Baron & Baron fashion expertise

Creative Director Fabien Baron founded Baron & Baron in 1990, gathering a team of creative talents renown for building brands and designing products, magazines, books, TV commercials… Their expertise spans the fields of fashion, fragrance and residential development with high skills.

Attik creative site update

With a 22 year history and with so many cool clients to feature, global creative agency Attik (San Francisco and Leeds) is proud to announce their new corporate website, which has been completely developed in-house. The new site went live a few days ago at

CLM BBDO updates

CLM BBDO is the French ad agency of the BBDO network. Coming with new works and a nice and efficient site.

TriBeCa: alternative marketing agency

> TriBeCa agency conceive connection and propagation strategies and implement them. Their French blog is an incredible archive of international alternative marketing campaigns.

Chewing the sun

> Chewing the Sun is a German graphic design studio founded by Eva Gödel, Martin Steinigen and Kristian Wolf in 1999. Mixing new and old media in print, web, identity or TV animation. Clean works for a wide range of client (art, fashion, media…).

Graphic Thought Facility

> Graphic Thought Facility are a graphic design consultancy based in London, working for public and private clients on a variety of national and international projects. Producing both print and three-dimensional graphics for publishing, marketing, press, exhibition, events, product development and brand applications.

French advertising have a strong Leg

> Like every ad agency, Leg-agency is different. They produce great and smart work (in particularly strange offices). Their crazy site is a funny journey through amazing ideas.

Diesel agency becomes Sid Lee

> After sharing its name with a jeans company for ten years, canadian agency Sid Lee starts a new life with great works. There is a film on youtube that shows very well their different design areas.

Is it necessary to promote Base design?

> The Belgium Base agency is 45 people between Brussels, NYC, Spain and Paris. Very broad variety of customers and intervention (design, motion grahics, writing, edition, typography and even conception of design-tools like the amazing tiffographer). A very dense, very rich, very inventive portfolio.

Attik ? It's fantastic

> Attik is an emblematic agency of British design. This company appears among the agencies more innovating in the world (offices in London, New York, San-Francisco and Sydney). Lots of photoshop work, with very pure photos, often avant-gardist. Their message : obviousness always should be fought. Watch out: the output of the "NoiseLab" n°5, last issue of their research and experiment book in graphic design. More information about the agency here.

Big ideas come out of big pencils

> Leo burnett founded its agency in Chicago in the middle of the Thirties. Since that, the agency accumulates big ideas and big accounts without being unaware of good technologies. Their site is very spectacular. In addition Leo Burnett created a virtual agency on "Second life" in order to gather the briefs and ideas of the 1600 worlwide creatives of the group. Is "Leo Ideas Hub" a sharing of knowledge that works? Anyway it is a good idea of self-promotion.

Ashby creates music design

> Neal Ashby directs a small agency, well-known of US musical industry. Specialized in the musical packaging but also the edition (several consultable annual reports on the site), Ashby Design collects several distinctions…

Un-titled is its name

> This British agency called Un-titled shows inventive works with beautiful print/photo/web design. Nice minimalist site too !

Elixir Studio becomes Area 17 agency

> After 6 years of a noticed presence on the Net, Elixir Studio becomes Area 17. Directed by Arnaud Mercier and based in Paris and New York, Area 17 that wants to be "interactive" and presents its very beautiful achievements in interactive visual identity.