Sonja Danowski unique paintings

Sonja Danowski was born in Germany where she graduated with honours in communication design. International awards and exhibitions (Germany, Poland, Portugal, USA, South Korea…). Sonja Danowski gives much atmosphere in her unique drawings and paintings.

Femke de Jong collages

Femke de Jong was born in the Netherlands and is now based in the UK since 2003. She works as a freelance illustrator and designer mixing organic, mechanical, hand drawings to create surreal collages. Femke de Jong has collaborated with artists around the world for exhibitions or illustrations projects.

Tamara Muller strange paintings

Tamara Muller is based in the Netherlands. She developed her own beautiful visual vocabulary featuring delicate and destabilizing balance between apparent opposites. Tamara Muller is also a performance and video artist.

Lee Ford Image Maker

Lee Ford is a British illustrator who have produced images for numerous editorial, publishing, and music industry clients throughout the UK and Europe. Involved with several individual shows but also with art and illustration collective Black Convoy, of which he is also an original member. Lee Ford’s work has been shown in London, Europe, Singapore and New York.

Sean Freeman type illustration

Sean Freeman is based in london. He creates spectacular typographic treatments and illustrations and got the chance to work for clients including VH1, Esquire Magazine, The New York Times, Harper Collins, among others. Represented by Colagene, illustration clinic.

Studio Pluie sketches and more

Lisa is a French creative illustrator, graphic designer and photographer who was born and grew up in the island of New Caledonia. Studio pluie is her portfolio. Great sketches and photographies and nice blog too…

Janet Albornoz and Shik Studio

Janet Albornoz is a graphic designer and illustrator from super tropical Panama in the center of America. She says « I like to surf and eat pinneaples, and i love capuccinos... and i love drawing and design and and and...create stuff stored in my head. » Her blog Shk-Studio (written in Spanish) is a really great place to discover her fantastic retro style: illustrations, collages and sixties type design, enjoy it !

Tilman Faelker handmade illustrations

Tilman Faelker is a freelance illustrator from Stuttgart, Germany. His beautiful drawings are full of emotion and humor. Tilman Faelker’s delicate line work is a true pleasure.

Bunkadesign's freaky cool

Yann Le Nevé is Bunkadesign, French designer creating freaky illustrations for wearable stuff, toys, cd, skateboard desks and even PCs. Great style.

Paula Castro's vanguard drawings

Paula Castro was born in Buenos Aires and now lives in Paris. Her magnificent work is a variety of thin lines and cool styles for different clients like Nike, Gas Jeans, Furla, Issey Miyake, Evgenia Ostroskaya… Wall drawings, pack studies, fashion patterns and incredible spontaneous illustrations. Represented by Breedlondon.

Margot Mace fashion silhouettes

Margot Macé was born in Netherlands and lives in Paris. Her beautiful watercolors features in several fashion and editorial communication and she also works for trend agencies illustrating mood-boards for fashion or cosmetic industries.

Eledone's dark illustrations

Eledone is a French illustrator living in Brussels where she studied the art of animation. Working mainly illustrations with some interesting black inspirations, Eledone is also character designer for comics and cinema industries. A great gallery and a portfolio are available.

Judit García-Talavera fashion watercolours

Judit García-Talavera is illustrator at Barcelona, Spain. She adores the fountain pen, ink and diluted watercolours. Judit García-Talavera illustrates all sort of characters apparently absorbed by their own emotions, lost within deep thoughts and seemingly unaltered as time goes by.

Vincent Hui and his hard sponge

Vincent Hui was born and raised in Hong Kong. He earned his BFA at Art Center College of Design and is living in Los Angeles. Dark amazing artworks in his portfolio called « hardsponge » and very nice sketchbooks. Vincent Hui also have a blog where you can discover more detailed works.

Sarah Wilkins European inspiration

Sarah Wilkins was born and educated in New Zealand. Deeply inspired by the work of European illustrators and her travels throughout Europe, Sarah moved to Paris in 1993 where she established herself professionally and stayed for the rest of that decade. Paris provided inspiration in abundance and Sarah's work distilled during this time. It was from here that she also began working for clients in the United States, and her work now features in magazines, advertising campaigns and an increasing array of beautiful products on both sides of the Atlantic. Represented by Riley Illustration (US) and Caroline Maréchal (France).

Jakob Ingvorsen site update

Jakob Ingvorsen is a Danish free-lance illustrator and a fine artist based in Copenhagen. He creates amazing art, paintings, sketches or mixed media. Jakob Ingvorsen just spent three years at London College of Communication, specializing in experimental illustration.

Camilla Engman delicate art

Illustrator Camilla Engman is based in Göteborg, Sweden. She creates acrylic paintings, paper-on-paper or mixed media with soft characters and colours. Her lovely artworks is very inspiring. Naturally, Camilla Engman has shown her work in galeries and museums around the world. Her blog is also a quiet place to get in touch with a nice art of life.

Sara Fanelli award winning author

Italian author and illustrator Sara Fanelli is working in London where she is a quite popular artist and award winner. She creates children books and commissioned works, mixing drawings and collages.

