Eric Canto, stage photographer

Eric Canto is deeply involved in the musical industry. A great portfolio, from stage to portrait he shot the best artists.

Axel Antas between space and time

Axel Antas was born in Finland but is living in London. His work explores the place of human kind in nature in a very creative way. Axel Antas tells stories about space and time.

Micky Modo multi-cultural experience

Micky Modo is a photographer based in Europe, who has lived and worked all over the world. She works on cutting-edge fashion photos for top magazines, designers, and products. Micky Modo’s passion for the art of photography is translated to her subjects, and in turn, to everyone who sees them.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan's high art

Nuri Bilge Ceylan is a Turkish photographer and film director. He received several awards with his films that have often been described as high art. He usually deals with the estrangement of the individual, natural existentialism, monotonous real human lives and fundamental details of life. Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s portfolio as a photographer is a wonderful work of style across three series (For my Father, Turkey Cinemascope and Early Photographs). Via David Paul Carr.

James Deavin's documentary approach

James Deavin is a London based photographer with a great documentary work. Very amazing series (The West in India, The games we play, Nazis, Tate Galleries, The ossuary…) with so beautiful and impressive shots. Clients are BBC, Citibank, Tate, Sony, Fuji, Samsung… His art featured in different shows curated by Jen Bekman.

Distilennui, photos from Alex & Cocco

Distilennui, definition: « to extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness », Distilennui is Alex & Cocco’s portfolio name. The London-based duo are Commercial and fine arts photographers famous for their photographies presented « as shot », meaning without any crop or post-prod. Alex & Cocco work on lifestyle, fine art, fashion, beauty, portrait, product, food…

Lee Towndrow fantastic art

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lee Towndrow was a designer before being a photographer. He worked with great artists and created a fantastic trendy style you can discover in his portfolio. Lee Towndrow’s light-weight site is full screen with a « press and slide » function to navigate through large and remarkable pictures.

Yiorgos Kordakis summer impressions

Yiorgos Kordakis is a Greek photographer working as a free-lance in Athens. His Polaroid pictures are often presented enlarged in impressive ink-jet prints. Surrealism, poetry and large spaces of summer beaches and seaside resorts in Yiorgos Kordakis’s « Global Summer » series. Via Que vois-je.

David Paul Carr beautiful images

English photographer David Paul Carr is based in Paris, France. His work includes editorial, corporate, institutional and NGO photography. David Paul Carr’s portfolio shows different beautiful series : Ketou (a town of the Republic of Benin previously called « Dahomey »), The beach house project, NYC, NGO (different places around the world), Singles (urban experiments), Istanbul… Archival quality ink-jet collectors prints are available, please contact David for further information.

Zoren Gold and Minori's freedom

Japanese photographers and directors duo Zoren Gold and Minori (Mi-Zo) are collaborating since 2000. Different beautiful, strange and sexy experimentations. They work for creative fashion, music and commercials. Zoren Gold and Minori also have photographed Mark Ronson, Lily Allen, the Gallagher brothers and many others…

Didier Robcis advert and urban shots

Didier Robcis (rob6) is a French photographer working for a very wide range of clients. With a taste for street art, portrait and landscape and inspired by music, cinema or sport, Didier Robcis, who is not a new comer, has something very trendy in his original portfolio. Some series (areas, portraits) show urban landscapes where human people are either reflects or a small details.

Georges Antoni, Australian fashion shots

Georges Antoni is a fashion photographer well known in Australia. His work focuses on commercial and editorial fashion, beauty, and music photography, he was a model before working as a photographer. Nice style, very inspired by Mert&Marcus.

Bill Durgin figure studies

Based in New-York, Bill Durgin is a photographer studying human body as a form. Creating almost abstracted figures lacking appendages and hair, he composes sophisticated shoot angles through a 4x5 view camera. Bill Durgin is inspired by dance and art performance, presenting the figure in a discernible yet unfamiliar manner. His amazing work is curated in different galleries worldwide.

Cheryl Dunn pure street emotion

Cheryl Dunn is a Manhattan-based photographer and documentary filmmaker. She documented the American workers and homeless of Manhattan with a deep love for her city. After watching all her great photos, in the multimedia section you can have a look to the amazing movie "my neighborhood" shot in the heart of New-York city during 9/11/2001. Cheryl Dunn ennobles the realities of urban life through her own deep work.

