Julien Grandclément interactive design

Julien Grandclément is a very experimented strategist, art director and graphic designer in the interactive field. As a free-lancer, he collaborates with major agencies. A great graphic style from advertising campaign to mobile website or logo design. Odbo is Julien Grandclément’s portfolio.

Monoeil site update

Jérôme Masi just added new works on his brand new site « Mon oeil ». Just have a look, it’s worth it.

Franck Loriou cd cover designer

Franck Loriou is a French designer specialised in music design (cd cover or poster) with lots of famous French collaborations. He has a particular and very interesting photograph work on his portfolio, composed in two series: live music and still photography. Franck Loriou shows high skills for putting music in images.

Justin Kreitmeyer and National Forest

Justin Krietemeyer is a graphic designer located in Los Angeles. He created the super talented National Forest design studio with Steven Harrington, working for projects like Nike Ole, The Urban Outfitters catalog, Element Skateboards… Justin Kreitmeyer’s work is on T-shirts, boards, magazines, wall design…

Effektive Design of Greig Anderson

Scottish graphic designer Greig Anderson works on solo projects for a variety of his own clients under the name Effektive. Very interesting design like this excellent set of cassette tape badges… Effektive Design is also a great example of portfolio site built with Indexhibit !

Made for you every day from Jakarta

Madeforyoueveryday is Richard Fang's personal portfolio. Born in Jakarta, he studied Graphic Design at one of the most prestigious design school in Indonesia, Bina Nusantara University. He has a true passion for modern arts, and alongside his busy schedule as an art director, he continues to produce some artworks.

"oh yeah" unique style

Christina and Hans Christian from ohyeahstudio are both Norwegian graphic designers, illustrators and photographers with a unique style. There are lots of stuff to see in their portfolio all very experimental and, as they say, "done without client intervention".

Leslie David promising works

Leslie David is a young French graphic designer and illustrator who did internship with Deanne Cheuk in New-York, with Ich & Kar and Sylvia Tournerie in Paris. She works as a Graphic designer at Work in Progress (now called Petronio Associates) and Self Service magazine. Represented by Mr l'Agent.

Audrée Lapierre: patterns and sketchbooks

Audrée Lapierre is a young French Canadian graphic designer with a special interest for edition, illustration, packaging and surface design. A promising and very inspiring portfolio. She graduated with a degree in graphic design at Université du Québec à Montréal, 2008 and published two projects: NEW ORNEMENTAL TYPE by Thames & Hudson (UK), 2009 and TOILETS-PICTOSIGNS by Index Book (Spain), 2009.

Sveta Sebyakina's type work

Sveta Sebyakina is a young graphic designer from Moscow doing some very nice student works and inspiring type experimentations.

Mike Mills, artist and filmmaker

Mike Mills works as a filmmaker, graphic designer and artist living in Los Angeles. He has completed a number of music videos, commercials and short films and co-founded The Directors Bureau with Roman Coppola. As a designer he worked for several rock bands including Sonic Youth or Beastie Boys but he also designed scarves and fabrics for Marc Jacobs and contributed to different books and exhibitions. In 2003 Mike Mills began his own graphic line "humans" creating shirts and posters, based in Tokyo and exhibiting in stores and galleries all over the world.

Abiuro is Alexandre Braga's portfolio

Alexandre Braga, Sao Paulo based graphic designer shows great illustrations for various magazines. Under the name of Abiuro he is contributor of Brasil-inspired and uailab design portals. The portfolio has not been updated for a while but there you can see nice works either personal or commissioned.

Jan Olof Nygren, type experiments

Jan Olof Nygren is a 29 years old graphic designer from Sweden who shows a nice portfolio with much type experiment and a great sketchbook. He spent his first year out of school doing freelance work and applying for a Fulbright Grant to study graphic design in the US, that was accepted early 2005. He chose to study at the 2D Design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, under the guidence of designer-in-residence Elliott Earls. There he developed type and pattern design and illustration, combining these three elements in a three dimensional product or installation.

Germain Chauveau's way is the highway

Germain Chauveau is a French Art Director working for the music and fashion industry and magazines. Large variety of clients including Chanel, Dia, Chopard, Hugo Boss and magazine Clam, Twill, Pref…

Neojunta, a promising urban style

Neojunta is a French designer, easy on every software you know for drawing, composing and doing great moving things. The reel on his site shows samples of his talent and there are more pictures on the HumbleVoice.

Mon oeil features in shoes-up for Puma

Jérôme Masi, graphic designer from Mon oeil features in shoes-up artworks series for Puma. Shoes-up is a French magazine about shoes' trends and news, presenting 14 great artworks from different designers.