Beatrice Alemagna author and illustrator

Beatrice Alemagna was born in Italy (1973) and is based in France where she created different book for children. She also had exhibitions worldwide and her work featured in several publications, her book « Mon amour » is translated in about 10 languages. Beatrice Alemagna mixes collages and drawings renewing her style on every book.

Sean Cheetham fantastic figure paintings

Sean Cheetham is a 31 years old American painter (doing mainly oil on canvas), quite famous for his portraits and heroic-sized religious subjects. As a skilled drawer he was first a comic-book fan, drawing comic characters and then went on deeply training the art of painting. Beautiful contrasts between a traditionnal media and very stylish young people. Lots of gallery work and commissions.

Florian Bayer and Shake Your Tree

Florian Bayer is an illustrator who, after studies in Germany, is now living in Brighton, United Kingdom, at the seafront. He tries to combine the enthusiasm he had for drawing when he was a child with new techniques, cutting the edge skills and new contexts to find the best way of delivering information to the audience. Florian Bayer founded the Shake Your Tree Network with Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger and Sebastian "Hasi" Haslauer bringing you lots of eye opening design, magazines and exhibitions.

Silja Goetz elegant collages and drawings

Silja Goetz is a freelance illustrator working in Madrid (Spain). She was born in Germany where she studied comunication design and worked as a graphic designer for Allegra Magazine in Hamburg. Silja Goetz creates beautiful drawings sometime mixed with collages. Several international clients like El Pais, The New Yorker, Nylon Magazine (USA), WAD (France), Elegance ( Netherlands), Vogue (UK), Nike, Cosmopolitan (Germany), Marie-Claire (Spain), Maxi (Germany), … Represented by Art Dept.

John Slade disturbing beauty

John Slade is a London illustrator and graphic designer. He creates some nice trendy T-shirt graphics, creepy faces and very amazing stuff with some geometrical lines and primary colors.

Cityabyss, urban landscapes and fashion

Beata Szczecinska is Cityabyss, illustrator working between Poland and UK. She is inspired by cityscapes and fashion and her great artworks are a mix of photography, painting and graphic arts. Several publications worldwide.

Caia Koopman from skateboard to paint

Caia Koopman is a Californian illustrator who practised skateboard a lot before earning her art degree, then she naturally went to create graphics for snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards (for major companies such as K2, Morrow, and Hyperlite). Her artwork has been featured in numerous international print media including Surfing Girl, Mademoiselle, Details, Girl's Life, Snowboarder Magazine, Teen, J-14, Fine , and others. Caia Koopman also designed T-shirt graphics and promotional illustrations for companies like Quiksilver/Roxy, Hurley, Op, AT&T or Casio.

Doug Alves vegetal illustrations

Doug Alves is a 25 years old brazilian living in LA. He started his career as a self-taught in 2000 and now his work features in several publications worldwide. Nationale is the name of Doug Alves's wonderful portfolio showing print, interactive, video and type works…

Darren Thompson painterly caricatures

Darren Thompson is an American illustrator based in Chicago who is creating illustrations for some of world's leading publications since 15 years. Darren Thompson shows a very nice drawn galery of famous people.

Kim Cogan urban paintings

Kim Cogan, born 1977 in Pusan, Korea, graduated at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco. He does big paintings (oil on canvas) of cityscapes with great style.

Montse Bernal original style

Montse Bernal is a Spanish illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. She studied fine arts in Barcelona and illustration in Paris. Montse Bernal uses a large variety of materials from real media to digital. Creating her own style for portraits and fashion.

Pierre Doucin AKA Soemone's new site

Pierre Doucin AKA Soemone is a freelancing graphic designer, art director and illustrator based in Paris. After years practising street art he's developped his own graphic universe. Many beautiful digital illustrations made with photographies (oftenly done by photographer Lionel Deluy). Pierre Doucin works for print and interactive.

Mydeadpony joins colagene

Raphaël Vicenzi AKA Mydeadpony is a self-taught illustrator living in Brussels, Belgium. He creates an original mix of watercolors painting and digital media with several publications on magazines and on the web. Mydeadpony's just joined the Colagene team.

Frederic Desmots's photostream

Frederic Desmots is a French illustrator with a great style. He is famous for creating mostly trendy vector artworks, but he also have great photos or graphic compositions to discover… Represented by Chez Antoine.

Jamie Cullen striking images

Jamie Cullen is a great illustrator based in brighton (UK), where he completed his art studies. He does amazing artworks, with an eclectic mix of contemporary artistic styles and techniques experimentation like painting, drawing, stamping or stenciling. Represented by Bransch (NY, Paris, Hamburg) and Folioart (UK).

Keith Shore: art of life

Keith Shore is an artist/illustrator living in Lambertville, New Jersey. Keith's work is shown in galleries, in magazines and also on t-shirts and other wearable stuff. Much colored paintings and drawings with different styles (from realist to naive art) in his great portfolio. There's a nice interview of Keith Shore in Fecal Face.

The Daily Figure from Kyle T. Webster

Kyle T. Webster is a left-handed American illustrator doing a really nice daily figure drawing blog. Spontaneous, elegant and simple. Kyle T. Webster works on the LIGHT CHILDREN series of graphic novels and is available for free-lance illustrations. He also works for clients like The New Yorker, NY Times, LA Times, San Francisco Weekly, USA Today, and Paste magazine.