Loretta Lux mysterious images

Loretta Lux is a German artist who creates wonderful images of emotionless children with a mix of photography, painting and digital magic. The compositions are quite traditional and sophisticated and the children look like living dolls…

Ryan Mc Ginley colourful and trendy pictures

Ryan Mc Ginley did a kind of road trip with friends in the summer of 2005 and photographed them naked every day. In this two months very close to nature, in the desert, in woods or in the ocean he did a great homage to american photographers and directors who celebrated freedom of reality and beauty of American landscapes. Ryan Mc Ginley recently collaborated to the music video "Gobbledigook" for Sigur Ros.

Alex Prager's saturated staged portraits

Alex Prager is a 28 years old photographer living in Los Angeles, creating highly saturated staged portraits with sixties and seventies style. Strange mood and great pictures on her portfolio that is very impressive and comfortable to navigate… Alex Prager's last serie is called "The Big Valley" tells something about movies inspiration (Hitchcock or a twisted early David Lynch…), anyway a fantastic and strange girl universe.

Twelvejuly is Yann Faucher's playground

Yann Faucher is a young French photographer showing nice pieces of life. He watches his friends in a sensitive and intimate way and with much love, meeting human nature and beauty. Yann Faucher is seriously practising photography since a year and a half and his portfolio "twelvejuly" is very promising.

Natasja Fourie, cool website for great artworks

London based photographer Natasja Fourie was born in 1986, South Africa. She does much fashion photography and some portrait or documentary with great psychedelic or rock and roll style. Definitely a terrific portfolio. The site designed by Kris Cook has a background TV screen effect and a nice minimalist intuitive navigation. It has received several awards.

Melvin Sokolsky and fashion photography

With surrealist compositions, American artist Melvin Sokolsky revolutionized fashion photography during the sixties although he had no formal education in photography. At these times people were doing photos, not Photoshop. At 22 he was a regular photographer for Harpers Bazaar for which he produced, in 1963, the "Bubble" series of photographs depicting fashion models "floating" in giant clear plastic bubbles suspended in midair above the River Seine in Paris. Later, while creating famous fashion pictures, he explored video, with a very inventive work on lights and techniques. Today at 75 years old and still running after every ideas, he is mastering digital photography. Each photography on his site is a true pleasure.

Desiree Palmen exploring camouflage

Desiree Palmen is an artist based in Rotterdam where she works on the idea of camouflage. Saying that the identity information systems and surveillance cameras are everywhere in cities, she explores the possibility of becoming invisible. The models are painted according to the places and photographed creating a very spectacular effect. These photos of Desiree Palmen are already famous on the internet since a couple of years but it is worth a second watch.

Sebastien Maziere's spontaneous art

Sebastien Maziere is a French photographer based in Paris. After studying cinema he chosed to play with the spontaneous art of photography. Working with non-professional sitters, he catches women's beauty with a unique style.

Garry Simpson, advertising and pleasure

Garry Simpson is a complete photographer with serious skills for complicated advertising shots and big productions (see chapter 6). This portfolio is also about pleasure with lots of personal works. Read the interesting interview at the F Stop magazine site.

Paolo Woods documentary photography

Paolo Woods was born of Canadian and Dutch parentage, he grew up in Italy and is now based in Paris. After working for advertising and fashion, he dedicated himself to documentary. Lots of travel and a particular work in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan receiving different prizes. He is presently documenting the amazing rise of China in Africa. Strong, beautiful and fantastic work.

Frank Uyttenhove's spectacular work

Frank Uyttenhove is a Belgium photographer working mostly for advertising. He does much photo manipulation creating very impressive pictures with great and funny ideas. Frank Uyttenhove shows a very large number of images in his portfolio.

Will Pearson's panoramics

Will Pearson is a London photographer specialized in panoramas and 360-degree images. Some are interactive and all are spectacular.

Aorta's creative photography

Aorta is the duo of photographers Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän from Sueden. After graduating from Göteborg School of Photography in 1997, they are based in Paris and working worldwide. Their work both in advertising or editorial mostly on location with a creative and quite natural style. Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän do their own retouching.