Virassamy sensible drawings

Cédric Bouvard aka Virassamy is a 28 years old French graphic designer and illustrator based in Belgium. Member of collective Shlag (with Warkshop and Dellastrada), he is also part of the TT crew, a post-graffiti art team. Raw and sensible work with nice personal black and white drawings.

Jean Jullien, simple (and great) ideas

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer based in London. He did short films in association with music composer Niwouinwouin and also great illustration contributions for Manystuff or Kitsune noir and different magazines wordlwide. Jean Jullien's work is about "hand made simplicity". Submitted by Gloup Design.

Jeanspezial megabig update!

The Jeanspezial, French collective of designers and illustrators, are making a great site update. Cool works and very clear navigation ! These guys like working together, gathering their different styles and producing original things.

Antonio Suarez sharing new works

Antonio Suarez did a nice update of his complete portfolio. Born in 1978, based in Vancouver and graduated from Vancouver Film School, Antonio Suarez has a particularly great style for animated illustration. Also watch his Flickr galery for more photos and collages.

Motomichi Nakamura complete digital artist

Motomichi Nakamura is an american-Japanese digital artist, based in Brooklyn, who have worked on different medias and performances around the world. His animations and paintings, are composed with strange characters with simple and nice design. Motomichi's portfolio is called "japanes hasta la madre" meaning "Japanese by mother"…

Jenna Ebanks: Design is life

Jenna Ebanks is a young girl from Cayman Islands and currently living in Hollywood, Florida, and "Design is life" is her portfolio. She is free-lancing and doing great design while working on her new site.

Akroe: the big update !

Etienne Bardelli, a.k.a. Akroe comes back on the internet with a nice site update. Lots of ideas and always a great style, working for music industry or the trendiest magazines Akroe shows a clever and expressive portfolio. Young swiss designer and photographer Juliette Villard (Thejudge) is part of the team since september 2007. Akroe's work enters the graphic collection of "musée de la publicité" the ad museum of Paris (Musée des Arts décoratifs - Musée du Louvre).

Hunter Gatherer is Todd St. John's studio

Todd St. John is designer, animator and filmmaker. His studio Hunter Gatherer was founded in New York in 2000. Collaborating with Gary Benzel they have exhibited work internationally. Lots of original creation with wood, paper or else for animations and videos.

The poster list is here

The poster list is an online shop presenting a beautiful collection of posters for sale. All posters are produced and designed in-house. Nice graphic works.

Si Scott Studio brilliant type illustration

Si Scott, is a British type designer and illustrator with a brilliant portfolio. His style has been imitated a lot but it is still unique. Si Scott draws by hand and then uses computer to compose the whole thing.

I love dust from England

I love dust is located in England, close to London, this cosmopolitan collective gather 5 English, 1 Icelandic, 1 south African and 1 chinese. As a multi disciplined boutique, I love dust specializes in graphic design, illustration, motion graphic and product design… and it's lovely. Also have a blog.

Mon oeil, watch a French touch

Jérôme Masi is an Art Director doing clean works in illustration, corporate identity, interactive, 3D and video. "Mon oeil" is a short portfolio with a really nice style.

Rainbow Monkey, the German Kiwi

Rainbow Monkey is Markus Hofko's portfolio. This young German from Augburg is currently living in Auckland, NZ. Awesome work: illustration, graphic design, motion design (…) and also sound design. Rainbow Monkey is really fun, experimental and beautiful. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Helmo mixing art and design

Helmo is a French graphic studio composed by Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez. They create posters, books, signs, images, typography… They work in a place called "La bonne merveille" gathering other artists. The present pictures comes from a series called "Betes de mode" co-produced with Thomas Dimetto. Helmo is doing terrific works for museums, corporate or art events… The site is in French but images talk for everyone. Via changethethought.

Jonathan Looman AKA Lowman

Jonathan Looman AKA Lowman, is a Dutch experimented graphic designer having nice success with several publications. His type design "fingerprints" on a base like "Gusto" is a great idea. Nice portfolio with neo-old school stuff. Via typeneu.

Damien Vignaux is Elroy

Damien Vignaux AKA Elroy is a complete graphic designer, mastering illustration, web design and print and doing motion design with the collective "Play". Here are 34 great artworks presented on Elroy's site. Damien Vignaux also likes playing with type design and photography, well… a terrific portfolio. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Designzelganger: energetic !

Designzelganger is a collective from Belgium, featuring Lieven Van Speybroeck, Boris Van den Eynden, Koen Van Goethem and Bert Vissers. This is fantastic energetic work ! Illustrations, print, film, webdesign and art. I was particularly interested by these amazing short films… the design stuff is great too.

