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in Vilnius (Lithuania). Nice works in this portfolio with archives going back to… 1984 ! These great illustrations are also motion design's stuff for Petpunk, a great studio collaboration with Andrius Kirvela.

Linotte is Anke Weckmann's portfolio

> Anke Weckmann was born in Hannover, Germany and moved to London in the autumn of 2001. She creates nice illustrations with her own great style. The sketchbook is wonderful, obviously Anke likes drawing; mostly sweet things and lovely characters.

New Partfaliaz interview with Shen Wei

> Chinese photographer Shen Wei, living in New York City, is a representative of modern American portraiture. In this interview, he reveals a nice personality, open minded and attentive, and talks about his course and projects. Good reading.

« …I often avoid to direct my models, I am just patient and communicate with my sitters, so they can open up to me naturally… »
Shen Wei

I make things beautiful

> IMAKETHINGS aka Andrew Groves, is an illustrator, occasional maker of small things and creator of beasts. Inspired by adventures in mountains and forests and the magic of rural Japan he his hell bent on getting his creations on and in as many things as possible and will happily draw and make things in exchange for small amounts of fame and fortune and food. Nice graphics (printed everywhere like T-shirts or skateboard decks) and worldwide exhibitions.

Léa Crespi : intense portraiture

> Léa crespi is an amazing author. This French photographer living in Paris has a very marked style becoming influent in European magazines and newspapers. She also has an artistic playground with great experiments. Watch the different series, there is much intensity appearing in the numerous portraits. Also great mastering of technic and strong artistic personality.

Enjoy caviar updates

> Enjoycaviar is a collective of two graphic designers (Emmanuel Colomb and Clément Neyret-Le Tulle) willing to develop a contemporary vocabulary on classical bases. They produce experimental images linking between contemporary art and graphic design. Working on cultural, corporate and art projects. Nice experimentations to discover.

Nodiktat should be print

> Nodiktat is a design collective of creative people willing to share their graphic culture. Their designs would be printed on different supports such as limited edition tshirts, badges, wallstickers and posters. The designer’s pool is, for now, spread out from French rivieira to Belgium and is willing to expand itself with new contributors through project submissions on Nodiktat’s blog. Go for it !

New Partfaliaz interview with Fiodor Sumkin

> Bielorussian Fiodor Sumkin, lived in Russia, in Italy and is now working in Amsterdam, where this illustrator and type drawer produces awesome hand-drawn artworks, faithfully oldschool and with quite an interesting personality. Fiodor answers a few questions about his own course, inspiration and new projects. Sit comfortably and enjoy it.

« Graphicaly, imported overseas cigarette packages and bear cans seemed to be a miracle for me… »
Fiodor Sumkin

Tina Berning's delicate paintings

> "A drawing a day keeps the doctor away" writes illustrator Tina Berning. And yes she draws and paints a lot, with much sensibility and on any kind of paper. Lots of expressive faces, mysterious and beautiful women she gathered in a book called "100 girls on cheap paper". Represented by cwc-international, artbox, 2agenten and Agent 002.

Impossible become reality with Platinum

> Platinum is an image conception studio, lead by Leonardo Vilela in Rio de Janeiro and mainly working for great advertising campaigns. His team use all available ressources on image composition, photography, 3D illustration mixing all, seamlessly together. Their images are amazing, creative and very efficient.

Gloup : new update

> Guillaume AKA Gloup comes with a great portfolio update. Nice artwork in the graphic studio section : advertising, wall design… Quite inspiring. Gloup is Art director in a global agency in Paris and free lance when asked.

Shen Wei at the ZONE

> Five photographs of ShenWei are included in the exhibition "U Can't Touch Dis: The New Asian Art." at the ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts which opens next Thursday, September 6th, from 6 to 8 pm. The exhibition is curated by Eric Shiner. ZONE:Chelsea Center for the Arts - 601 W. 26th St. #302 - New York, NY 10001 - Tel: (212)255-2177

Eduardo Recife hand-crafted design

> Brazilian Eduardo Recife recycles old pictures to create strange "out of the main-stream" artworks. A particular sensibility and long experience of drawing gives much interest to his work. This particular flavor of hand-crafting (computer stay a discrete tool) are still… very trendy. His personal site misprintedtype is also a good bookmark where you'll find great types and photoshop brushes.

Rasmus Mogensen: "extreme" fashion

> Danish Rasmus Mogensen is a terrific fashion and beauty photographer. Represented by Brigitta Horvat and Blink.

A tiny street art project

> London based slinkachu is a little street people photographer. Figurines placed in every day situation making surprising photos. This work aims to highlight the overwhelming feeling of isolation and loneliness in our large cities… The tiny people finally disappear in the set.

Amazing Byroglyphics

> Byroglyphics is the incredible portfolio of Russ Mills from Brighton (UK). Very detailed work, mixing real media and computer. The composition are well balanced and the style very expressive. The gallery section contains a whole host of new pieces and some favourites from the last 12 months.