Shawn Michienzi, easy with advertising

Since 1983, Shawn Michienzi has been recognized in several award shows. He is known for his ability in working on challenging projects and solving problems. Shawn Michienzi is a conceptual photographer from Minneapolis working mainly for advertising. Represented by John Kenney &.

Gael Turine, documentary photographer

Gael Turine is a Belgium photographer doing an incredible work shooting people beside the mainstream of information. A top documentary work very sensible and respectful with a terrific talent. A portfolio you can't forget.

Juho Kuva, zen photography and cold spaces

Juho Kuva was born in Hong Kong, studied in Sweden and is based in Finland. He shows nice portraits and frozen landscapes in his portfolio with a great sense of space (or emptiness) and composition. Obvious Japanese inspiration.

Alex Ten Napel: portraits in a swimming pool

Alex Ten Napel is a portrait photographer based in the Netherlands. He did original series of children portraits sitting with their father in a swimming pool in Amsterdam a few years ago, portrait of alzheimer, portrait of students or young diplomates. Alex Ten Napel does a sensible and patient work with a particular focus on faces. Represented by Ton Peek Photography.

Dan Tobin Smith master of chaos

Dan Tobin Smith is a British photographer who likes movement, disorder and floating elements. Wonderful and original feeling for still life and fashion accesories, interiors, landscape and advertising. Dan Tobin Smith has great archives too. Very inspiring.

Gregory Crewdson: normal is dangerous

Gregory Crewdson is a great American photographer. Working like movie makers with some sci-fi twist and incredible compositions. The scenes are close to ordinary life on surface but have much intensity… Gregory Crewdson doesn't have a personal site but you can watch his work at shapeandcolour and kultureflash.

Mika, here and there (street work)

Mika Conan, 33 years old, is a French location manager for the film industry. Passionate with photography he composes a great portfolio with an original point of view on the streets of Paris. The images are graphical, clever and always referring to the print of human life within our cities. Nice ideas, tracking down the ephemeral, the invisible and rough signs of life. Mika is ready for an exhibition.

Jillian Lochner: a whole story in one frame

Jillian Lochner is a commercial and fashion photographer, she is skilled in the subtleties of creating a mood and telling a pointed story in one frame. Jillian Lochner's stories are oftenly about sex and sexual relationships.

Cédric Delsaux, reality is fantastic

Cédric Delsaux is a conceptual advertising photographer. For a terrific personal work he included Star Wars characters into French cities creating a beautiful link between real world and fiction. Cédric delsaux's series, landscapes and comissionned works are particularly beautiful and well executed.

AEF+S a creative Russian collective

AEF was founded in 1987 and composed of Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch and Evgeny Svyatsky who studied architecture and printing arts in Moscow. In 1995, AES group starts collaborating with photographer Vladimir FRIDKES and became AES+F group. Different creative works with children (reflecting questions of our times), dead bodies or photo manipulations.

Hedi Slimane's diary

Cosmopolitan Hedi Slimane was born in Paris. This famous fashion designer who first studied political sciences and Art History at the École du Louvre, then worked for Yves Saint-Laurent and Dior Homme is a very influent man in various art fields. Here is Hedi Slimane's photo diary.

Craig Reynolds: night vision

Craig Reynolds is based in Brooklyn, NY. He produces intense images with great work on lights. Very strange portraits and fantastic night photos with sophisticated compositions creating particular moods, silent and empty.

Ye Rin Mok's sensitive poetry

Ye Rin Mok was born in South Korea, schooled in Irvine and lives in L.A. She wishes to convey uneasiness and imperfection as elements of surprise. A sweet and delicate portfolio with many inspiring portraits, some fresh fashion and landscapes. Via les Mangues italiennes.

Ingrid Baars digitally manipulated shoots

Ingrid Baars is a Dutch artist making photo manipulation, the mixed media technique includes her photo-shoots, paint or any element in order to create a unique digital artwork. The naked bodies are distorted making strong and beautiful pictures. Ingrid Baars has several exhibitions worldwide and magazine publications as well as commercial campaigns.

Cédric Porchez a complete photographer

Cédric Porchez is a French very experimented still life photographer showing beautiful series like faces, blurred landscapes, bugs, liquids and broken glasses, cactii, flowers, abstract, cosmetics, jewelry (…) and sextoys.