Monfournissoir by Sophie Gaucher

French artist Sophie Gaucher shows her projects, drawings and sketchbooks in a site called Monfournissoir. Sophie likes to play with images, ideas and words. Very imaginative mind and… interesting work.

Yué Wu aka Nyno, cool drawings

Yué Wu is a young French illustrator who made a quite famous animation for the Onitsuka Tiger Koiklub called "Big Koi". His short portfolio 5lunes (5moons) shows very cool drawings and also a few corporate works like some window drawings for Paris Carhartt flagship store…

Café Royal, zines and underground press

Café Royal is an online shop and offline publishing house specialising in artists’ books and zines. Café Royal was founded in 2006 by Craig Atkinson and Joanne Chan-Atkinson and is based in the North West of England. Terrific stuff: books, zines, prints, sales… several handmade artworks to see and buy…

Andy Smith humour and energy

Andy Smith is a British illustrator working for many worldwide clients in advertising, print, publishing and animation. He likes combining illustration and typography with much optimism. His computer work have the tactile feel of the hand made. Exhibitions have been curated in the UK, France, USA and Australia. Andy Smith has won D&AD, AOI and Creative Circle awards. His work is also stocked in outlets such as such as Playlounge, Magma (London) and Colette (Paris).

Ray Fenwick handwritting and drawings

Ray Fenwick is a real live traditional graphic artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He creates drawings, hand-writting, comics and patterns for people like The New York Times, Blue Q, Houghton Mifflin, RandomHouse, Pentagram, If'n Books, Nickolodeon, Tiny Showcase, Urban Outfitters and others. Ray Fenwick award winning comic Hall of Best Knowledge will be published in April 2008 by Fantagraphics.

Claire Scully doing the quiet revolution

Claire Scully is a London based illustrator inspired by the relationships between urban environment and natural world. "The quiet revolution" is her portfolio and her paintings, drawings, typography or sketches are always close to the environmental question. Claire Scully, continually working on personal projects is frequently collaborating with other artists. Represented by 4wall.

Aurore de la Morinerie: brushes for fashion

Aurore de la Morinerie is a French illustrator based in Paris. She creates washdrawings and watercolors with some Japanese style. Inspired by animals and vegetables she works a lot for the fashion industry. Aurore de la Morinerie is some kind of expert with brushes and ink.

Eli W. Harris stylish paintings

Eli W. Harris is an illustrator based out of San Francisco. Fantastic drawings and paintings with great style. Eli W. Harris also has a blog called Banal Obsession.

Processrecess is James Jean's portfolio

James Jean recently won a Bronze Lion at Cannes with TBWA\Paris creating original posters for AIDES, a European HIV/AIDS NGO. The process of creation is well explained on his blog. Since 2001, this artist just made his mark on the comics industry, winning several awards. James Jean worked on such titles as Fables, Batgirl, Green Arrow, and Monolith for DC Comics, as well as Amazing Fantasy and Runaways for Marvel Comics. A wonderful portfolio with a lot to see !

Shen Plum creates a promising style

Shen Plum is a 22 years old illustrator from Toronto. She likes to design and print her own tshirts and tote bags or collect photographs of bunnies. She draws and paints all day. Shen Plum is Shen Li (same character in Chinese). Not a bum, she graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design with honor. The portfolio is nice and there are extra drawings and photos to see on her Flickr… and it's worth it !

Nicolas de Crécy: japanese sketches

The Villa Kujoyama is a French artist residency in the heart of Japan where cartoon and comic artist Nicolas de Crécy had the chance to stay during early 2008. His project hinges on a better understanding of the narrative systems in Japanese storytelling. Two books should be created. Before that you can watch several sketches (dessins) and photos (éloge de l'ombre) on de Crécy's Japanese blog.

Ginger beards: unique style

Richard Stow is gingerbeards, London based illustrator, with a great and humorous portfolio. Paintings, drawings and collages in a free style and terrific sense of illustration. Contributions on worldwide magazines.

Brian M. Viveros, naked girls with cigarettes

Brian M. Viveros is an American artist famous for his erotic paintings and illustrations. The characters are sexy, with sensual eyes and always smocking. A unique and surrealist mixture of visual arts. Brian M. Viveros has international publications and exhibitions.

Sophie Leblanc fashion illustration

Sophie Leblanc is a French illustrator, member of collective Studiobüro, she does sweet mix media illustration with much fashion style. Her blog Sofk is a cool one. Represented by Comillus.

Deanne Cheuk’s Mushroom Girls

Deanne Cheuk is an Australian illustrator, designer and art director based in New York. She is a contributor to Nippon Vogue, America, and Dazed and Confused magazine. Her work has been commissioned by numerous magazines including Nylon, BlackBook, The Fader, Flaunt and The New York Times Magazine. She is renowned for her self-published graphic ‘zine of inspiration called Neomu. She early has developped a style of watercolor titles and hand drawn letterforms. Deanne Cheuk has featured in different magazines listing top creative minds in the world (the Art DirectorsClub NY, Print magazine, Time magazine, The Face).