Akatre: graphic design and art experiment

Akatre is a fantastic graphic studio created by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sébastien Riveron. These very young guys in Paris are multi-talented, they do great type design, visual identity, photography, video and interactive. Experimentation is at the heart of their work. Akatre is definetely a wonderful collective. Submitted by Gloupdesign.

Thibaut Robin, playing with pictures

Thibaut Robin is a young designer showing different works (type design, design experiments or illustration). A promising portfolio of school assignments and first works to be discovered through an amazing home page, the navigation may look strange but the work inside is clever and creative.

Labomatic: a versatile creative platform

Labomatic is a French collective bringing together personalities from a different range of disciplines. Labomatic reveals a singular approach of graphic design close to contemporary art.

peter&wendy, a promising story

After five years of great works under the name Rumbero Design, graphic designer Xavier Encinas and partner Cécilia Michaud have created Peter&Wendy a graphic design studio for print, publishing, exhibition and identity.

Frederic Teschner, pixel designer

Frederic Teschner is an already famous French designer whos digital art is pure and efficient. This great artist plays with simple signs and his creations are either contrasted and balanced.

Estelle Schoen's fresh design

Estelle Schoen is a French freelance graphic designer presenting a nice portfolio: poster, print, web and illustration mainly in art and cultural areas. Estelle is also designer for exhibitions and theatres. A complete portfolio with various and creative works.

Joke Vermeiren's ten thousand spoons

Joke Vermeiren is 22 years old and just graduated in Graphic Design at St.Lucas, in Ghent (Belgium). Her fresh and promising portfolio shows very nice things with much style and fun.

Merci Bernard, type experiment

Thomas Bernard is a French graphic designer showing lots of type experiment. Member of collective "think experimental". His portfolio "Mercibernard" is about searching new images, solving graphic difficulties and… different thinking. A creative mind with some pragmatic views and skilled hands.

Blindsalida's surrealist world

> Yann Sadi AKA Blindsalida recently launched a new portfolio with surrealist illustrations and various colorful works.

Invisible Creature: doing music design

> Invisible Creature emerges, precise and delicate as it is ferocious and tenacious, as the design studio for the millennium! Twice Grammy-nominated brotherly design duo of Don and Ryan Clark, as co-founders of famous Asterik studio, have been responsible for hundreds of CD packages and limited silk-screen posters. Great music design.

Andrio Abero: great poster art

> Graphic designer Andrio Abero established 33rpm Design, in 2000. Recognized as a leading designer from the Northwest of USA, Andrio has proudly worked within Seattle's vibrant music scene for almost 10 years. Andrio Abero now lives and works in the creative capitol of Brooklyn, NY. Great poster art, illustrations, record sleeves, web design…

All you need is Love Everyday

> Great design studio based in London and working on a broad range of projects across graphic design and illustration. Love Everyday is a passionate and friendly team formed in 2006, comprising Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton. They receive a nomination in the Online Advertising section for this years D&AD Awards.

Phillennium: clean and trendy design

> "Phillennium" is Philipp Zurmöhle's portfolio, this young German graphic designer living in Norway shows great skills. I like this flash dynamic site, fast, easy and not too square. The graphics are clean and trendy, also watch the "more" section: while living in Japan he took great pictures there.

Great update

> As announced, graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert freshly updated their site. Still minimalist with comfortable navigation, their fantastic portfolio is… highly interesting.

Jérémie Werner, sophisticated compositions

> Jérémie Werner is a young French graphic designer with a nice online portfolio. The works are sophisticated with clever and various inspiration. Jérémie also has a serious blog called "evasion" (escape) with great stuff. For more info about Jérémie, you can read his interesting interview with Zurich29.

Shadowtricks from Gediminas Šiaulys

> Gediminas Šiaulys is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in Vilnius (Lithuania). Nice works in this portfolio with archives going back to… 1984 ! These great illustrations are also motion design's stuff for Petpunk, a great studio collaboration with Andrius Kirvela.

Enjoy caviar updates

> Enjoycaviar is a collective of two graphic designers (Emmanuel Colomb and Clément Neyret-Le Tulle) willing to develop a contemporary vocabulary on classical bases. They produce experimental images linking between contemporary art and graphic design. Working on cultural, corporate and art projects. Nice experimentations to discover.

Gloup : new update

> Guillaume AKA Gloup comes with a great portfolio update. Nice artwork in the graphic studio section : advertising, wall design… Quite inspiring. Gloup is Art director in a global agency in Paris and free lance when asked.