Henrike Stahl, photographer and painter

Henrike Stahl, born in 1980 is an autodidact artist and photographer. He worked as assistant for Elke Hesser, Ellen von Unwerth, Paolo Roversi, Tara Simmons, Steve Hiett… Then become freelance photographer in Fashion, Portrait and Art since 2001, between Paris and Berlin. He shows great series of original portraits some being repainted. Henrike Stahl got the Mention special Prix Picto de la jeune Photographie de Mode in 2006.

Michael Cogliantry, humour specialist

Michael Cogliantry lives in Brooklyn, NY where he works on his personal projects. He already published two great books: India (shot while travelling by auto-rickshaw across India) and Furry Kama Sutra (a great faux-fur bound hardcover board book shot in Las Vegas). Michael Cogliantry appears to be specialised in humour composition working for major companies in the US.

William Hundley and the Entoptic Phenomena

William Hundley just loves to shoot ghosts and levitating things. Funny experiments and tons of ideas. Via Ecrans.

Ben Aqua: fantastic OK! Fresh

OK! Fresh is Ben Aqua's portfolio. Living in Austin, TX he first studied design and decided in late 2007 to focus on photography and art direction. Ben Aqua also enjoy working illustration, video and performance. In his recent works he shows some fantastical projections of a post-apocalypse world.

Anouck Durand's narrative work

Anouck Durand became a free-lance photographer 4 years ago and is showing here her personal work. After teaching history she did internships and assistant works then started personal experiments for exhibitions. Peculiar colours and great narrative work.

Arnaud Lajeunie's amazing portfolio

Arnaud Lajeunie is a young student (communication school) in Paris. He likes taking pictures here and there and just launched a few days ago his first portfolio. Amazingly composed, his work has a particularly great feeling.

Thomas Allen's inventive pulp-paperback

Thomas Allen makes us experience some kind of alternative reality, cutting books cover and making some paper-3D effect. Thomas Allen had several publications in 2007 for his really interesting work. Two sites to watch his work : Foley gallery and Joseph Bellows gallery.

Baudouin watches French's insides

Baudouin is a French colour portrait photographer. He did several series of people, mainly parisians, sitting in their appartment. Compositions are sophisticated, using soft lighting, depicting a word of sensibility. Don't miss the "dogs", they're much fun.

Tim Underwood, creative portraiture

Brooklyn based photographer Tim Underwood, focuses on portrait with a nice sense of innovation. Works on fashion, music or beauty commercials. Here is a new portfolio with great pictures.

Franck Juery's graphical point of view

Franck Juery is a French photographer doing very interesting and various works. Using different media (real, digital, polaroid…), he shows creative series among his reportages, personal and commissioned works. Don't miss his very nice diary.

Pawel Fabjanski: urban sports and fashion

Pawel Fabjanski is a Polish fashion and sports photographer with semi-documentary urban style (mainly working in Poland, Germany and Austria, Pawel was among the 200 best Ad photographers worldwide selected by Luerzer's Archive). He started his career inspired by skateboard photographers and then found his own powerful touch, with much fun and ideas. A great interview of Pawel is still online on former pixelsurgeon.

Matt Stuart, truth of street photography

> London based photographer Matt Stuart does a really funny work about every day street life. With lots of patience and talent he gathers incredible snapshots. No sophisticated camera, no photoshop tricks, just fun and simple photography.

Marius Wolfram's clean advertising shots

> Marius Wolfram is a German photographer for commercial with great style, efficient and trendy. Still life and people.

Friedemann Hauss influent fashion

> Friedemann Hauss is a prestigious name in fashion photography, guest star of last year's Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, he had a big exhibition in Cannes. Beauty, fashion and portrait. He discovered model Helena Christensen in 1989.

Patrick Voigt's perfect compositions

> German photographer Patrick Voigt shows tho kinds of nice portfolios : people and cars. There are also great reportage around the world, the pictures are beautiful, most of the dyptic scenes being unexpected. I like the work on colors and composition.

Aaron Ruell unique retro style

> American actor and trendy comercial director Aaron Ruell is also a great photographer. His unique and entertaining style makes us travel in undefined time (looking like a reminiscence of the eighties) with muted colors.