Edward Kinsella III high end illustrations

Edward Kinsella III is a very talented illustrator based in Saint-Louis, Missouri. An incredible portfolio with great style. Edward Kinsella III gives much freshness to his paintings. The sketchbook section shows detailed works and the blog gives more updates.

Michael Kutsche original characters

Michael Kutsche is a German conceptual artist-illustrator specialized in designing characters for any purposes like high end 3d animation or cover art but also for challenging projects in film and game industry. Michael Kutsche is based in Berlin.

Stephen Ledwidge's powerful art

Stephen Ledwidge is an Irish illustrator who studied Visual arts at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Starting with a comics experience, he went creating powerful work close to fine arts. After several years in London he has recently returned to Dublin. Stephen Ledwidge is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland. Represented by EyeCandy (UK) and Anna Goodson Management (Canada). Excellent interview @ illustratorsireland.

Miraruido's surrealist collages

Miraruido is Joseba Elorza's portfolio and blog. Spanish and surrealist Illustrator & Sound Designer. Nice collages done with old pictures and great style. Submitted by Gloup Design.

Raymond Biesinger is… Fifteen

Raymond Biesinger is a Canadian illustrator based in Edmonton who likes minimalism, concept and art. Using a very large mix of different medias, Raymond Biesinger creates great artworks for a lots of magazines worldwide. Also organizer of the Biannual Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair in Edmonton.

Sara Singh, fashion and women

Sara Singh studied illustration and design at Beckman's school of design in Stockholm, Sweden. She now lives and works in New-York. Her terrific work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire, Harper's Bazaar… She has also worked with corporate clients including LeSportsac, Shiseido and Donna Karan. Represented by art-dept.

Christian Hückstädt's vegetable creations

Christian Hückstädt is a German illustrator from Berlin. He has studied grafic design and is experimenting picture techniques. Very simple shapes and colors, with original handcut cardboards (pappe) or free hand drawings (labor). He also did funny animals made from vegetables and fruits.

Leon Vymenets childlike minimalism

Leon Vymenets is working in Toronto, inspired by urban culture, he creates simple and childlike adventurous illustrations. Leon Vymenets is published in several design magazines.

Hope Gangloff's handy pop drawings

Hope Gangloff creates great "hand made" illustrations in the most trendy style. She is based in NYC and the people she draws are… well… enjoying party time ! These beautiful works are usually done with pencils and ink.

James Gulliver Hancock's poetry

James Gulliver Hancock graduated in Visual Communications in Sydney where he was involved in several art events. Currently based in Los Angeles, James Gulliver Hancock had projects and residencies in Indonesia, Austria, France, the U.K. and America. Working for editorial illustration, commissions, educational, art performances or animations for TV. A nice conceptual work with poetic graphic sensibility.

Karine Daisay, master of collage

French illustrator Karine Daisay is a master of collages. Since about 10 years she creates beautiful and delicate life scenes, where woman are pictures of mystery and poetry. Using heads from Renaissance paintings and bodies from fashion shots, Karine Daisay composes fantastic (and peaceful) collages worldwide. Her Marlena Agency's galery is particularly great.

Petra Lunenburg's fashion drawthings

Petra Lunenburg is a young graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. She graduated from Artez artschool in Arnhem. Petra Lunenburg is now free lancing since 5 years, for fashion and advertising industries. "Drawthings" is her online portfolio with a nice fashion touch.

Ilya ioj, linking cultures

Ilya ioj is a Russian illustrator based in France, he sent us a short portfolio with various works and a nice selection of russian songs. Ilya ioj has his own promising style and a good sense of humor, a nice travel between cultures.

Eduardo Bertone: no compromise !

Eduardo Bertone (Spanish born in Argentina) mainly works for underground or independent projects and publications. If you wish to know more, check Eduardo Bertone's great blog with nice interviews.

Daniel Stolle's digital paintings

Daniel Stolle is a young German illustrator actually based in Finland. Simple and efficient digital style, inspired by old three or two coloured books and looking like silkscreen or woodcut. Daniel Stolle studied industrial design and is now feeling more happy with freelance illustration.

Maren Esdar's stylish collages

Maren Esdar was born in Germany, she studied illustration and stylism in Hambourg and London. Original and very beautiful surreal collages published in world's most influent fashion and style magazines. Now based in Hambourg, Maren Esdar enjoys traveling the world.

Fiodor Sumkin's big update

Opera78 is Fiodor Sumkin's portfolio. Bielorussian illustrator living in Amsterdam, doing a great update with a large presentation of his artworks. "Fiodor Sumkin's art is a synergistic blend of lovingly crafted pen & ink watercolors with biting social commentary. Although his typographical work belies the influence of Gothic, Art Nouveau, Wes Wilson and others, Mr. Sumkin remains deliciously unique. One would be hard pressed to chose between his exquisitely designed type and his fresh style of editorial & advertising illustration. Fortunately, they compliment each other beautifully."

Ingrid Flygare's educational sense

Ingrid Flygare from Stockholm, creates editorial, commercial and educational illustration from her office in New-York. She likes teaching and obviously travelling… Nice classical style based on drawings.

Benoit Godde painting girls and robots

Benoit Godde is a free-lance graphic designer and illustrator. Very beautiful style, mixing cute girls, robots and mechanics. Via Artskills.