Waiting for "les produits de l'épicerie"

> Les produits de l'épicerie (products of the grocery), site of graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert have a great "waiting page" with awesome works and very comfortable navigation. Their new site, coming in september, sure will be interesting !

Monsticle breakout poster and walldrawing

> Stinger from Zeptonn studio just created a terrific poster in 200 limited edition print. He also did a nice wall drawing with a short movie showing the timelapse of the creation you can watch here.

Logolog, the logo blog

> three.eight.one is a small design studio run by Denis Radenkovic and based in Madison, WI, US. In this site, you access to logolog, that is Denis personal blog. It’s mostly about logo design, but occasionally you will see some other interesting content as well. It provides readers with topics on Web design and development, Art and Photography, other bloggers, tutorials on various topics, site reviews, internet prodigies and much more.

Will Perrens: a really great portfolio

> Young British Will Perrens has a great portfolio : films, photos and graphic design including nice type experiments. He works freelance for Pentagram Design London, saatchi and Saatchi and Nexus Productions as well as personal clients within fashion, photography, literature and television.

Mathilde Aubier : a young talent

> A short time ago, Mathilde Aubier was still a working student. She appeared on the net with a strange and wonderful personal site a couple of years ago. Today there are more works on her various portfolios (illustration, web design, motion design) and it is still fresh and very interesting.

Some good news from post-typography !

> Alphabet Exhibition
Post Typography is pleased to announce that their curated show, 
Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography, will be in Orlando, FL this month. Hosted by AIGA Orlando, the opening reception will be held Thursday, July 19 at Doug Scaletta Photography Studio. The exhibition features more than 60 experimental, innovative, and illustrative interpretations of the roman alphabet by 48 international artists, designers, and typographers. For more information, please visit the Alphabet website. Also, just announced... Alphabet will be on display at The Cooper Union in New York City, October 2007. Specific dates and details will be announced shortly, so keep checking the website for the latest updates.

> Website Update
Post Typography just added some recent work to posttypography.com. If you haven't visited their
website in a while, stop by and take a peek.

> New Double Dagger CD Out Now
Ragged Rubble, the new album from extra-loud Baltimore design punks, Double Dagger, is out now on Chicago's Stationary (Heart) Recordings. Post Typography designed the album packaging, and they're pretty psyched with how it turned out. Look closely and play it loud. Limited edition clear vinyl featuring hand-screened covers and a special insert print will be available later this month.

> If You Could
Post Typography is pleased to be included in the new issue of 
If You Could, an annual British design publication. They received their copy of the book last week, and there's some pretty great work from a slew of international designers and illustrators. 

Pierre Vanni's amazing paper sculptures

> Pierre Vanni is a young artist from Toulouse, south of France. Several nice experiences with paper (making sort of geometric origami) leading to illustrations or type creation.

Fanette Mellier working for artists

> Exhibition posters, galerie's catalogue, artist books or other institutions, Fanette Mellier has a deep taste for type creation and cutural layout. Her great skill is oftenly serving great books and printings.

Albert Folch, no decorative paraphernalia

> The graphic work of Albert Folch explores diverse fields of action, from graphic design to visual arts, from documentary photography to fashion shoot. Several contributions to Spanish trends magazine "Metal" (www.revistametal.com). Great type work and minimalist layout.

Electric Heat, the skills to pay the bills

> Young Chicago artist Nigel Dennis proved himself a prolific designer. Implementing a variety of technics, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Nice illustrations.

Bidule creates good stuff

> Atelier Bidule is an independent graphic designer collective based in Saint Etienne (Loire – France) specialized in graphic design and edition. The atelier had been created in January 2004 and is animated by Cécile Stollini and Sidney Gay. Nice work in cultural ground, sensitive and trendy.

Post-Typography says : type is dead

> Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen founded Post-Typography in 2001 and specialized in graphic design, conceptual typography, and custom lettering/illustration with additional forays into art, apparel, music, curatorial work, design theory, and vandalism. This Baltimore team shows a funny and top portfolio. Also read the Manisfesto (access by terrorism).
Post Typography's work will be included in the upcoming design survey's, Contemporary Graphic Design from Taschen (2007) and Area 2 from Phaidon (2008).

Gloup is cool, new school

> This young parisian AD-designer with great style AKA Gloup as a quite inspiring portfolio. He likes to play with photos, do nice job and also funny videos…

Fabien Barral sharing ideas

> In the country side of France, Fabien Barral works as an efficient AD and photographer… His new site presents a blog and two portfolios. In "graphic-exchange" you'll discover a very nice idea.