Vincent Laforet, photo-journalism and aerials

> “At 16, I said that I wanted to be the eyes for those who either couldn’t see things or didn’t want to see them.” Vincent Laforet, one of the world’s premiere photographers, covering major events, does intense and beautiful photos. Laforet gained fame by discovering new ways to capture the daily dramas of New York City. He also did awesome aerial photos: "Being airborne gives you an entirely different perspective, both literally and figuratively. It shows you an angle that we’re not used to seeing. You have a different perspective on human beings and our relationship to the environment."

Karine Laval's spontaneous work

> Karine Laval currently lives and works in New York. She has alternated magazine commissions and publications with an artistic practice. Her work is about everyday life, where colors and contrasts become expressive tools. Much technics and very graphic compositions.

Ira Vinokurova nice blur effects

> Photographer Ira Vinokurova was born in 1975 in Kaliningrad, Russia, and is now living in Germany. She specialized in portrait with her own great style creating some three-dimensional effects shooting several different poses with a work on fades. These young people sitting in old postwar interior are reflecting a nice kind of strangeness.

Marilia Destot sensible works on colors

> Marilia Destot studied photography in Paris, and is free-lance photographer since 2001. As a freelance journalist she also has written articles focusing on the artistic and technical aspects of digital photography for different French photography magazines.
She now resides in New York since 2005. Her portfolio shows a complete work about composition and color. Portrait, fashion, artscenes, there is a lot to see and to enjoy. She also has a

Julia Fullerton-Batten fine-art photography

> London based Julia Fullerton-Batten had the chance to travel a lot, producing a number of award winning still-life images. But also her shoots cover a wide variety of different fields from car advertising to fashion or food with her own unique style. Her images combine a high degree of stylistic slickness with a nice sense of oddness.

Elene Usdin's lucid dreams

> Elene Usdin is member of collective Hartland Villa. She is a great illustrator with publications in several magazines worldwide and some nice books for children. But she also is a terrific photographer with awesome works around fashion and sophisticated portraits in a kind of fantastic mood. Accessories, clothes, lights, bodies are all contributing to manufacture her particular universe of dreams. Watch the different series, they are so magnetic ! Winner of "PICTO prize for young fashion photography 2006".

Alyson Fox sweet drawings and fashion

> Alyson Fox shows a nice site with sensible drawings, fashion illustrations, fashion creation and photography. This multi-talented Texan girl is firstly a great photographer (she earned Nikon photographer of the year award) but her illustrations are also really beautiful. The "eco-friendly" fashion creations presented in short movies deserves a glance.

Léa Crespi : intense portraiture

> Léa crespi is an amazing author. This French photographer living in Paris has a very marked style becoming influent in European magazines and newspapers. She also has an artistic playground with great experiments. Watch the different series, there is much intensity appearing in the numerous portraits. Also great mastering of technic and strong artistic personality.

Impossible become reality with Platinum

> Platinum is an image conception studio, lead by Leonardo Vilela in Rio de Janeiro and mainly working for great advertising campaigns. His team use all available ressources on image composition, photography, 3D illustration mixing all, seamlessly together. Their images are amazing, creative and very efficient.

Rasmus Mogensen: "extreme" fashion

> Danish Rasmus Mogensen is a terrific fashion and beauty photographer. Represented by Brigitta Horvat and Blink.

A tiny street art project

> London based slinkachu is a little street people photographer. Figurines placed in every day situation making surprising photos. This work aims to highlight the overwhelming feeling of isolation and loneliness in our large cities… The tiny people finally disappear in the set.

Laurent Seroussi's magic

> Photographer and film maker Laurent Seroussi doesn't have an online portfolio but you can watch beautiful images at (brazilian agent). He did graphical studies in France, England and the US, so he works like a graphic designer starting with lots of drawings. His artworks are very inspiring with clever ideas and great postprod. Interview.

Charlie White's disturbing fiction


> Charlie White is a member of the "American post-photography school". He creates strange hyperreal photos with much orchestration (actors, visual effects and postprod processing). As said Jenn Shreve in an interesting article in Wired (feb. 2004), "he captures an entire f/x film in one frame". White says "the picture doesn't lie, it is a lie".
White's most recent series, "Everything is American" (2006), explores the violent eroticism of the American psyche through portraits of mythic figures. He creates disturbing fiction stories to better understand reality.