Petica high on colors

Petica is a French illustrator living in Berlin and very enthousiastic about Japan (inspiring places and people I guess). Discover his illustrations and also nice image-books in the codextheque. Petica has been working during last 6 years, on several interesting things, from portrait to still places with a very innovative and sensitive style.

Aisk1 riding street-style

Aisk1 does fantastic artworks (digital arts, sketches, animation, acrylic on canvas…). This is great street-style with some good drawings. Don't miss Aisk1 that we hope to see more often.

Serge Bloch likes to play with objects

Serge Bloch is a funny sketch-illustrator playing with ideas and simple drawings. His difficult art (seemingly childish) is very efficient and delicate, filled with poetry. Serge Bloch works for the advertising or press industry and has also published different books for children.

Silke Werzinger stylish drawings

Silke Werzinger, based in Berlin, Germany, does fantastic fashion drawings, she mainly works on paper, doing trendy compositions and collages. Silke Werzinger is represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Erin Petson's fashion mystery

Erin Petson creates powerful images mixing collages, drawings and textures you'll never get on the internet. Nice experiments and delicate fashion subjects refelecting some kind of mystery. Erin Petson lives in East London.

Jean Lecointre: post-punk collages

Jean Lecointre is one kind of atypical phenomenon on the contemporary graphic stage. Inspired by old magazines and dark B or Z-movies from the 60's, Jean Lecointre's surrealist collages are incredible.

Benoit Guillaume: drawing life

Benoit Guillaume first studied Art and Architecture in Paris then went to the Parsons School of Design in new-York. He worked in web agencies before getting back to his first love: drawing. Beautiful sketches, freestyle and several works for comics. The animations or "animated sketches" are excellent.

Rinah Lang, mixing medias

Rinah Lang studied illustration in groningen (Netherlands) and Edinburgh (Scotland) then moved to Germany. Offering a wide range of talented possibilities from collages to drawings or mixing medias, Rinah Lang has worked for Esquire (Russia), Soda (Switzerland), Barleycorn (Italy), Fornarina (Italy) and many other clients…

CocoPit: drawing fashion

Coco is an illustrator with a unique insight into fashion. She worked as a communication consultant for many leading fashion designers. Living between Paris and London, Coco works mixing real media and cg works. Represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Phil Wrigglesworth's conceptual drawings

Phil Wrigglesworth actually lives near Manchester in the North of England. He as been free lancing for the past 4 years and is a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Independent, New Scientist, RadioTimes and many others. In Phil Wrigglesworth's portfolio, you'll discover the Jack book (his major project for the MA) that is called House Hunting. The book tells the story of a Jack in a box who has to leave his box to find another home. During his journey he goes through massive ups and downs until at last he finds the perfect home, living inside a cukoo clock.

Jérôme Mireault's trendy drawings

Jérôme Mireault is a French Canadian illustrator much at ease drawing people. Urban, fashion or trendy lifestyles. Great style. Represented by Colagene, clinique d'illustration.

Sho Murase's dynamic artworks

Sho Murase is a young Japanese-Korean illustrator currently living in San Francisco. She studied fine arts, design, interactive, cinema and psychology in Spain, then 2D animation in Canada. Sho Murase does commercials, animation, comics and graphic novels for international clients and studios.

Irina Troitskaya's delicate art

Irina Troitskaya is a Moscow based illustrator doing really nice artworks. Drawings, art and photography with always a good color feeling. Read her interesting interview at sfgirlbybay.

Jillian Tamaki's expressive work

Jillian Tamaki is a Canadian illustrator currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Mainly working on editorial illustration for magazines, newspapers, and websites and also comics. Drawings are sometimes very precise and detailed, always beautiful, with great compositions.

Chloé Poizat and the love of books

Chloe Poizat is a French illustrator who shows a great interest for litterature and knows how to make it beautiful. Her paintings have simple composition but sophisticated technique that makes original and sensible illustrations.

Joshua Middleton, best cover artist

Joshua Middleton has a delicately detailed line work. Excellent comics and superheroe drawings. He was already honored with an Eisner Award nomination for Best Cover Artist and also have a fanclub site… and a very interesting sketchbook.

Paul Willoughby awesome drawings

Paul Willoughby is a London based illustrator. Mixed media and experiments with different techniques, then combined digitally. The inspiration for his work includes old prints, 70's graphics, craft books, photography, kids drawings and Japanese woodblock prints. Paul runs "The Church of London" agency.

Kozyndan's surrealistic drawings

> Kozyndan is a couple of Los Angeles based illustrators, Kozue and Dan, collaborating since 2001. Extremely intricate, detailed and tiny universe of urban Japanese and american cities. Some are full-360 degree panoramic illustrations, you can view it in full size and rotate spin around the QVTR. An amazing work that inspired a big ad campaign…

Carine Brancowitz: trendy drawings

> Carine Brancowitz is a French illustrator who began working as a junior art director in fashion and trend universe. Her simple line (with few colors and a beautiful sense of composition) is trendy and… very promising.

Aaron McKinney's fantastic universe

> Aaron McKinney is based in Atlanta where he creates very expressive portraits, creatures or stories combining childlike drawings and great illustration skills. There is a nice balance between colors, backgrounds and the main drawing, always with an original sense of expression. Also visit his brand new blog : gonzoartist.