Lola Duval always telling stories

> After working four years for Batofar's visual identity (this atypical parisian club standing in a light-boat and playing incredible DJ parties), Lola Duval also made noticeable things for "sous la plage". Free and various works, trendy or classical field.

L'illustre Fabrique at the French far West

> Arnaud Kermarrec and Fabrice Pellé from L'illustre Fabrique are two Graphic designers who try everything with success. Main experience on cultural field. Desesperatly waiting for an update…

Adhemas great update

> Colors of Brazil. Lots of beautiful new works on Adhemas's site.

Konect: a discrete site with nice style

> Trendy or old school, web design, illustration, wall painting or logos, Keffer is a multi-purpose artist. A nice site (konect) with amazing things from this young guy in Paris.

Akroe, rising star of French design

> Coming from French street art, graphic designer Akroe seems to be one of the trendiest guy in Paris. His site has not been updated since a long time so have a look to his agent's. Great style.

Antoine et Manuel make the right team

> Familiar with contemporary art, Antoine et Manuel create their own luxuriant and refined style while working on fields like haute couture, dance company or the furniture industry…

Philippe Apeloig shakes type rules

> French designer Philippe Apeloig capitalizes on its modernistic culture to perpetuate the tradition of conceptual requirement from "Swiss type school". Several poster works on cultural field, type research, logos…

Serialcut: neo-eighties in Madrid

> Spanish art director Sergio del Puerto who worked for trend magazine "Vanidad" has a portfolio called "serialcut". A versatile and experimental style based on the "cut&paste" technique. Typography has a special role to reinforce the idea and generate more impact. Freshly updated.

Drez: voice of the Hungarian street-art

> Drez is the nickname of Karoly Kiralyfalvi, he shows tons of selected works on his nice site called "extraverage". Involved in street-art, with good drawing practice he finally do much computer graphics: logos, type or web design, mag, T-shirts, illustration, photos and more… There is a lot to see and get inspired with !

Rinzen: small update ?

> Since 2000, the Australian collective Rinzen (2 living in Berlin, 1 in New York, and 2 in Australia) contributed to the fame of Australian graphic design. Their work, collective or personnal, is varied in style, technique and in form of expression. They easily experiment geometrical design or free-hand drawings and always seeking the utopian way. The update of the site just happened, it is a good chance to watch again their great portfolio...

Imagefed goes top of the top

> Imagefed is the studio of designer Matthew Curry. Based In Washington DC, contributor of many graphic magazines, his portfolio is remarkable. Co-designer of "art of versions" of Thievery Corporation, Grammy Award 2006 of best music packaging.

Easy going design that strikes

> Since a couple of years, I am fan of Stephane Bucco. Its updated Sockho site is fabulous. Between digital graphics and vintage photos, sometimes quiet but always a rock'n'roll, he has created new visual concepts...

THS, guaranteed hand made

> THS is like a kind of approximate site intended to present the nice work of German Thomas Schostok. Original ergonomics and very "rough" work, drawn type, and finger marks as well... A must in this style.

Here is a very fine grocery

> Les produits de l'épicerie (products of the grocery) is the site of graphic designers Philippe Delforge and Jérome Grimbert. Between commissioned work, exhibitions and personal research we can discover a work turned towards the experimentation. Their minimalist site is a great pleasure.

The Hejz, sophisticated and trendy

> Based in Warsaw, Peter Jaworowski composes a portfolio (the Hejz) that, like its content, is both simple and sophisticated. Various and excellent works. Photos and illustrations may be a good inspiration in a trendy graphic field.

Keeps me sane forever

> "Keeps me sane" is the pretty nice online portfolio of Darren Firth. Very professional graphic work with great control on all grounds. Waiting for the "print" section to be updated, enjoy the illustrations… variously fantastic. Also watch the work on Lee Cooper site…

Digital design's samba

> Brazilian Adhemas Batista is a 26 years old designer with already a strong international background. His site presents its awesome design and color work, a noticeable example with Havaianas communication. Type, photo-illustrations mix, rythm, color, Adhemas is good.

at-elier : a workshop of Swiss graphics

> at-elier presents a selection of work completed by graphic designers Sebastien Vigne and Julien Notter since the beginning of their collaboration. Very clean, very white, like Swiss...

Wonk: a nugget in Bogota

> Jorge Restrepo is graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, AD and teacher in Colombia. Version 3 of its site has been on line since a few days. At the same time from urban and "latino" inspiration, its work mixes the styles (retro and current),the search of tont design, contrasts and original colors.

ilK, graffer multi-caps

> Graphic design, illustration, photo, this 24 years old Parisian ilK is a general-purpose freelance worker. Also member of Happy Graffiti Friends, his "street-style" portfolio is very interesting...