The vanguard of American portraiture

> From June 22 to August 3, 2007, Jen bekman gallery presented A New American Portrait, a group exhibition of photographs featuring artists at the vanguard of contemporary portraiture in America, co-curated by Ms. Bekman and Jörg Colberg, editor of the influential fine art photography blog Conscientious.
Featuring Christine Collins, Jen Davis, Benjamin Donaldson, Amy Elkins, Peter Haakon Thompson, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Brian Ulrich, and
Shen Wei. Their portraits, environmental, posed, and self-portraits among them, express the wide range of practice in modern American portraiture. Mr. Colberg observes: “A portrait lives in the interaction between the photographer and the sitter, a relationship which banishes any notion of objectivity. The work included in this exhibition explores, and at times exposes, this fragile intriguing dynamic.”

Delphine Chanet loves children

> Delphine Chanet shows a very nice portfolio specialized with children photography. It is sometimes funny or trendy or classical and always beautiful. Delphine works for Milk magazine and several fashion brands for children.

Shen Wei's deep portraiture

> Chinese Shen Wei moved to the United States where his needs for self-expression has grown. Then he became curious about how others deal with their identity. He raises the question about human nature, about emotions, feelings, desire, instinct and identity, to reveal things that you can feel, that are unexplainable but yet still solid. In a way he wishes to share a particular point of view on USA. The series "almost naked" and "Things/places" are a great work about portrait (identity) and absence. Very interesting blog.

Kevin Cooley's long exposure

> Kevin Cooley is a master of dark landscape's photography. In "projects", these photos of plane landing in the night are real pieces of art. In other series, also shot at night, the houses are glowing in the twilight and then comes a sci-fi mood in suburban America…

Michael Muller is a prolific photographer

> Portrait, fashion, music, sport, advertising, Michael Muller is everywhere and with talent. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding are familiar playground but also underwater (in pool) photos are pretty cool. Portraits are great too, with lots of famous characters.

Morgane Legall cultivates her own language

> As a true author, Morgane Legall creates little stories mixing various technics… These strange and beautiful artwork are made like "sampling" experiences where the artist's imagination makes you forget her tools and know-how.

Grégoire Alexandre, photo performer

> Grégoire Alexandre creates stories or performances before shooting its surprising photos. Full of ideas and references, his work is tender and efficient. Something between advertising and art.

Travis Ruse : photoblog of the year

> In New-York city, Travis Ruse makes photos everyday in the subway commuting to and from work. Very interesting photoblog. In the FAQ section you can read about his experience photographing strangers, the way he copes with the lighting and so on.

Alain Astruc's square photos

> French photographer Alain Astruc living in Canada makes only square photos. Some are realistic point of view other are near abstract, but all his work is filled with a particular poetry. Will Alain be the first to buy a square digital camera ?

The awesome work of Markus Wendler

> German photographer Markus Wendler is well known for tremendous car advertising photography. However his portfolio is full of wonderful works in stills, landscape or architecture.

J-C Bourcart watches our secret garden

> French Jean-Christian Bourcart lives in New York since 1997. After graduating in photo, he studied psychology, then spent all of his time working photography. His pictures, about recurrent subjects (transgression, obsession, movement) always try to reveal the secret world of people, their activities, their traces, etc. Halfway between "photo reportage" and contemporary art.

Fulvio bonavia, the Italian expert

> Fulvio Bonavia is one of the most booked photographer for car advertising. But his portfolio also shows great miscellaneous pictures. He began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters. Now his work on postprod and colors is particularly amazing.

The fall of Denis Darzacq

> Photographer Denis Darzacq offers a special point of view about the place of human people in their cities. Subjective and expressionnist work.

Victor Albrow's various pictorial representation

> Representative of some contemporary art trends, Victor Albrow's images quote a classical concern with composition rooted in Renaissance theory; others cite isometric plans, Pop and Op art; some allude to the contemporary imagery of computer games. There is a tension between surface quality and illusionistic depth: a seamless play between image 'capture' and construction.

Christophe Gilbert star of belgium creation

> Born in 62, Christophe Gilbert affirms himself as a major ambassador of Belgian advertising photo. Fantastic pictures.

Vincent Flouret creates powerful images

> This portfolio will not leave your mind. Vincent Flouret does very powerful and efficient photos. Great ideas on portraits.