Andrew Hem, mixing cultures and paints

> Andrew Hem was born in Cambodia and now lives in Culver City, California. By age 12 Andrew started getting into graffiti. He continued graffiti for about 9 years getting into nothing but trouble. He got introduce to figure drawing in his last semester in Santa Monica College and knew right away what he was meant to do. At that moment he changed his major and pursued the life of an illustrator... Obviously, different cultures and technics influence him. Great paintings, drawings and even sculptures.

Jonathan Burton's surreal world

> British illustrator Jonathan Burton's creates unusual mix of photography and mixed media with great style. Nice drawings, sketches, advertising illustrations and collages.

Cole Gerst is option-G

> Cole Gerst is an artist, illustrator, designer and animator, he also is the founder and art director of option-g visual communication. Cole began his career in the music business designing cd covers and posters. Still painting and designing, he got into directing and animation with promising works. He has two monthly comics in the LA Weekly.

Isabelle Arsenault, earth-toned paintings

> Canadian Isabelle Arsenault frequently works as an editorial illustrator for North American magazines and newspapers. Delicate drawings and beautiful graphic compositions.

Tim Tomkinson's edgy style

> Illustrator Tim Tomkinson, based in New-York, likes to play with proportions, texture and colors, doing very expressive mix of paintings, sketches and collages. Commissions include portraits, fashion, financial, gallery work… Tim is freelance Art Director in between illustration gigs.

Jim Bradshaw's humorous sketches

> Illustrator Jim Bradshaw draws humorous illustrations with much details and ideas. Based on sketches these artworks mix lots of various technics. You'll also find a nice blog on Jim's site, with recent news and great archives.

Robin Eley efficient paintings

> Born in London but living in South Australia, illustrator Robin Eley works with acrylics and oil in a unique painterly style relevant to all field of illustration. Long and prestigious client list from the US to Europe and back to Australia. To learn more about him, read the FAQ : it's written like a short interview.

Katherine Streeter paintings and collage

> New-York based illustrator Katherine Streeter presents a very dense portfolio of beautiful artworks mixing paintings and collage. There's a very long list of clients for this experimented artist an lots of publications in graphic magazines.

David Downton fashion illustration

> David Downton is a great fashion illustrator with obvious inspiration from Gruau and master illustrators of the great fifties. He did several covers for Bazaar, Style, Telegraph Saturday… David Downton's favourite model is stunning Erin O’Connor, he also does portrait for celebrities. You can read a complete interview on his site.

Alex Green's wonderful contrasts

> London based Alex Green is charming us since years with his talented sketches digitally colored. Suiting well with European financial communication, the scenes are elegant and quiet, although Alex is a crazy samba drummer during free times. Contrasts are everywhere and perfectly balanced. Watch the portfolio: you'll listen to Brazilian composer Arthur Verocai and… love it all.

Elene Usdin's lucid dreams

> Elene Usdin is member of collective Hartland Villa. She is a great illustrator with publications in several magazines worldwide and some nice books for children. But she also is a terrific photographer with awesome works around fashion and sophisticated portraits in a kind of fantastic mood. Accessories, clothes, lights, bodies are all contributing to manufacture her particular universe of dreams. Watch the different series, they are so magnetic ! Winner of "PICTO prize for young fashion photography 2006".

Sam Weber paintings

> Born in Alaska, Sam grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, he moved to New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. In addition to drawing, Sam works part time as assistant art director of the OpEd page at the New York Times, with senior art director Brian Rea. Current likes include Italian and Japanese comics and David Lynch movies…

Alyson Fox sweet drawings and fashion

> Alyson Fox shows a nice site with sensible drawings, fashion illustrations, fashion creation and photography. This multi-talented Texan girl is firstly a great photographer (she earned Nikon photographer of the year award) but her illustrations are also really beautiful. The "eco-friendly" fashion creations presented in short movies deserves a glance.

Linotte is Anke Weckmann's portfolio

> Anke Weckmann was born in Hannover, Germany and moved to London in the autumn of 2001. She creates nice illustrations with her own great style. The sketchbook is wonderful, obviously Anke likes drawing; mostly sweet things and lovely characters.

I make things beautiful

> IMAKETHINGS aka Andrew Groves, is an illustrator, occasional maker of small things and creator of beasts. Inspired by adventures in mountains and forests and the magic of rural Japan he his hell bent on getting his creations on and in as many things as possible and will happily draw and make things in exchange for small amounts of fame and fortune and food. Nice graphics (printed everywhere like T-shirts or skateboard decks) and worldwide exhibitions.

Tina Berning's delicate paintings

> "A drawing a day keeps the doctor away" writes illustrator Tina Berning. And yes she draws and paints a lot, with much sensibility and on any kind of paper. Lots of expressive faces, mysterious and beautiful women she gathered in a book called "100 girls on cheap paper". Represented by cwc-international, artbox, 2agenten and Agent 002.

Eduardo Recife hand-crafted design

> Brazilian Eduardo Recife recycles old pictures to create strange "out of the main-stream" artworks. A particular sensibility and long experience of drawing gives much interest to his work. This particular flavor of hand-crafting (computer stay a discrete tool) are still… very trendy. His personal site misprintedtype is also a good bookmark where you'll find great types and photoshop brushes.

Amazing Byroglyphics

> Byroglyphics is the incredible portfolio of Russ Mills from Brighton (UK). Very detailed work, mixing real media and computer. The composition are well balanced and the style very expressive. The gallery section contains a whole host of new pieces and some favourites from the last 12 months.

Oksana Badrak's meticulous paintings

> Russian-born Oksana Badrak lives in a particular dimension, where her meticulous paintings mix surrealism and pop-culture. Strange fictions with a nice mood.

Mondadientes are Santiago Morilla's toothpicks

> Spanish Santiago Morilla (based in madrid) is illustrator as well as Art director. He has worked for some relevant clients like Airbus, Psychologies Magazine, International Herald Tribune, La Vanguardia, and Claves… Mondadientes (meaning "toothpicks") is its illustration portfolio. Expressive line arts and quite minimalist illustrations.

Expressive digital paintings by Cali Rezo

> Cali Rezo (a pseudo that means something like "quality link") is a brillant and expressive artist. I always spend lot of time on this site where you can discover awesome paintings mostly about children and women, but also these "making of", and very funny things in the blogs ! Most of it is translated in English. If not, run for French lessons, Cali Rezo is worth it. There is also a great shopping section if you have any present to offer !

Kirsten Ulve's trendy digital drawings

> NYC based illustrator Kristen Ulve does great artworks in fashion illustration, caricatures, character development and animation with a worldwide clientele. She started her digital career during the vector trend of the late nineties and has developped a great style with cute characters and some neo-retro scenes.

Antoine Helbert master of digital painting

> Antoine Helbert makes us travel upon the history and the traditions of painting with a terrific and innovating portfolio. There maybe lots of art buyers carefully watching his digital paintings. Different style : graphic, fashion, history, advertising… A. Helbert is scenic painter for Strasbourg's opéra.

Jonas Bergstrand reminds us the 50's highlights

> Illustrator from Sweden, Jonas Bergstrand is inspired by the giants of the illustration history. As a graphic designer, he likes works combining type and image. His style is sharp and the colours are great. A nice trip to the late 50's and 60's with very efficient illustrations or caricatures.

Stéphane Tartelin, unique line drawing

> Between American street-art, Japanese comics and French fashion sketch, Stéphane Tartelin has found its own line drawing. Spiritual son of Hayao Miyazaki and Egon Schiele, Stéphane is a free-lance designer, illustrator and motion designer with several publications worldwide.

David Hughes is a multi-talented artist

> David Hughes describes himself as a graphic designer who happens to illustrate. A wide range of client made him work for several different projects like graphic design or animation. He has cultivated a great creative style.

David Foldvari's striking black and white

> British David Foldvari has a powerful illustration style. Lots of great works and exhibitions worldwide these past years. Minimal colours, dark subjects, sophisticated compositions and a touch of mystery. A website update is imminent and a solo show expected in london in early september.

Laure Pointereau is sushiholic

> Laure Pointereau's portfolio is a nice surprise. Watercolors are great and trendy, portraits have deep character… Ink, sketches, photos… An asserted taste for Japanese art.

Jon Burgerman, messing monsters

> Jon Burgerman says he is specialist of scribbling, doodling and napping. This young British from Nottingham, coming from the post-graffiti scene, is the new apostle of street culture. His illustration work is sold on any kind of textile, toys, stickers, posters, advertising… Lots of international exhibitions.

Re-discovering Ashley Wood's nudes and robots

> Australian artist Ashley Wood became famous working for major entertainment companies. His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques, coupled with digital photography and graphic software. Sci-fi scenes and robots are particularly punchy and women very sexy ! If you don't like the nudes, check out the work on colours…

J Paull Melegari's perfect fusion

> J Paull Melegari is a fusion of Jacqui Paull and Carl Melegari. They work on projects where their interest for photography, graphic expertise and fine art style fused together. A style that is a fine combination of mediums and technics.

Josh Cochran's positive drawing

> Raised in Taiwan, Canada, and the United States. Currently living in Los Angeles, Josh Cochran has a natural, alive drawing, in a free and beautiful way. Nice and coherent artwork.

El Limbo von Punsch : fantastic drawings

> Here is a quite discrete portfolio with few things but a huge talent. Colors, compositions, ideas, drawings… there are some great ghost to bookmark over there. Characters are terrific too.

He is Automatic-iam

> Illustrator Charles Wilkin operates in NYC, and Automatic-iam is his portfolio. Earning several distinctions for his innovative and emotive work.

Smart puppet with Red Nose

> Chris Sickels creates an eccentric world where you can meet intelligence and charm. Sets and puppets are made of a combinaison of unexpected materials. His studio, Red Nose, is a wonderful universe half made of beauty and awkwardness that makes strong images.

Nicholas Di Genova likes to draw monsters

> Mediumphobic is the strange, crazy and unique portfolio of Canadian Nicholas Di Genova. A great drawing work with pretty twisted animals.

Bo lundberg's stylish world

> Stockholm based illustrator Bo Lundberg does bright and stylish work. Using flat colours he creates modern images with some retro mood. Wonderful illustrations and also great patterns.