Updating Mondino

> You already know Jean-Baptiste Mondino's work. He is one of the most famous fashion photographer, sometimes working for advertising and directing videos for music stars. Trend maker since the eighties. Have look to his new site: simple, crazy, and still beautiful.

Minimiam is Pierre Javelle's small world

> There is a lot of poetry in Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida's work. Small figurines are telling unexpected stories in simple and effective colours and light and it's beautiful and funny.

Sabine Pigalle's ironic point of vew

> After four years working with Helmut Newton, Sabine Pigalle became a fashion and beauty photographer. Playing with bodies, colours and art concept, inspired by japan. Here is an amazing portfolio…

Fred Mortagne is king of concrete

> Fred Mortagne AKA Frenchfred is a great skateboard video-maker and photographer. His site is not that terrific but the photos are fantastic, there is lots of technic and art feeling in all this…

Mark Tucker: life is beauty

> Nashville advertising photographer Mark Tucker is a master of lifestyle and portrait art. He watches people and places with a sort of serenity and humanity making beautiful images. Graphical and sensitive compositions. This is a portfolio you would probably not forget.

Malcolm Venville tells powerful stories

> Initially considered as a great photographer, Malcolm Venville is actually one of the most important advertising-movie director. Internationally recognized for the power of his images, his astonishing graphic sense and obvious sensitivity (works for Honda, Volkswagen, Nike…). Also discover its amazing work about Mexican wrestlers : luchaloco.

The advice today: fasten your seat belt

> The site of the photographer Matthew Mahon is terrific. Inspired by interface works of Jeff Raskins (one of the Mac creators), this site is a big piece of flash. Simple ergonomics: click on image to see it and beside to reduce it. Two icons enable you either to flip the image, or to see the author who appears inside his photos. Simple, effective, fun and very spectacular. Oh… Nice photos by the way.

Txema Yeste has lots of publications

> Spanish Txema Yeste is an amazing photographer. With a strange style he composes beautiful photos (fashion or documentary). The models are too young and too skinny but the style is convincing, often dared, sometimes even psychedelic. Have a look on the vibrations of its fashion icons, its eighties look alike and the documentaries about travelling people in Spain. Actually very trendy.

Li Wei: the Chinese meteorite

> Li Wei is regarded as one of the artists more in sight currently in China. Since the end of the Nineties he photographs its performances everywhere in the world. Between contemporary art and funny photo tricks he imagines spectacular images.

LSD work out the opposite course

> Italian collective LSD presents a very broad and original portfolio. Lots of ideas mixing opposite things, though relatively traditional in this style. Photo-composit are particularly neat.

Beautiful photos from all points of view

> Fahion photographer Andres Hernandez is a Miami based Colombian. Its photos (fashion, beauty, portraits...) are beautiful and inspiring. Andres Hernandes is also famous for the quality of its post-production. Well provided portfolio, "backstage" and "behind the scene" present interesting making of.

Shooting urban superstars

> Jonathan Mannion is a photographer. After being assistant of Richard Avedon, he mainly shoots personalities while trying to renew the portrait kind. Much in demand by the stars of urban music, and also US sport, J. Mannion works with proximity, intensity, esthetism and... innovation.

Yangtan, modern surrealist

> Yangtan is a New-Yorker photographer, born in Singapore and who likes to play. For fashion or advertizing, his work has a unique style. Beautiful things are be also discovered in the archives of its excellent minimalist site.

Belgian photo without any trouble

> Very "fashion", Belgian Andrea Klarin also shoots for advertizing (Canon, Nike, Whirlpool, Oxbow...) and it is beautiful.

J-F Lepage lights women

> Jean-François Lepage is a "different" photographer, inspired, strange. Between fashion and contemporary art, he creates singular, disconcerting universes and composes some crazy images.

Anna Solé, last days

> The author photographer Anna Solé (Resolutely Catalan, formed in Boston and inhabitant in Lille, France) prepares a new site: so it is time to visit its very beautiful portfolio "version 1.0".

Gwon Osang, photo-sculptor

> Very impressive work from Korean Gwon Osang between sculpture and photo. Since the Nineties he is one of the most recognized contemporary artists in Korea for its unusual approach of sculpture. Similarities with artwork of German Oliver Herring.