Amazing Emmanuel Malin

> Emmanuel Bastid AKA Malin lives in paris. He studied spatial design, urbanism and medical illustration. His own way through illustration is quite interesting. A dark and beautiful portfolio.

Pietari Posti, drawings from Barcelona

> Pietari was born in Helsinki, Finland in the late 70' S. Nowadays he spends his days and nights illustrating both the traditional way, and by computer, and more often using both. Today Pietari is working as a freelance illustrator in Barcelona since 2005. A changing style, pure and sensible.

Collective Jean Spezial is still painting walls

> The eight headed collective Jean Spezial does great wall paintings. Urban art, fun and trendy.

Seb Jarnot's multiple images

> His site is like Seb Jarnot : multiple. International success with a Nike campaign for Wieden + Kennedy. Record sleeves, editorial, books,… Seb obviously likes experiment.

Benjamin Savignac is a post-digital painter

> Mixing black and white photos with some graphic paint effects, Benjamin Savignac creates its own style for fashion or editorial work. Frenchy trendy.

Ray Caesar ans his life as a dog

> Famous digital painter Ray Caesar lives in canada but he says he was born as a dog in England. His fantastic artworks are 3D models recovered by painted and manipulated photographic textures. Visit its site, the galleries are great, but also the bio section or "working method" are very nice to read.

Celia Calle's fun and beautiful art

> Young artist Celia Calle produces powerful drawing illustrations. Awesome work and obviously creative mind. The layout are extremely expressive, inventing something amazing betwin japanese art, comics and fashion sketches…

Painter Christa Palazzolo's neo-portraiture

> NYC based Christa Palazzolo likes to play with contrasts. Her work mixes beautiful faces and loosely drizzled paint. She uses portraiture as a vehicle of mockery, isolation, discomfort, and objectification and strives to confront formal aspects of painting with a contemporary voice and commentary.

Dialectica collects spiritual energies!

> Carlos Matias is Portuguese, his site dialectica is the result of an experimental work. He first imagine a sort of "sensory filter" to all information he gets, then he makes strange compositions without constraint nor limit. Traditional and digital mix.

Nemiri : drawing alive

> Nicolas Nemiri is the author (scenario Jean-David Morvan) of the very noticed comic album "I died". Its site, not very talkative, is a very beautiful gallery of sketch, illustrations and digital paintings. A fine drawing, dynamic and full of sensitivity. Japanese influences are obvious.

Craig Mullins has a good brush

> Craig Mullins, Master of digital story-board presents some large piece of art on Mainly active for movie projects, he works for different registers (sci-fi, hidtory...), its compositions do not leave indifferent. Mastering the absence of detail on images that however seem very precise. C. Mullins lives in Hawaii and his work is done primarily on photoshop with some painter and 3D effects.

Mijn Schatje: remember this name

> Mijn Schatje is the improbable pseudo of the French Marie Blanco Hendrickx. Its digital-magic drawings were noticed on flyers for electro-pop parties. Several achievements of record sleeves for the "Record Makers" label.

Fiodor Sumkin drawing urgency

> The Bielorussian Fiodor Sumkin, installed in Amsterdam after short-time living in Moscow, Roma and Paris, presents an interiorized but expressive portfolio. A mix of drawn types and charactere drawings that is universal and amazing as well.

Stinger: simple graphic power

> Based in Groningen Netherlands, Jan Willem Wennekes AKA Stinger initially studied the artificial intelligence and philosophy before having a serious job. As a designer, he created the Zeptonn studio. Its characters are mainly small simple and funky monsters. Beautiful effective and colourful compositions. Stinger shows a particular interest for posters, tee-shirts, wall graphics and street art.

Some drawings with a soft pencil

> The drawings of the young Israeli Keren Taggar are at the same time soft and strong. These illustrations, with few colours and very quiet, are elegant and expressive. Fashion, dreams, hesitating women... Very hype.

A strange and vaporous new-retro

> Canadian Pascal Tremblay (designer and illustrator) carries out beautiful soft and sophisticated compositions. Also record designer with the collective Monument (in particular for Swedish of Enola).

Graham Roumieu: canadian humorist

> Living in Toronto, Graham Roumieu is author-illustrator. Like a twisted spiritual son of Sempé or F.K. Waechter, he awakes the "press drawing" area. The New York Times, Wall St Newspaper, Penguin Books and a lot more are asking for him again and again ! So cool !

Ad absurdum, absurd but not stupid

> The site "reasoning by absurdity" ("reductio ad absurdum" as they say in Rome) shows how vintage collages of the Italian Bruno Savona are smart and malicious. Its project for the world is to be discovered: a mix with obsolete and blured polaroids. Visit the old site during the making of a new one.

Antigirl, collages that tears

> Tiphanie Brooke is Antigirl. This young girl from Phoenix, Arizona, practises the art of collage. Beautiful compositions of heteroclite elements.

Storyboard have a lifting with Sophie Griotto

> After graduate from Arts Appliqués, Sophie Griotto (represented by Caroline Maréchal) specialized in fashion illustration and story-board. Its japanese inspiration, close to Rene Gruau is to be discovered at the occasion of her new site.